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Essentially, I thought I might make a thread for proper, full on transcriptions, with all the instruments and everything.
Share, comment, tweak, mutually improve our musical abilities etc.
Here's one I made earlier for Code Monkey:
(silent prayer that no-one has done this before)
I included a MIDI and PDF file in case people haven't paid the £500 for Sibelius, or are (cough cough) dastardly pirates.


  • There have been a few of JoCo's songs put to sheet music, but I am fully in support of there being more. There's an old forum project that resulted in a fakebook-style lead sheet of Code Monkey, but I haven't dug through the archives to see if anything else came of it.

    Someone also once made a Sibelius transcription of When You Go. (JoCo's notes: "There’s one difference that I can see in the opening figure - the two notes in the T2 part should actually be split between the T2s and the Baris: T2 sings B, Bari sings A.")

    As I am neither a dastardly pirate or in possession of thousands of dollars, I've been using MuseScore to transcribe sheet music into a form I can actually print. Thank you, by the way, for including MIDI files--I can import those into MuseScore. It worked wonderfully with your Want You Gone transcription, drastically simplifying my attempt to play it on cello.

    Here's a site that shows chord tabs for guitar, mandolin, and ukulele. Due to the structure of the site, it can be used to convert tabs from any one of the three instruments to another. It also accommodates capo use and alternate tunings. VERY useful!
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