Philly show 6/9/2012 - JoCo Platinum Circle!

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I didn't see a post about this yet. Several of us are meeting up at the Philly show, and I'm hosting a JoCo Platinum Circle*.

What's a "Platinum Circle?" you ask. John Hodgman has done a couple for his shows: one with Famous Tracy, and another with me. (I didn't ask for it; he just announced on Twitter that I was doing it. What?)

I don't know what this will involve yet. Maybe dinner. Hopefully some good whisk(e)y. Probably not a barefoot, backstage tour.

Watch this space for details!

*Not officially sanctioned by JoCo.

EDIT: The group's up to about 12 so far. :-)


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    Philly is literally on the same long piece of asphalt as Laramie. (You just take I-80 until it runs into the Ohio Turnpike, which becomes the Pennsylvania Turnpike.)

    But there's a catch: it's a very long piece of asphalt. About 1800 miles, or 30 hours of driving if you allow time for meals.

    So, while I'd love to attend, I probably won't make this one. ;-)

    If only we could entice JoCo to stop by on his way from Minneapolis to California, perhaps to play an acoustic set at the University of Wyoming's Student Union (which often features musicians in the atrium during lunch).

    Or even just to get a good meal. If he leaves Minneapolis at midnight and drives straight through, he'll hit Laramie right about lunch time on Tuesday the 19th. Drew has posted pictures of some of the awful road food they've endured, but there's no need for them to put up with that; Laramie has some good restaurants. Everything from excellent Thai to a vegetarian restaurant which a touring Dar Willams (she's a vegan) rated the best on I-80.
  • Alas, I'm powerless to get him to stop in WY. All I can offer is good Scotch in Philly. :-)

    The Platinum Circle is currently at 16, including me & Rob, Tanya & @hasselhofford, @snoogans & Michelle (+1), Ash, Bob, therajill & lostcheshire (+3), and Ray & Mel.

    Right now I'm looking into 1) dinner options, and 2) a place to enjoy fine Scotch, so we don't have to drink it in a parking lot like hobos. Only the best for the Platinum Circle!
  • Every time I read the word "hobos," my brain initially turns it into "hobbits."

    Also, I have nothing of relevance to add.
  • I'm in! My improv class isn't far from there, so I can walk over after I'm done,
  • Shweet! We might, *might*, even have a place to sip Scotch, unlike hobbits in a parking lot. ;-)
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    Double-posting to say that I heard from Scarface. No room for a backstage hangout in Philly (not that I asked), but JoCo's looking forward to meeting with us during the usual after-show meet-n-greet. :-)
  • Working on it ;)
  • I found our table number!  It was buried in the deep dark depths of my inbox.  I will be at mezzanine table # 501 with @rhaje and @lostcheshire.
  • Dinner options:
    1) local restaurant near WCL
    2) restaurant not near WCL and drive in - suggested by @nerdsherpa, who gave recs
    3) WCL - possibly overpriced, possibly not the greatest food, terribly convenient. There's no early entry for diners (like at some restaurant venues); we would simply enter at door time like everybody else, just from the cafe instead of the line.

    Scotch sipping options:
    1) @Snoogans is working on a possible rooftop situation with his buddy who is also in the Circle. (Cautiously optimistic yay!)
    2) BYOB restaurant? Though I heard from a previously-Pennsylvanian that BYOB doesn't include hard liquor, just beer and wine.
    3) parking lot hobbits

  • Dinner thoughts:  I will be in Philly by 2pm, and have some things to do before dinner and concert.  So meeting elsewhere for dinner and driving in would be fine with me.  There are some good places to eat in town, so if we don't need to be limited by closeness to venue that improves our dining options.  I will be able to fit two additional bodies in my car, if those bodies are willing to be a bit squished, if that would help with transportation from dinner to show.

    Scotch sipping thoughts:
    I've know I've taken sake and other assorted liquor to BYOB establishments and have not had an issue. 
    I also have a stash of the finest plastic cups made by grocery stores, should that be required.

  • I found this on the BYO issue. The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) says, "Pennsylvania liquor
    laws do not prohibit persons from bringing their own beer, wine, or
    liquor into unlicensed (or even licensed) premises, so long as the
    alcohol was legally procured under Pennsylvania law and the owner of the
    premises allows such a practice. There is no special permit or license
    required from the Board for such activity." So beer, wine, and liquor are all okay from a state level.

    But, "Because local ordinances may restrict 'bring your own' alcohol
    establishments, however, you may want to check with the local
    municipality in which the restaurant is located to see if any such
    ordinances exist."

    So, if we pick a BYO place to eat and drink, we just need to call and ask if liquor is okay.
  • Were any of @nerdsherpa's recommendations for BYOB places? I can ask folks I know for some additional insights.
  • Finally, a PA liquor law that makes SENSE...

    Also, still nothing of relevance to add.
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    Places recommended by @nerdsherpa (none is close to WCL):
    North Third ($)
    Amada ($$$)
    Royal Tavern ($)

    Then another friend jumped in and added Tinto ($$$).

    FYI, Yelp's "$$$" = $31-60, which is a bit steep for my taste. (I understand this is the Platinum Circle, but still...)

    I'll call these places and others tomorrow re BYOB policy. Thanks for the info, @rhaje.

    Also, no rooftop shenanigans for us, so it's BYOB or parking lot. ;-)

    EDIT: Additional web surfing shows that BYOB options are promising... :-)
  • @Snoogans @rhaje @Therajill @hasselhofford Still have to call places during my next work break, but the list has been narrowed. Question: What time for dinner? Doors are at 7:00. I'm thinking we should get in line no later than about 5:30. Would supper at 3:00/3:30 be too weird, or just weird enough? Thoughts?
  • Possibly not weird enough. Why not 3:17? Are you too good for 3:24? Time-snobbery... I never!

    In other words, that sounds lovely. :)

    Look! I contributed!
  • I am the person that drives planners and early arrives insane, as my typical MO for something that starts as 7, is to pull up at 6:58 and consider myself very accomplished.  So you tell me when you need to be where, because my input will not be valuable in this instance.  :)  Thank you so much for doing all of this work.  You are awesome!
  • It is awesome, wish I could be part of it. Ne'ermind.
  • We shall miss you, and maybe sip a scotch in your honor.
  • Bah! Frustration! It seems these BYOB places don't open till dinner time proper. Tentatively made a 5:00 reservation for us at Aya's Cafe (Mediterranean), because they would take a reservation for 17. More phone calls later...

    @hasselhofford Good for you! [pats you on the head]

    @Therjill My pleaseure! This is what Colleenkys do bestest. ;-)
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    Wish I could be there. Enjoy your shawarma, Platinum Circle Avengers!
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    Here's another suggestion from @Snoogans: Village Whiskey. Food prices are reasonable. Whisk(e)y/bourbon selection is extensive but also expensive, though they offer 1 oz tastes of anything on the menu. Will call after work to see if they can accommodate our largeness.

    @St_Trousers @BrettGlass You'll be missed! We'll just have to get our carousing in on Nerd Boat. :-)
  • Recommencing irrelevancy in 3... 2...

    Carousing on the Nerd Boat is my JoCo/PaSto/JonRod mash-up band.
  • JoCo/PaSto is the name of my line of cookware.
  • JoPa/StaCo is the name of my PSU Band tribute band.
  • @rhaje [high five]
  • Score!!! BYOB? Check! Reasonable prices? Check! Accommodates 17 people? Check! Open in the afternoon? Checkity check!

    We have a reservation for 3:00/3:30 on the patio. (The ambiguity is because they wrap up their brunch at 3:00.) It's supposed to be lovely tomorrow, but if folks object to patio dining, I can call and change the reservation to indoors. The restaurant's about 4.5 miles from WCL (8 subway stops). Rob and I will have room in our car to drive a couple folks, if need be.

    So, everybody meet at A Full Plate tomorrow by 3:30. I'll bring the Glenlivet Nadurra. Coolness?
  • It's so cool, I'm gonna wear thermals.  (I will NOT be wearing thermals--hooray for summer!)
  • But will you be wearing a red shirt? Is anyone wearing a red shirt? Will I look like a dork if I do?
  • @Colleenky - there were 8 of us all wearing red shirts at the Boston show.  Wear it with pride.  
  • I will be wearing a red shirt.  A red LEVEL FOUR SHIRT!  BOOM!
  • Gah! I forgot to wash my Level Four shirt! #BadFangirl
  • No, @Colleenky; you're a good fangirl for wearing your level four shirt continuously since you got it. ;)
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    Today, I'm wearing a red shirt with a Star Fleet insignia on the.... GACK! [THUD]
  • No away missions or random alien encounters? You'll be fine.
  • Hubby and I will be at the show, hope to meet up with you all there!
  • Sigh.... 15 miles (instead of 250) away and still can't make it
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    So much fun! Thanks so much to all who came out for the Platinum Circle. :-) More later... (Rehearsals/gig after work just about every night this week.)
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