Journey to Planet JoCo / New song: "Redshirt"!

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Forked from the JoCo in the Media thread -- thanks, @robgonzo!

This thread is open for discussion of the Journey to Planet JoCo podcast hosted by John Scalzi, author of the new novel "Redshirts" -- -- and to the new JoCo song premiered therein, "Redshirt" (original audio linked by @Kate; @skyen's rip).

My first reaction: I'm mostly ignorant of the sci-fi context to the song, and I know nothing about the book, but I loved it. Also, does anyone else hear "A Laptop Like Me" in the verse?


  • I think it was jmonkee who commented it felt like nostalgic JoCo, and I agree. Especially the bass and drums conjure up Smoking Monkey and the early days of Thing a Week for me. Once we hit the chorus it takes a left turn up Radio Pop-Rock Avenue. I think if it wasn't for JoCo's lyrics and his excellent composition, I'd probably find the song a bit boring.
    Since it DOES have his lyrics and composition, however, I have been chain-listening to the track for the better part of an hour now.
  • I don't think that you have to be familiar with this book in order to appreciate the general reference of the redshirt.  It's great!
  • And in case the concept of a redshirt is foreign to you:

  • Maybe it's just me, but something about the lyrics makes me really think "Octopus". (Also, figured out why I'm hearing "A Laptop Like You" -- sing the first line of each...)

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    I'm assuming this was done with the full band, so it sounds (to me at least) like a mix of his old and new stuff. The subject matter is classic JoCo.

    Also, lest we forget!

  • interesting that JoCo said he was at first looking at the term Redshirt like a breakup metaphor. It might just be me but that's the vibe I get off this song. I can hear a song about a guy talking about how he gets dumped a lot sounding just like this with different lyrics.

  • Yeah, but with JoCo, what ISN'T a breakup-metaphor? ;)

    Vampires and sunshine? Break-up. Giant squids? Break-up. Seahorses? Break-up. The creation of the universe? Break-up. The shining magnificent future that lies before us? Break-up.
  • @robgonzo Yeah, that's kinda where I was going with the "Octopus" lyrical comparison -- the more I listen to it, the more it sounds like a breakup metaphor where the guy ends up dead at the end. (Also, I guess I should start listening to / reading those podcasts / transcripts thereof.)
  • And now there's a video, by YouTuber trekpropguy:

  • Check-in if you've caught yourself singing or humming this some time in the last 24 hours....
  • @elliomeg does it count if I'm humming it because I'm about to see it live in a few hours?   :-)
  • I hear Space Doggity in this song, more than anything else.  It seems remarkably similar.

    Space Doggity:  Doomed, betrayed dog.  Will they hear me bark from here?

    Redshirt:  Doomed, betrayed human.  They said this air would be breathable!

    By the way Redshirt is up in the store now, in case you want to pay the man and get yourself a high quality copy.

  • I think YouTube audio at this point is the same quality as any MP3, actually.

    FLAC, though, that's an entirely different can of beans, and I have sent some dollars the Coulton's way to investigate.
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    I posted my video of "Redshirt" from the June 2 NYC concert on YouTube:

  • It's okay.....

  • I would love to hear this acoustic. I think it will be made a million times better in acoustic guitar. I loved Scalzi's ukulele cover.

    I love the song all the same, but yeah.
  • MJPM >> The moment I get a hold of some free time, I might be able to oblige you on that front. Though I suspect you woulda preferred the Coulton on the vocals ;)
  • There's a bonus episode for Journey To Planet JoCo that's not on the regular website.
  • @Craig Awesome, thanks for linking! If he does want to do an all-B-sides album, he could talk to Chris Collingwood...
  • John Scalzi wore his red Level 4 shirt to the signing in Cambridge and sang the appropriate song while playing a ukulele someone had brought.
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