Minneapolis 6/18/2012

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Psyched as always for the show and the chance to see friends! We're traveling up from Nebraska. (one of these days we gotta get JoCo here  too :)). Anyone else going? Anyone else crazy enough to come from as far away? :)


  • Where in Nebraska do you live?

    We're in Wyoming. It'd be 14 hours of driving and more than a thousand miles.
  • Brett,

    Lincoln. We're flying, neither one of us drives (would that we could :) ).

  • Lincoln? Great college town; I love the restaurants there and usually arrange to stop for dinner on cross-country drives. JoCo should play there.
  • Yes, wasn't there a thing somewhere to request he play your city? Can't find it.
  • That was Eventful, but he doesn't seem to link to it any more, so perhaps he doesn't pay much attention to it now that he's a big fancy-pants rock star.
  • I'll be there!  I'll be driving 3 hours to get there, then driving back after since I have to work the next day.  Makes for a very tired mizzie the next day, but always worth it!  this will be my first time seeing him with the band (he's always had Paul and Storm here in MN), so that should be interesting.

    Tony, too funny.  I was born in Lincoln, but we moved when I was 2, so I don't remember it at all.
  • It's tonight!  Woo HOO!  Going to be a long morning at work...  Only one other person on here going to the concert?  That's very odd.  I know the theater is pretty full.
  • Just curious if anyone taped this show. It was my first JoCo live experience, and I'd love to relive the moments over and over again. :)
  • That was nice.  Even in the Guthrie they kept it intimate and "home-made" feeling, while keeping things tight.  I gotta give a bump to Marty Beller, the drummer.  He doesn't just beat on the drums, he !plays! them.  And he gave me a really strong cig after the show, so hey.
  • Marty Beller is no longer the drummer - Christian is. Don't remember his last name off the top of my head.
  • Christian Cassan (JoCopedia link).
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