Bass parts for Joco songs

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The joco wiki and Super Dave have done a great job putting up Joco cords for guitar, but has anyone worked out the bass parts of his newer works.

Allot of the songs have nice bass rifts, Sucker Punch, Stash...ect.



  • Well, Nobody Loves You Like Me is pretty simple all around. It's just F, C and Bb.
    As for the other songs, no, not been up on that, I'm afraid.
  • Do not get fancy, just play the root notes!

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    Most of the bass parts in JoCo's recordings are pretty straightforward, though he frequently uses descending bass lines (perhaps due to his love of bluegrass, which I also love and play quite often). As a bass player, I find that when I arrange and play his songs I tend to embellish the bass parts a bit. For example, in this arrangement of "Tom Cruise Crazy" (in New Orleans jazz style), I move a riff from the guitar to the bass:

    I also frequently add "4-over-5s" when playing JoCo's songs, as in this arrangement of "The Future Soon:"

    (Note: I prefer the WMA format to MP3, because its compression has fewer artifacts. All Windows PCs come with Windows Media Player, which can play it. If you have a Mac, you may need to add a Quicktime plug-in to play the tracks above, but yes, you can play them.)
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