London (and elsewhere, hopefully) Calling

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Eventful says that JoCo's playing Union Chapel on the 20th of September. That's a Thursday. They've been right before...

Brits and other Europeans may now join me in being very excited while we wait for the official announcement and see where else he might be performing on the side of the pond.

Excitement is compulsory.


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    Eeeeeee! I was beginning to worry he wouldn't be back this year, despite what Paul told me on the cruise. Union Chapel is my third favourite concert venue in the world! :D

    ETA: I wonder if he'll bring the band. Or Scarface. I wonder if he'll bring Paul and Storm or John Roderick. Probably Paul and Storm, since Paul said something to the effect that they were planning on coming to Europe again this year. I'm going to throw panties regardless. I wonder if I can convince more people from Geneva to go with me, since several of my local friends seem to be JoCo fans nowadays, and there was a girl I met a few weeks ago who actually quoted W's Duty to me, of all the non-Portal non-Spiff somewhat-obscure JoCo songs. Oh boy oh boy oh boy! One of my friends lives in Amsterdam some of the time now, so if he's there and JoCo also goes there, I could drag him along.

    EATA: I hope he plays The Princess Who Saved Herself somewhere in Europe, since apparently he plays that live now, and I know Jutze really wanted to see it. (As do I.) (Jutze also wanted to see Big Dick Farts a Polka, but I don't see how that's possible without Mike Phirman.) And Millionaire Girlfriend at whichever concert @dantes can get to. :) And A Laptop Like You in my dreams...

    I edited that last bit so many times, I feel compelled to add a new paragraph: I also hope he does a show in Paris or somewhere else French-speaking, and sings Je Suis Rick Springfield and Re : Vos Cerveaux.

    Yay, JoCo!
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    It was a hoot to see the video, from Union Chapel, of Paul sitting on Jonathan Ross' lap, serenading his wife Jane Goldman. (It's an oft-repeated joke -- sort of a show biz ritual in the UK -- to tell Wossy, as publicly as possible, that you want to sleep with his wife, who besides being a writer and TV host has also been a lingerie model. Paul was obviously in on this long running gag.)
  • 20th of September? DARN IT! Had it been any other time I could have gone and attended :(
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    It was fun to film that, even without having a clue who those people were. :) It was also Jane's birthday that day.

    Union Chapel also had great acoustics for Nobody Loves You Like Me, and unamplified performances of Always The Moon and Nun Fight

    How come you can't attend, @skyen?

    ETA: Yay, Paul and Storm!
  • oooo I wonder if we can get the time off work to trek down to London for this :)

    hope so!
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    School night, as it were. I'm on break until the beginning of September, then it's back to the books.

    ... well, okay, my reaction was a bit knee-jerk because I just saw "JOCO IN LONDON" and was overjoyed, until I realized there'd be complications in attending. I can skip a couple of lectures and then just make it a long weekend in London, I suppose, though I'll need something to do for those extra days. Does London have things to do? I'm not sure if it does, it seems like a bit of a small-town backwater.

    Also, I shall require someone to accompany me... hmmmm.... That could be the trickiest bit of all.
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    Wait till other shows are announced; maybe there will be one at a more convenient time and place.

    ETA: What the heck; I just bought a ticket. Going by my history of following large portions of JoCo's UK tours, and my knowledge of how cool the venue is, I'll probably be there.

    EATA: in case anyone doesn't trust the other two sources, here it is on JoCo's website.

    EYATA: And in case there was any doubt, there will be more concerts.
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    Yep, I can confirm this since I already have my tickets for London.

    My Songkick app on my iPhone told me about the gig at least last week and I bought tickets that day.. I actually already have a spare ticket if anyone wants it for free.  I am going with my brother who is in a wheelchair so I would get in for free anyway  Can't wait to see him for the first time :D 

    Let me know if you want the ticket guys.  

    Oh yeah: I have already reserved front row spaces for myself and my brother so I am sure who ever wants the ticket can join.  

  • <unlurks>
    Yay! I can finally attend a non-PAX JoCo show whilst continuing to count the pennies and deciding whether I can afford to attend JCCC3! (Bizarrely, I've been in the US during his past two UK tours.)

    I can also offer [P] a jaffa cake to compensate for the fact that I impolitely only brought a token offering for [S] at PAX East this year. (Also: pro merchandise tip for Paul & Storm: bring twinkies over here and sell them with autographs for £100. Far more profitable than the platinum cupcakes at PAX...)
  • Okies this started over here quicker than I was thinking and answered one question already @Angelastic.
    So are we going to organise a meet up in London? I am not sure without checking but I am sure that will technically be my honeymoon. The time we originally booked off work before we decided we wanted to cruise.

    So I propose we find something interesting an monkeyish to do and maybe try and do something along the lines of a Platinum Circle type thing that Colleeky has been doing in the US. What say you peeps?

  • That would be great, but I should warn you that the queue outside Union Chapel gets very long very early, so if possible we should meet for lunch, or at the front of the queue several hours before it opens. ;)
  • I'd be interested, if I can get the time and money together for a September excursion :)
  • Right, lets do this. Me and the Fiancee are now planning on being there the day before. If money permits we might take in a show. At the very least a museum. Will the union chapel queue be long even for JoCo do you think? I haven't been to one of his concerts so I wouldn't know how popular to expect it to be. I mean I know he has a hardcore of fans because, well I'm here aren't I, but is he widely popular? I will do some prospecting for meeting places tomorrow when I should be working! Stay tuned.
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    Yes; my only experience with Union Chapel queues was for JoCo. The queue went all the way around the chapel, down some steps, etc… I didn't follow it to the very end. They were also slow at checking the tickets of the people entering, and not everybody got inside before Paul and Storm started singing (ETA: I know this because the friend I was staying with did not get inside before they started singing, and I felt like a dick for not inviting him to join me near the front of the line where I'd been [having already been inside for the sound check and stuff, because I was with Kerrin and Kerrin actually helps them out, and also I'd just arrived in London and had nowhere else to go] due to a miscalculation of the relative dickishness of cutting in at the front of the line. I rather feel like I broke Wheaton's law in a number of ways that day, and I hope I can make up for it somehow next time.)
  • Duly noted, so we need to be there fairly early then, if only there was something to do beforehand in a place like London.
  • :( just found out today that I've got to go away for work for that week so we won't be able to attend, hopefully one of the other tba dates will be a) closer to home and b) when i'm in the country! 
  • Jonathan told me he probably won't be coming to Cambridge this year. Which is a shame, and dispite him promising he would come last year, then not and saying next year. I know things don't always go to plan, no matter what our intentions are...anyway, it's his booking agents fault :)

    I'll probably be at all the main land UK concert again this year. 

    This year I won't be gate crashing the sound checks (sorry Angelastic), and want to queue with all the cool geeks outside and make new friends.

    And when you buy merchandise this year, make sure to ask "Are you Kerrin?", as last year, you had a good chance the answer was yes (since I helped out at many venues cos I enjoy it, and it can be overwhelming as the merc helpers when 100's of people are all clambering to by the last small tour t-shirt)
  • Oh, we must remind JoCo to bring more small T-shirts this year. :)

    So, @Kerrin… want a traveling companion again? :D I hope to be able to go to all of them, and I can handle not crashing sound checks (sheesh, I've seen far more than is fair already.)

    A Swedish friend of mine is moving to the UK soon, and I have warned her that she will not escape going to the closest concert. She won't be too far from London and can probably make it to Union Chapel on time if she finishes work a bit early.
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    I've always wondered what stores (and musicians) seemed to have against size Small T-shirts. Perhaps they believe that no man ever wants to be called "small" (even if that's just the size he is, or if a woman will be wearing the shirt). Or maybe they think all music fans and/or geeks have big guts! In any event, I'm the guy who goes to the counter, asks for a Small, and waits while they root around for 15 minutes trying to find one (only sometimes successfully, and if they do they usually tell me it's the last one). Doesn't anyone ever notice that there must be demand, or it would not be the size that sells out first?
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    I got the impression that they didn't have enough small T-shirts because there was unexpectedly more demand for them in the UK than in the US. But we had the same problem (only worse) with the clothes for volunteers at the LHC open day in 2008, and that has never taken place in the US. It could be that they err on the side of too large because it's easier for a small person to wear (an in the worst case, alter) a large T-shirt than for a large person to wear a small one.

    ETA: I have never had this problem with the other band I stalk, which, in case it's relevant, is from Belgium (but they all live in the US now, I think) and probably has a much higher percentage of female fans.
  • ...or maybe it was because it's the LARGE Hadron Collider. ;-)
  • *groans*

    I bet at the Extremely Large Telescope or the Overwhelmingly Large Telescope they'd have clothes suitable to go with the Ultimate Panties.
  • ...which, again, are definitely not a size Small. It's a conspiracy!
  • @Angelastic Ray is driving this year (well we're using his car). Ray likes to do things like walking and museums, so we'll be doing stuff like that during the day.
  • I bought tickets a couple of weeks ago. I'm so excited, it'll be my first ever live Joco show! :)
  • So, are the other UK gigs almost ready to be announced/rumoured/gossiped about?
  • I got tickets for this but never received the confirming email. Has this happened to anyone else? 
  • Yeah, I'm curious, too. Anyone else out there with maybe some juicy insider-info on when else we might catch a hint of the feral mountain man in England Town?
  • Heehee, @skyen.  I think you will find that he is not so feral mountainy anymore. :)
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    @Skyen Jonathan never tells me where he's going ahead of the public announcements (and I'm the guy that goes to them all!), the only reason I know about Cambridge is because I always remind him of his promise to go "next year", and he said, "probably not this year".

    Of people in the UK, I suspect only the venues they are in discussion with are likely to know at this point. I suspect only Jonathan, Paul and Storm and their booking agent really know where is likely.
  • On the latest P&S podcast, they say they have confirmed Bristol and Manchester.
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    (Sings:) "Manchester, England, England.... Across the Atlantic Sea...."
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    Indeed, Bristol (22 September) and Manchester (23) are now listed on P&S's site. I ordered a ticket for Manhester but the site for Bristol has some things that won't load; clicking on a blank area (I guess an unloaded image) on the bottom right gets you to the next page of ordering, where you can choose how many tickets to buy, but even looking at the page source of the shopping cart I can't figure out how to buy the things in it, though thanks to their JavaScript tooltip thingy I can find the invisible buttons for remove the tickets from my cart or replace them with new seats (not that there's a choice of seats in the first place.) It looks like there's a whole section asking for guest details that isn't showing. Has anyone had any luck with this?

    ETA: Never mind! I found the invisible button on the shopping cart page. It's in the blank area underneath everything else. This shows the part to enter payment details... now I just need to find the invisible button on that to submit them. 

    Oh screw this, let's try it directly on without the Colston Hall skin. It's slow and I'm not sure I'll get all the way through the process before they stop holding the tickets, but the buttons are loading so far! Tune in in a few minutes for the next exciting installment of 'Angelastic tries to buy concert tickets online'

    A few minutes later: This show has been cancelled due to too much interest. Please hold while the fans beg the executives to allow their vicarious lives to continue Success! Book via this page.

  • Suppose him stopping by Leeds is too much to ask? @angelastic we are planning on the london gig but we haven't got tickets yet (wedding stuff till payday) Leeds is literally about 30 miles from Manchester so if you wanted to save cash on trains plains etc you could get a lift up to leeds with us from london unless you are defo going to be in bristol too as we are not planning on driving that way around!
  • I guess I am going to be in Bristol too, because I got my ticket for that in the mail today!

    @Kerrin, good to hear Ray is going to more than one concert this time. :) Is there room in his car for me or should I get around some other way?
  • w00t! will be back from my work trip in time for the Manchester one so tickets shall be brought this evening :)
  • Can't wait to see them in Birmingham, hopefully if business is going well I'l try and make it to Manchester again too!
    Also +1 for having him play Princess who saved Herself, it's one of my favourite songs and I'd love to hear it live :D
  • Ray is changing jobs at the start of the month, so won't be going to any probably. Guess I'm hiring a car again.
    I wonder if there will be any concerts between Stockholm and London? It doesn't take 3 days to get between the two.
    Still no concert in Ireland or Scotland yet.
  • There's a Stockholm concert? Holy poopcakes, there's a Stockholm concert! What a pity my friend who lived near Stockholm will be moving to near London by then, so although I will still visit her and drag her to a concert, I won't have an excuse to go to Sweden again.
  • I'm late to this conversation but want to add one more piece of anecdata to the tshirt conspiracy topic - on JCCC2 when I tried to buy a shirt they had run out of every size shirt *except* small.  (I know because I bought one anyway, despite it being a bit snug.)
  • HOLY HONKING CRABCAKES, a Scandinavian concert? Well, I guess I know what I'm doing the 17th of September!

    Now to find some travel-mates.
  • @skyen, I'm a bit worried (as I sometimes am, when they go to a new place) that nobody will throw panties at Paul and Storm in Stockholm. Can you make sure someone does? I don't think I'll go to Stockholm; I may be a crazy groupie but if he's in Europe, I'll probably stick to places I can get to comfortably on a train (well, unless it's somewhere really interesting I've never been or somewhere I have a friend I could visit, and it's at the start or end of the tour so I could stay a while.)

    And somebody must at least film the first performance of IKEA in Sweden.
  • yay we have tickets for the Manchester gig :)
  • Hey, it looks like the Birmingham show has allocated seating, so you might want to get tickets soon if you care where you sit. There are two front-row seats left at the moment.
  • GUYS. I am coming to this show. I've got crash space to offer should anyone need a place for the few nights before. I've got a flat there for the week, 12 minutes on a bus to right in front of Union Chapel. It has an elevator but there are stairs inside the flat. We can work out the cost if anyone is interested in sharing. One bed, separate bedroom, with floor/crash space in the lounge.
  • Yay - front row seat for the Birmingham gig acquired. Thanks for mentioning it Kay, last time I checked P&S's website only the London, Bristol and Manchester shows were confirmed!
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    Have fun, you guys! JoCo flew over my region on the Artificial Heart tour. And when I go to the East Coast on a business trip, he, Paul, and Storm will be in Europe. At this rate, may not see him in person again until the cruise.
  • Will you be next to me, @etyek? I'm in A14. 
  • @angelastic You can't get to Stockholm comfortably by train? The venue isn't more than maybe 2 km from Stockholm Central Station. Personally, though, I'll be flying :P

    Anyway, I'll make sure some description of undergarments get hurled at our unfortunate troubadours. I don't have anything resembling a useful camera for concert-recording purposes, but I think it might be safe to hope that our Swedish friends have us covered on that one. They're a fairly affluent and technologically-minded people - mostly in compensation for not being as drunk as the rest of Scandinavia :P
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