BOOTLEG DOWNLOAD- JoCo - Live at the Double Door [06/16/12] (SBD+AUD matrix) [+John Roderick's set]

Jonathan Coulton

01 [artificial start]
02 Code Monkey
03 Sticking It to Myself
04 Big Bad World One
05 [hello Chicago / Redshirt intro]
06 Redshirt
07 Still Alive
08 A Talk with George
09 [having kids]
10 You Ruined Everything
11 Tom Cruise Crazy
12 [hawaiian punch / zombie song]
13 First of May
14 Good Morning Tucson
15 [Scarface to the stage]
16 Skullcrusher Mountain [feat. Scarface]
17 Want You Gone
18 Sucker Punch
19 Shop Vac
20 Mandelbrot Set
21 Je Suis Rick Springfield*
22 [zombie practice]
23 Re: Your Brains
24 I Feel Fantastic
25 [encore]
26 I Crush Everything
27 Mr. Fancypants
28 [Roderick / regarding the fucked up Fancypants]
29 Nemeses [feat. John Roderick]
30 Feel Like Making Love [feat. John Roderick] [Bad Company cover]

* features a portion of "Jessie's Girl" by Rick Springfield

Notes: Excellent show, and the first time I've seen JoCo in three years (crazy). JoCo and his crew were kind enough to let me record the show again as I have in the past, so many thanks to them. I recorded both from the soundboard and the built in mics on the Zoom in order to get a good mix like I did for the Guthrie recording. I think it turned out pretty great! Thanks again to everyone at the Double Door, Jonathan, his band & crew, Scarface, and John Roderick for all being so awesome.



John Roderick

01 intro
02 Scared Straight
03 [feedback / broke a string]
04 Shapes
05 Pushover
06 [would you like to talk about star wars?]
07 Honest
08 [shirts and blues]
09 Fire Island, AK
10 [some astronauts that were real]
11 The Commander Thinks Aloud

Notes: John Roderick of The Long Winters is opening for Jonathan on this tour, and this was a wonderful set. This was apparently the first time he's ever played "Fire Island, AK" acoustic live, after someone in the crowd requested it. And as he mentions in between songs, you should really check out his podcast with excellent-person Merlin Mann, "Roderick on the Line". Also, he gives awesome hugs! For five bucks, of course.




Lineage: Soundboard+Audience> Zoom H4n Handy Recorder> Audacity> XLD
Uploaded for the JoCo Forums June 17, 2012
Recorded, Mixed, and Prepared by fireworksordie / [email protected]


  • Thanks again @fireworksordie.  Listening to the Roderick part now, mix sounds great!

    Do you have space to put up a FLAC version?  I have a site you could put it on if you don't.
  • Thanks for this, I was there last night and it was an awesome show!
  • Tags have todays date for the album, not yesterday =).
  • Well, ding-freakin'-dangit. I was cleaning up all my other problems that I screwed up the most important one. I'll update the links.
  • Heh.  Nah, the important part is that it sounds awesome, which it does. =)
  • @zanson: same links, but should have fixed tags now. I checked and double-checked this time but wouldn't mind if you gave it a second look-over. Also, I will work on getting the FLACs up (I promise this time! maybe even the older show FLACs, too) but I've got a Chem test to study for. And I will keep your space offering in mind.

    Glad you guys are enjoying it.
  • Look good now.  I am listen through it now while I edit the video I made.  Should have some half decent camcorder videos of most the JoCo stuff up in a bit.  I need to get an extra battery for my camera, the battery only lasts ~60-70 minutes, while my 16GB SD card will hold ~4 hours.
  • So awesome. I love these live recordings! Thanks so much (and it's the perfect teaser since it's less than a week 'til his Vancouver show).
  • Scarface on vocals on Skullcrusher Mountain? Daaayum! :D
  • @skyen: He did that on the cruise, too; I was wondering if it was a one-off for the cruise or whether he always did it.
  • @skyen, @angelastic, as far as I know, Scarface has been doing the vocals on Skullcrusher for some time now.  It seems to be a regular thing.
  • He couldn't be found in Boston, so JoCo sang it
  • I'm listening to this now. Wow, he just goes straight from one song to the next, like some kind of
    rock star. He doesn't even say hello for three and a half songs.

    Great recording, as usual, @fireworksordie. :) (has it really been three years?)
  • @Angelastic ; I've actually really been enjoying the mini-sets (segues)
  • edited June 2012
    @Oboewan I wasn't complaining; I honestly haven't decided whether this way is better or worse. It's just interesting how his set has changed over the years. I'm still not even used to hearing the band, even though I've seen it once now.

    These mini-sets will make it harder to safely restart video recording to avoid hitting the 4GB file limit, but unless he brings his band over here, I probably don't have to worry about that.

    ETA: Ooh, I like the backing vocals on Skullcrusher.
  • Yes, I like the new pacing.  He's able to get more songs in the set, I think! :)
  • Oh goodness, I got excited for a minute and thought this was the show last night in Minneapolis.  If anyone recorded that in any manner, I'd be interested in that!
  • Great recording job! Thanks!
  • @fireworksordie hey, awesome recording! I mentioned it to Scarface and then sent him the link as the band was not aware you had put it up here.

    I wanted to double check if I had permission to use one of the joco tracks from here in a video. I assumed this would be fine given the CC license on his music, but I thought it would be right to ask first.
  • I tweeted it to a couple of them at one point and was planning to email as well, but I've been pretty busy. So thanks! And of course! Sharing is caring :D
  • @fireworksordie, your recording is definitely not a secret.  At the Portland show last Thursday night, I heard Scarface mention it to several fans at the merch table ("There's a great recording from Chicago the other night, in the Forums").  He even sent a link to one of the fans, from his phone. 
  • @Jmonkee this is cause I mentioned it to him the night before in SF :D
  • (just listened to [shirts and blues] again) Did/does John Roderick really have astronaut T-shirts for sale? Did anyone Yelp about Foursquaring an Instagram of one? I'd like to see it. :)
  • Shirt photo via the Long Winters message board:
  • Ooh, nice. :) Thanks, @chicazul.

    What with the astronaut being outside and seemingly escaping their fate, it sort of reminds me of Space Doggity. (From here I can touch the Sun. Can it hear me bark from here?)
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