JoCo karaoke - what would it take to get JoCo caught up?

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I know it's probably not a very profitable section of his store to begin with, but I would LOVE to get my hands on karaoke tracks for Artificial Heart and the in-between stuff like Space Doggity, Blue Sunny Day, and The Princess Who Saved Herself.

How much interest is there from others here? Might a Kickstarter-like model, where if enough people pledge money towards it it gets made, work?

P.S. I know there's a karaoke thread but I figured this is worth a separate topic.


  • Karaoke tracks for Artificial Heart already exist—they were made by JoCo, @BrettGlass, and @MJPM. They might need some editing, but I'm sure a little nagging can get them online for download.
  • I'd be glad to coordinate with whoever runs the download site to get them up there.
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    With on-screen lyrics and all (i.e. cdg files)? Or do you mean the album tracks with vocals removed?
  • @Brett - that's probably Scarface? Maybe? If you email 
    [email protected] I remember hearing it gets rerouted to Scarface's email as well.

    Barring that, would you be able to share with us directly? Have they been uploaded to a mediafire site or anything like that?
  • Ah, I see the karaoke version of Still Alive mentioned in the other thread. I would love to get my hands on the rest.
  • @Brett,

    I am brand-spanking-new to the JoCo Forums, but I understand that you're the guy with his finger on the pulse of JoCo Karaoke tracks.

    Last I read you were planning on reaching out to Scarface to see if your karaoke tracks of the Artificial Heart album could be uploaded to the media page.

    Any luck with this? I've been unreasonably excited for the karaoke tracks to this album to drop.

    Hope you're having a fantastic day!

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    I prepared Karaoke CDG files for several of the tracks from Artificial Heart for (and on!) the cruise, but I'm not the person who publishes the Karaoke files that are available on this Web site.

    Because most of JoCo's songs are Creative Commons, and I'm not looking for any money for the graphics I combined with them (I'm perfectly willing just to put the CDGs in the public domain), all of the tracks except the two songs owned by Valve should be freely redistributable without additional permission. However, JoCo has been making money by selling Karaoke downloads through this site. I don't want to post them for downloading myself and compromise this revenue stream. So, I will defer to him as to what he would like to see happen.
  • Hey @BrettGlass -- I think you did get in touch with me but somehow we weren't ready to move on this then. I believe that's changed though.

    If you don't mind our doing so, we would love to put the tracks up for sale (perhaps with a few modifications). Could you email me at [email protected] so we can talk about this a little more? Few kinks to be ironed out... 
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    All of the tracks I've done have now been sent to Scarface. (Actually supplied them to the organizers on the cruise, but don't know if copies made it back to land with them or if they knew where they put them in the confusion.) Ball is now in his/JoCo's court.
  • I too have provided my tracks. Soon Karaoke Heart will live (I call it that in my head).
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