Help Needed!

So, I am not a "Code Monkey" and I have been trying to sign up to JoCo's e-mail distribution
list for the past three years via his website to no avail. Does anyone actually receive JoCo e-mails?
Any pointers for signing up correctly? There are a number of different artists I follow and it's easiest
for me to be in the know RE potential shows in my area through the distribution lists. Any help that can
be provided would be much appreciated. Thanks, All!



  • so you're saying you've gone here, signed up and not received anything in three years?
    If that's not working I would just email him at [email protected] directly and say please add me to your mailing list.
    I just got a Joco email 3 days ago so stuff does go out from there.
  • Yes, that's exactly right.
    I just tried again a minute ago.

    Keep your fingers crossed!
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