Code Monkey Ukulele Chords

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I couldn't find a nice easy set of Ukulele chords for Code Monkey, but I did find this somewhat older video of someone playing it and did my best to figure out the chords from there. 

E7 G F C Am G7 F7 Am7

Intro: E7 
Verses: G F C  
Pre-chorus: F G E7 Am, G F, G7 G 
Chorus: C C7, Am7, C F F7, G G7, G C, G F
Bridge: C G F x2 

Here is a google doc with all the actual lyrics:
I hope this can help out some people like myself who are looking for some chords for a simple version of Code Monkey.

This is the more advanced Ukulele remix by Kristen Shirts:
The chords and tab for that one are posted at this old forum thread:


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