J&R - Who is this "Jonatan" Coulton fellow?

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I really enjoy going to J&R near City Hall in NYC during my lunch hours, and it's always nice to see JoCo's CDs in a brick-and-mortar store, but.....

If you think J&R should fix this horrible, horrible mistake (and also request/pay Jonathan Coulton to perform an in-store show as reparations), please feel free to retweet.  :)


  • IIRC, the DVD itself spells Storm's and/or Paul's name incorrectly in the credits and/or liner notes (they get Andy Bates' name right though.) At least this should be an easier fix. :)

    I knew they were there, but it's still weird seeing a photo of a JoCo DVD in a real store. I wonder what his sales are like at such places.

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    I can vouch that J&R has sold at least two (to me), but they might not have any more in stock.
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    J&R is run by Hassidic Jews, and the original Hebrew for the name "Jonathan" is "Ye-ho-na-tan" (often shortened to "Yo-na-tan"). Perhaps that's the reason for the misspelling.
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