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  • Oh yeah @Skyen we got rid of out tv because there was nothing but absolute drivel on it. Between awful reality shows and poor soap operas and awful reality shows starring poor soap opera stars and THAT WHICH MUST NOT BE MENTIONED (x factor) there really has been nothing worth paying the exorbitant license fee for.

    Then the BBC brought out Sherlock, I've only seen the first episode and it was outstanding. Negative though is the last few series of Dr Who have been absolute pap because Steven Moffat apparently has enough greatness for one project only.

    So seconded, watch Sherlock, from someone who can't!

  • Every time a bell rings, an internet meme gets its wings.
  • I'm going to post that image every time somebody says 'teach the controversy' from now on. The conversation will inevitably turn to counterfeit melons anyway, so why not skip the middle part? ;)
  • How would you counterfeit a melon? Inflate a grape and paint it in green stripes?
  • The HEB grocery near me sells something called a "personal watermelon" that is, to my mind,  counterfeit. It's too small to be a real watermelon.
  • Counterfeit melons=breast implants? (Look at me staying on topic! Artificial parts!) Or you could claim the melons are from Xinzhuang Village.

    I guess a personal watermelon is the kind you might bring to that special person.
  • Yay, my first meme! Wait did I get that one or did some whippersnapper fly in on my coat tails?

    I'm not sure...

    @angelastic once again you have dredged up buried memories. I had forgotten all about the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band. I've only ever heard the intro/outro and that is probably the one every one has. They have been on my list to track down for sooo long I fear they are now lost in the dusty attic of my intent.

  • They actually got back together not too long ago and did some shows in the UK, but they've split up again.
  • Quick interruption --

    I got the CD I got the CD I got the CD!!!!

    OK - you can go back to your normal conversation now...
  • ... what if the video for Now I Am An Arsonist is in duet with Molly Lewis?

    I will be happy if it is. I hope it is.
  • In case you missed it, Jawboneradio has a dishwasher that plays music similar to Nobody Loves You Like Me

  • JoCo needs to sue this company for stealing his musical stylings!
  • @harpo787 More like the dishwasher needs to provide attribution to JoCo and license their music under a similar CC license.
  • Then in a few years, the dishwasher can join JoCo on stage and go on to launch a musical career of its own.
  • Rock Band Network videos for songs from Artificial Heart are appearing on the YouTubes. This one is for Good Morning Tuscon:

  • How long before a microwave is covering Molly?
    Or a masterchef does a book reading?
  • How fast can Apple come up with the iKitchen?
  • @craig What? You mean you can cook your meal in other kitchens but not use the same recipe and you have to give apple 30% of your cake if you use theirs?
  • Don't forget that your entire kitchen becomes redundant within two years.
  • Oh, great. So Jonathan is a Snuggie, and Molly is a dishwasher?

    Well, it works. My dishwasher is my favourite thing about my apartment.

    (Hey, new Apple recipes usually work in pretty old kitchens. It's the Microsoft recipes that don't. I would know; I replace my 'kitchen' every 4 to 5 years, but I always keep the dishwasher, because it's so good at playing the ukelele.)
  • Jonathan's a Snuggie, Molly is a dishwasher... would Paul and Storm be the TV and couch, respectively?

    Man, we're building a whole Allegorical House of Internet-Musicians (which is, of course, the name of my indie music-label).
  • @skyen Also my favorite place to get pancakes.
  • Oooh, if Storm's a couch... <saucy thoughts, here>
  • Surely one of them is an underwear drawer and the other's a fridge. (Because they're cool!)
  • ... you guys refrigerate your underwear? O_o

  • The underwear they freeze costs a dollar ninety-three...

    Contrary to popular belief, Paul and Storm are not actually joined together, so it's possible for one to be room-temperature underwear drawer while the other's a fridge.

    Incidentally, the guy in the picture looks kind of like someone I know (who happens to be from Israel.)
  • @Angelastic: Actually, Londo Mollari is from Centauri Prime.

  • @angelastic what is 'kitchen' code for? I just need to be sure I don't accidentally say something inappropriate if I am ever on your part of the planet.

    If I say something inappropriate I generally like to plan it for maximum effect.
  • FYI, it is very windy in America.
  • And the shampoo is made of gel.

    Londo Mollari looks nothing like my Israeli friend, but he does look somewhat familiar.
  • My new reimagined music video for Still Alive is up. Also, please check out my other music videos for songs from Artificial Heart.
  • It's not a real heart, it's not a real heart, it's not a real heart, it is really technically off-topic and overly literal.  It's also in PopSci, making it all the more JoCo-relevant.
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    Jonathan Coulton Nemeses For Orchestra by Walt Ribeiro with a free download at Bandcamp.

    Here are more of Walt's JoCo arrangements.

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    Someone found that the introductory video to a cheap chinese Team Fortress 2 ripoff coincides eerily well with Now I Am An Arsonist.
  • In the Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) that JoCo etc. did for the Humble Music Bundle, he talks a little about the genesis of "Today With Your Wife":
    cydnay: For Jonathan Coulton: Was the song "Today With Your Wife" inspired from any particular moment in your life? I don't know if it's just the juxtaposition of seriousness alongside the other "funner" songs of yours on my playlist, or because I just channel my own experience of loss when I hear it, but it gets me every single time.

    jonathancoulton: I actually did run into a friend in the neighborhood, who is married to another friend of mine, and we really did stop to chat under a store awning to wait out some rain. I was imagining in my head how I was going to tell my friend in that leering way "I had a nice time with your wife this afternoon." And then I was thinking about a few friends who have had some serious marriage troubles lately, and I realized that joke isn't really funny anymore. So I guess I started there.
  • Jeebus @skyen! That is eerie! It's almost like JoCo's own mini The Wall/Wizard of Oz thing.
  • @Craig Thanks for the link to the orchestral arrangment!   I'm missing the Roderick harmonies though (which to me is an integral part of the theme)
  • I know this thread has been dead for a fair while, and I've been dead even longer-become much more of a lurker, I've come out of hiding to ask a question. I recently, like a noob, wiped my hard-drive which on top of which, lost the website and password as part of the Level Four business. Would it be possible for one of you very kind people to send me a message with the site and a password? I've come into need of the source tracks I recall being on there.

    If not, that is also perfectly fine too :P

    *disappears into the shadows*
  • OH man. That reminds me how I somehow lost my level 4 download card before I had downloaded all the things, and then I got sidetracked with lots of other stuff until and forgot. Until now.
  • @Jon Who, perhaps @Scarface could help you? :)
  • Yes, Scarface is the answer.  Not just for Jon, but for anyone who needs access to those files.  Let this tweet be your guide:

  • Thanks muchly to you @kate and @jmonkee. Hopefully don't need to go through a crazy verification of wearing three t-shirts, writing in a book, wearing a badge whilst reading the back of the vinyl and the CD and flipping a coin, as a nostalgia device works in the background with stickers all over my face.

    That comment got away from me pretty quick.
  • I know I'm way behind most fans in this, but I'm finally really getting into AH.  I couldn't order the big pack of everything (don't worry, I feel all due shame.  I was broke) and so I waited to get the CD until JoCo came to my state and I could buy it in person.  It always takes me a long time to really get into a new album, so here I am.

    Anyway, I see that a lot of people are posting their thoughts song by song.  I don't have much to say about some of them, but I'll post what I do have:

    Sticking It to Myself:  LOVE IT!  This is a must play for me.  The energy of it is great.  Although... is anyone else just a touch concerned that our dear Mr. Coulton is feeling a little overwhelmed by all of this?  There are a lot of songs that he puts a lot of himself into and when I first heard this I was quite alarmed.  The message is overtly negative, not to mention angry and desperate.  "This job is killing me", "I'll do anything it takes"?  Yikes.

    Nemeses:  Another one I just love.  The worst part of not being able to get the big pack is not knowing who my nemeses is.  And am I the only one that thought of Megamind?  I dearly hope someone makes a video of that.

    Today With Your Wife:  I really think it's either that the husband died or that there was a divorce brought on by his not ever being around.  I really don't think it's about adultery.  The words and tone just don't fit.

    Sucker Punch:  Love the energy in this one.  I absolutely can't hear it without dancing.

    Fraud:  This one is so open to interpretation.  I think it can be about anything really.  Anything you brought home and regretted.  Could be a girl/boyfriend, husband/wife, pet, kids, or even something like a game system that you became obsessed with and wished you hadn't ever bought.  I like to think it's about a cat... and I'm a cat person.  lol

    Now I Am An Arsonist:  I flat out don't get this one.  I don't dislike it, but I don't get it.  I know many artists like their fans to draw their own conclusions, find what it means to them.  But I'd really like to know what he was thinking on this one because it means nothing at all to me.

    Dissolve:  This one took a long time to grow on me.  I didn't really like it at first, then I started to really listen to the words and now it's among my favorites.  I think the box is metaphorical though.  I think the "box" is the singers feelings for the one who left.  Feelings that are painful and that they wish would have left with the girl.  Then they have a rebound relationship in the last verse, only to leave and cause those painful feelings for the new person.  Listen again, it makes sense.

    Nobody Loves You Like Me:  Just don't like this one.  Sorry JoCo.  I don't like the overall sound of it, combination of the tempo and the effects just come off whiny to me.  Eh, only disliking one song on a whole album is pretty good.

    All the rest:  Nothing much to say other than "Iike/love it".
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    I've edited all 18 of my Artificial Heart fanvids into one YouTube video, complete with credits.

  • @mizzie Megamind was EXACTLY the movie that came to mind for me when I heard the lyrics to Nemeses. It's like the movie was written for the song.
  • It's like the movie was written for the song that was written for the movie...oh god it's one of those 'Flickr' situations again.
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