Good Morning Tucson tab

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So this is what I have of Good Morning Tuscon based on the live acoustic versions.
I originally had the Bm6 as a A#9 (shifting the A9 up one position) and a similar idea for for the E9. However, the current ones sound better to me and seem more like something Coulton would do. More Coultonish, Coultonesque if you will. Also, in not entirely sure about the Adim, it is some chords in the range of those first two frets. There is probably a better way to write Dm6add9/5+ but I don't know it, so...theres that...

this is my first time posting here, so I don't know if this pre tag will get me what I want for spacing, so I apologize in advance if it comes out looking wrong.

G 3X0003
C/G 3X2013
Dm6add9/5+ 077600
C7M 099800
Gadd9 300433
Cadd9 X320033
Adim X01212
A9 X(11)(10)(11)(11)X
Bm6 X(11)(12)(11)(12)x
E9 X7677X
Gm6 X7878X

E C7M Dm6add9/5+

It's still so dark because it's
Still so early and the
C/G G D/F# Gadd9 D/F#
Chipper little girly at the front desk doesn't mind at all
These phony living rooms and
Fake plants are killing me
C/G G D/F# Gadd9 D/F#
This bad coffee's filling me with equal parts joy and rage

Cadd9 G(320033)
Put my makeup on and crack in half
I choke back a laugh
D/F# Adim
Find the camera with the red light

E C7M Dm6add9/5+
Good morning Tucson
E C7M Dm6add9/5+ E
The lights come on and so I smile wide and say
C7M Dm6add9/5+
Good morning Tucson
E C7M D/F# Gadd9 D/F#
I throw to you before I throw the rest away

When I was coming up I
Got the donuts which means
I got the donuts that I wanted
There was no young punk
To steal my jelly glaze
And I am still sort of amazed that you can be born in the nineties

When I don't like what they talk about
I take the earpiece out
But they just cue me through the window

CHORUS (end this one by holding the Dm6add9/5+ rather than going down to the D/F#)

A9 Bm6 A9 Bm6
While they do the weather I pretend I'm writing something
E9 Gm6 E9 Gm6
But I'm really far away, Really far away
A9 Bm6 A9 Bm6
I keep my smile warm in case they turn the camera on
E9 Gm6 E9 Gm6
'Cause now I have something to say, I have something to say

E C7M Dm6add9/5+

The camera's melting but I
Just keep going, it's been a
Pleasure knowing you I wish you all the best of luck
When the prompter dies I'm
Comfortable winging it I'm
Practically singing it, the song that tears the world apart

Through the smoke behind my parking space
I see my giant face
On a billboard by the highway



  • Tab looks very good! As someone who's not very proficient with chord names I'd call the chords in the chorus not "E C7M Dm6add9/5+", but just "E H A - with some open e-strings". Anyway, thanks for transcribing and welcome on board!
  • I believe what is going on in the intro and the choruses is the same trick that is used in the live acoustic version of Code Monkey. For naming sake I'd probably rename them as follows

    C7M = Badd4/E
    Dm6add9/5 = Aadd9/E

    That Adim chord sounds to me like a Adim/D#. The bass line at that part leads nicely into the E major chord for the chorus.

    Also for the bridge, here's how I'd spell and voice those chords

    G#9 x(11)(10)(11)(11)(11)
    C#/G# x(11)(11)(10)(9)(9)
    E9 x7677x
    A/E x77655
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    Just wanted to repost this. Not a tab, but a chiptune rendition I commissioned for the Magfest Japan relief charity drive:

  • Wow, it's perfect. It's pretty amazing consideration we only have live audio clips from youtube available.
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