Who is going to the Boston Show on June 1st?

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I am!  @Simalot pointed out we might be among the first to hear a live rendition of the new song that is being released on the Scalzi podcast!


  • I'm going.
  • All signs are I'll be able to make it.  It is a tough work day, but unless something breaks, I've been given the ok to go.
  • I am going to be there. I am insufferably pleased that we have stolen Roderick from MaxFunCon. Anyone interested in beer before or after?
  • @nperkins I am available for drinks before or after.  I do plan on trying to crash the gates to grab an actual seat, so after might work out better, depending on how early you get off of work.
  • Let's shoot for after, then. That works fine for me.
  • I'm up for beer after. Does anyone know the neighborhood well enough to recommend a location?
  • I am proposing we all wear red shirts Friday.
  • I was already planning to wear my red Level 4 shirt.
  • Sounds like a plan. That is just down the road (about 1/2 mile but a fast walk and worth it) from the Sunset Bar and Grille. I know the area around there well and the Sunset is one of the best bars in Boston for people that like craft beer. (They also have good food). I would be happy to spearhead a movement in that direction after the show.
  • Yup Sunset is definitely known for their ridiculously large selection of quality beer (over 100 on tap!)  They also serve food.  

  • Anybody familiar with the area have tips for parking near the Paradise?
  • Given that I'm planning on drinking afterwards, I'm inclined to take the T there and cab it back.  In the past, I've been able to find on-street parking not too far away.
  • I'm outside T/cab vicinity and don't drink, so that isn't an issue. I'll look on the streets and someone told me there is a BU lot not too far away if on-street doesn't work. Thanks
  • We had discussed the Boston show, but opted for the NYC show instead (easier to take the train from CT, blah, blah, blah).  Then yesterday I looked at The Cee and said "What are we thinking?? Miss the opening show?" and I got tickets and washed our Red shirts. See you there!
  • In the words of Kent Dorfman, “this is gonna be GREAT!"

    "The Cee"
  • As it turns out, I have an extra ticket, if anyone is in need.
  • Have fun tonight, Boston show-goers!
  • I wish I could be there! Alas, my older two are on an into-the-evening field trip I need to collect them from, so I'll have to put in my 'Best Concert Ever' DVD and pretend.  
  • Great show. It was good meeting a lot of you. Sorry I couldn't make it to the Sunset afterwards. @BlueCanary, I think I walked behind you down to my truck. I was on a call, but once I hung up my brain processed the pigtails and TMBG merch. Maybe next time.
  • Oh Crepe!  I didn't meet you @BlueCanary!  I met/saw everyone else in this thread.  Are you a local?  
  • Ok, Boston folks, give us the dirt!  Setlist?  Other cool stuff?  We want to know! :)
  • He played Redshirt; Lunch Lady, by request, which is a song he wrote in high school; the Mr, Rodgers theme song; Je Suis Rick Springfield now includes part of Jessie's Girl; they ended with Bad Company's Feel Like Making Love with Roderick on electric guitar; they started with an instrumental Artificial Heart, which was interesting.

    I am fairly new to the Coulton party, seeing him for the first time last year at PAX East. I have seen him four times since and this is the best and most comfortable I've seen him. Each time prior he was working in a new band or expanding the set list. Last night was a lot more like some of the great live recordings I've heard of him.
  • I'm in the process of uploading a bunch of HD videos I took from the Boston show to my Youtube channel, including the first-ever live performance of "Redshirt." Some of the audio is a bit clippy, but "Redshirt" fortunately turned out pretty great. Hope y'all enjoy. :)
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    Wow, he actually sang Lunch Lady? He could remember it even after an unexpected request? This is big news. That song's so obscure it doesn't even have its own page on JoCoPedia, and isn't even listed on the 'songs never performed in concert' page. I've only heard the Spizzwinks(?) recording of that, which I presume I got from the stuff @slam posted. There's hope for the old songs he never plays after all!
  • I have been lucky enough to see 4 JoCo shows in as many months, and this was the best show of the 4.  He finally had enough time to be relaxed, indulge in banter, and just screw around, including singing the Mr Rogers theme and a preview of "JoCo Shreds for 7 minutes".   (This aspect was especially missing for me in the TMBG show, and to some extent also the set on the cruise and at PAX East, both of which also had time constraints)  

    Other tidbits
    • there are some new tshirts for sale, including a Tour shirt.
    • Scarface complimented us on the fact that we (all attendees in this thread) were all wearing Red Shirts.  Joco noticed we were color coordinated but it took him a second to make the connection to the song :-)  
    • Also, Scarface is going to get fired again - he was not at the merch table when JoCo was trying to dedicate Skullcrusher to him.
    • The band's name tonight was "the Jonathan Coulton Orchestra"
    • He had to remind himself of how to sing the harmony of Nemeses, since Roderick was doing the melody.  
    • He played Lunch Lady, but could only remember the first verse.
    • I love that he continues his tradition of including his opening act, (whether it is Paul and Storm or Roderick), in his own performance.  I got sad when TMBG didn't bring JoCo out at all.  #spoiledentitledfan
    • When they played A Talk with George, Adam put down his bass and picked up a Mandolin.
  • He came for the encore without the band to start. I think that is the best time to try and get a request in. He couldn't remember the whole song, but we got a verse and chorus out of it
  • Awesome, who has pictures?!
  • I think it was Bridget's camera that was used to get a pic with all of us in our red shirts with Jonathan.
  • Anyone get a picture of the new tour shirts?
  • I just added shots of mine to my not-too-good pictures from the NYC concert. Here they go:

  • Thanks, @Simalot!  Was there only one new tee?
  • Can someone explain the running joke/cheering for water?
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    @tarrsk It started at PAX East a year or two ago (I think 2011?), though the exact banter is escaping me. I was surprised to hear it revived at PAX this year, let alone other concerts.

    EDIT: Just looked up a YouTube video—it was 2011. Two songs into his set, JoCo took a drink from a water bottle, and someone yelled "YEAH WATER!" JoCo replied "Did...someone just cheer for water? You guys are the greatest fans, of anything in the world." It spiralled out from there.
  • I mentioned it a few times on Twitter but the sound and energy was incredible. JoCo looked like he was having such a good time. I missed out on the SeaMonkey / Redshirt photo because I was waiting in line to say hi to Roderick, but that let me ask Roderick a few questions. He said that one of the great things about this tour is finally giving JoCo that rock-n-roll band feeling that other musicians have had before. They have really tightened up since the boat performance. And I can't wait for everyone else (who is able) to get to experience this tour.

  • Pretty sure he did that drinking the water/cheering trick in Toronto in 2010 as well (I have evidence on my youtube channel), so who knows when it actually started and if it's a recurring gimmick he uses from time to time when the opportunity presents itself. God bless us for being such easily amused fans ;).
  • It's because he rocks (and trees, and trees and rocks, and rocks and trees, and trees and rocks. It's 'cause he rocks and trees and trees and rocks and rocks and trees and trees and rocks) and... water! In Canada (Canada Canada, Canada, Canada... in Canada, Canada Canada, Canada) 2010.
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    His band got involved in drinking water!!! at PAX this year, too. After the crowd tried to get JoCo to drink more water and he erm... emphatically and hilariously said no (which accidentally became the very first bit I caught on my camera. ooops. lol), his band drank water instead. Water!!! + Still Alive
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    From April of 2008, here's JoCo drinking water from a pitcher, then riffing with Paul and Storm...  "The Stones at Altimont, Hendrix at Woodstock, and Coulton chugging some ice water in Portland."  

    Here's another video from the same show, drinking from a pitcher and talking about how great it is to get applause for drinking from a pitcher.

    And one more, with a little foreshadowing of future JoCo fun... brought a "fancy" water with lemon in it, he notes that it is "just like being on a cruise ship."  He also entertains the audience by pulling up his pants.  JoCo never stops entertaining!

    Edit:  One more!  Chewing all that ice makes his teeth hurt, and breaks down laughing in the middle of Code Monkey.

  • Thanks for all the details!
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