San Francisco 06/20/2012

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JoCo with Full Band at the Great American Music Hall!

Happy summer solstice, Bay Area...


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    Yay! Tickets purchased. (or well, ticket purchased).
  • Going! So excited! It's right after my wedding....
  • I keep telling myself I should go to a San Francisco show, but the only viable way it's gonna happen is if it's on a Saturday.  I'll have to wait for the next time that happens.
  • I'll happily take the day off for that! I'm off to get me some tickets!
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    Seriously? You've gotta be...

    I'm going to be in San Francisco. I'm meeting my best friend for the first time. I'm flying out there on the 13th, and I'm flying back on... The 20th. I was even talking to Kate about how amazing it would be if there was a JoCo show in San Francisco when I'm out there...

    Edit: I'm toying with the idea of going to the show, (probably) leaving early and (hopefully) getting to the airport in time to catch my flight. My flight leaves at 10:55 PM, so it's possible... How long do his sets usually last nowadays? I've only been to 2 of his shows, and the last one was in October 2009, so I'm not sure. Also, this doesn't indicate that Paul and Storm will be there (Though I suppose they may be)- are there still opening acts without Paul and Storm, or would JoCo be getting on at 8?

    Oh, also, if I buy a ticket in the General Admission, is that assigned seating? I ask because if so, I would need to buy my own and my friend's tickets at the same time
  • @Dr. Perry Cox

    The sets usually last 1.5 to 2 hours I think. Show starts at 8, so JoCo is on around 9 and you could maybe get 30-40 mins before you would need to get to the airport. (It will take around 30-40 minutes to get to the airport from GAMH depending on how you travel).

    Tickets at GAMH are general admission and every JoCo show I have seen there has been seated (but not assigned, though I asked on the cruise that he do a non-seated show for once).
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    Hmm... That's... manageable, but not very optimal. I'm going to look into moving my flight back a day. I don't think I could afford it on my own, but maybe my sister could help...

    Edit: My sister's agreed and my flight is changed! I'm going to hold off buying my show ticket until my friend Kate is online (On the off-chance that it would sell out between now and when Kate buys her ticket), but I'm so excited!

    Tickets bought! So excited!
  • Is anyone interested in a Sea Monkey get-together before the show? It would be fun to grab dinner somewhere.
  • @Photo_Wolfe7 You're getting married in June? Congratulations! Simon found himself quite a catch.
  • @BrettGlass - thank you!! Our actually date is May 23rd - but we're having a second one on Junes 16th...
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    Anyone have video of JoCo and @paulandstorm singing "Au Canada" at their vendor tables at PAX East?
  • Is "Au Canada" something different than the national anthem, 'O Canada'? ;)
  • What?! You mean the Canadian national anthem isn't 'Canada's Really Big'?
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    @Shouganai If you're near water, it's also "Eau Canada." ;-)

    @Angelastic And if you're a worm -- especially an Arrogant Worm -- then Canada is really, really, really big.

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    So, I have 1 (one) extra dinner ticket to the GAMH show on Wednesday.  Any JoCo fans looking?

    Ticket claimed!  Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow night!
  • I have an extra ticket as well, though not for dinner. Anyone need it?
  • I'm sad that I couldn't get my t-shirt signed again :( The friend I was staying with lives in Cotati, and when the show ended earlier than she expected (She was expecting it to end, like, an hour later than it did. She was also really disappointed that no one tried to get a real encore), we were running to catch the last bus that would get us all the way back to Cotati... Even though we didn't need to run, apparently

    Oh well, I'll just get it signed twice at the next show I go to. Was nice to see him in a different city
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