'Down Today' Chords

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I see Paul's made a start on the tabs page for 'Down Today'. I appreciate it's a complex little beast if you're going to write out all the twiddly bits, but I've been trying to figure out just the chord progression it goes through and I don't have a clue. Probably because I don't know enough chords yet to find the right one. Has anybody worked them out? I'd be happy with just a list in order. It is a completely awesome song and I want to sing it, but I'm really stuck figuring out something to go with it.


  • Suuuuuupaadave is working on it, near as I heard, along with Nemeses. He'll have a video up eventually, he's said, so look forward to that :)
  • Woo!

    I still need to learn the lyrics anyway. And maybe if I keep bashing at it I'll figure it out for myself, it's a skill I could do with.
  • I've actually been putting a lot of time into this song this week.  I'm most of the way through it, but there are a few bits that I'm struggling to hear.  I want to make sure that I get the fingerpicking stuff down pat before I put out a video saying I actually know how to play it.  Sorry to keep you waiting, but I'm almost done!
  • No apologies from you, man. We're just happy you're doing that kind of work for our benefit :)
  • Given what you do and how well you do it, I'm not going to complain about delays!
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