Blue Sunny Day

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Am I the first? I daren't check the wiki...

Blue Sunny Day Jonathan Coulton Arr. Hamish Milne A D D A || |||||||| |||||||| D A Early light that burns my eyes, Bm F# A minute more the sun will rise G D A (A7) And paint the bright blue sky with yellow gold D A I’ll be dead asleep by then, Bm F# Shut up in this box again Em F# Until it’s gone Em F# (A#dim) Outside I can hear it B C#m B E Birds are singing, bees are buzzing, sun shines overhead B C#m B E I’d be there to see it but I can’t get out of bed D G D G Since the day you left the weather always feels this way B D#dim E Em One more blue sunny day D A |||||||| D A Looking for an easy mark Bm F# I hit the Denny’s after dark G D A (A7) And take a lonely waitress home to drink, D A She’s sincere, but halfway through Bm F# I find I’m wishing she was you Em F# My blood goes cold Em F# (A#dim) I guess this date is over B C#m B E Several hours later I’m the only one awake B C#m B E All these streets are empty, it’s just me and my mistake D G D G One by one the stars go out as black sky turns to gray B D#dim E Em One more blue sunny day Em D#m Sometimes I see how long I can wait D E7 Tempting disaster by my garden gate Em D#m My trembling hand on the cellar door D E C# F# G Trying not to think of what it is I’m waiting for G DM7 Em F# B |||||||| |||||||| |||||||| |||||||| D A All at once I’ve had enough Bm F# As if I’m made of sterner stuff G D A (A7) I take a breath and open up the door D A Dawn breaks hard and falls on me Bm F# For just one moment I can see Em F# The pale blue sky Em F# (A#dim) I close my eyes because B C#m B E The world’s so bright and beautiful I have to look away B C#m B E Braced against the beauty of another perfect day D G D G As I go to pieces and the breeze blows me away B D#dim E Em One more blue sunny day

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  • Suuuuuuupadave (or however many Us goes in that name) was there before you, with what I think is probably a more accurate tab. JoCo plays the song with a capo on the second fret when he does it live, also.

    Good effort, though :)
  • Yeah, here's the link.
  • Ah....a whole year ago.....yeah.... :awkward:

    I was going by the recorded version and he the live version, which is probably why mine's a tone higher lol
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