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JoCo's newspost

Just thought I'd put up this discussion immediately. Anyone know if NPR usually puts that sort of thing on the web? I mean, if they put JoCo on there, it's not unreasonable to expect that they WOULD?


  • I'd just like to state for the record that my eyes totally mashed "funny puzzle people" into "fuzzy people".  I was highly amused.
  • @skyen: Peter Sagal's quiz show, "Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me" has a podcast, and a quick look through the NPR site showed podcasts for each program I checked. I can't imagine them *not* doing a podcast in this day and age, really.

    Anybody else going? I have a ticket to the April 16 taping.
  • If the Atlantic Ocean would stop being such a blockhead and get out of my way, I'd be there in a flash.
  • @NPRAskMeAnother posted an 11-minute sample of the show via Twitter. Features a live acoustic excerpt from Mandelbrot Set (apparently "bad-ass freaking fractal" is radio friendly) and Jonathan telling a terrible joke. Also quiz show questions about classic literature, film, pop songs, and cheese.
  • (apparently "bad-ass freaking fractal" is radio friendly)
    Freaking euphemisms.
  • I think I know what a pirate's favourite cheese is.
  • I haven't listened to the sample yet, but I have a hunch.  Jarlsberg?
  • ... cheddarrr, possibly?
  • Could also be Romaduarrr, Bachensterinarrr, Havarrrrti, Limburgarrr... Goudarrr, Leerdammarrr, Jarrrlsberg, Harrbourne Blue, Cheshiarr, Farmarr cheese...

    Pirates like cheese, is what I'm saying.
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