Picking pattern for Drinking With You?

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I can't seem to figure it out for myself, so I was wondering if anyone else had perhaps a tab of it, or could make one? I play it fine just strumming, but I rather want to play it the quiet, soft way it's supposed to be played...


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    If you're just talking about the "main riff", hopefully this will help:

    Capo: 4 (fretted numbers in the TAB are adjusted for the capo) 1e&a2e&a3e&a4e&a|1e&a2e&a3e&a4e&a| e ----------------|----------------| B --2-------2-----|--0-----0----0--| G -----2-------2--|-----2-----2----| D --2---2---2---2-|--4---4---4---4-| A 0---0---4---4---|5---5---5---5---| E ----------------|----------------| --M--I----M--I--|--M--I--M--I-M--| T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-|T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-|

    I hope you can understand what I mean in the TAB...I've tried to indicate the right-hand pattern beneath ("T-I-M" translating as "Thumb-Index-Middle" for the right-hand). The Thumb just keeps pecking back-and-forth between the 5th and 4th strings, it's the Middle and Index fingers that do all the syncopated interesting stuff, with the Index finger staying on the 3rd string and the Middle finger staying on the 2nd string.

    If anyone sees any boneheaded mistakes here, just let me know...it's almost 2 AM, and I've been working on my computer (as in, reinstalling the OS and configuring all my apps, basically from scratch) all weekend, so I'm kinda tired! ;)

    @skyen: If you need picking patterns for the rest of the song, I can probably do that (when I find some free time), just let me know if this TAB format helps you (or *hinders* you!), and I'll see how I can best accomodate!

    FTR: I'm not *entirely* sure that this is the way that Jonathan plays it, but I'm *almost* 100% certain that it achieves the same sonic results.

  • I'm not a guitar player, so I don't know if this would be of any use; maybe his hand is in the way too much, but here's a pretty close-up video I took of him playing that song in London. You can at least see that his middle and index fingers are doing a lot.
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    @Angela: Your tendency towards the over-analytical could come in handy here, but probably not in the way that you think...the video that you linked is very likely instructive in conjunction with my tablature, but while to the guitar's uninitiated it may look as though Jonathan's index and middle fingers are going wild, they aren't really doing all that much in relation to some "relatively" standard picking patterns...it's still fun stuff to analyze, though...

    @skyen: I hope my post helps you get off to a good start on this song, and if it doesn't, just contact me via email at [email protected], and I'll see if I can help in any way that I can...I just last night got a webcam, so perhaps instructional videos might become possible (sorry, despite being a longtime computer geek and user of alternative technology, I'm a little behind the general curve when it comes to social networking!!!).

    BTW, also @Angela: I know that you work for CERN, and that you have some experience "torturing" computers...I'm looking at trying to build a desktop system that can boot about 10 Linux distributions, alongside FreeBSD...do you have any experience with anything like that? Also, what are you doing for lunch tomorrow? Can you hop a plane to the US and help me build a computer...just kidding...sort of... :)

  • What I really mean by 'doing a lot' is 'doing a lot more than the other two visible fingers'; I have no scale by which to judge what 'a lot' is when it comes to guitar playing.

    I don't torture computers, I love my computers! And I'm really a softare geek, not a hardware geek, and a Mac user when I have a choice in the matter, so I wouldn't know how to build such a system (apart from maybe the 'anything like FreeBSD' part). I was lucky enough to have a succession of free laptops in my youth (I am so ridiculously lucky; to think, some people don't even get clean water!), rather than the succession of cheap desktops that most people I know had, and so I never got into the habit of pulling computers apart. You don't want to know how long it took me to finish the last level of Portal. I'd have no chance at getting a job in the computer torture department. But hey, if you're going to pay for the flight and the lunch, sure I'll come over. I'm not going to make the same mistake John Roderick did.
  • I don't know if skyen is even still paying attention to this thread, but I'm working on a full PDF transcription of "Drinking with You", largely for the sake of learning the appropriate Linux apps (such as tuxguitar, for one) for doing this kinda thing. I don't know that I'll be successful, but if I am, expect to see the download link somewhere on this website within a few years... ;)

    And, @Angela: You've got it all wrong...you're not SUPPOSED to LOVE a computer...you're supposed to beat the darned thing into submission! Work with me, here! BTW, I'm, unfortunately, not in a position to buy the plane ticket...I probably can't even afford the lunch!
  • you're not SUPPOSED to LOVE a computer...you're supposed to beat the darned thing into submission! Work with me, here! BTW, I'm, unfortunately, not in a position to buy the plane ticket...I probably can't even afford the lunch!
    ...and that's the difference between Mac users and Linux users.

    (Linux users can't afford lunch ;p)
  • @OldManAP I don't check the JoCo-forums as often as I perhaps ought to, but I just did, and I can tell you that your tab was a TREMENDOUS help. I just read it and my fingers seemed to figure out where to go from there quite on their own. It was bit astounding, actually. Usually I have to spend time practising.
    I guess it's probably because it's superficially quite similar to the pattern from P&S' "Live".

    But yeah, a LOT of help, so thank you a thousand bunches of times :)
    If you happen to work up a full tab of the whole song, that'd be pretty cool too. I have a pattern I play for it now that seems to work, but it'd be great to double-check it against someone else's.

    Also, @Angeltastic and @OldManAP, being a longtime Windows-user, my charity towards computers extends about as far as I can literally throw them - which is not very far. I've checked. Several times.
    I have had too many "An unknown error has caused an error"-messages to feel anything but resigned resent towards my operating-system. I am kinder with Linux, because Linux is kinder to me, but it is quite simply impossible to play a good game of Mass Effect 2 or King's Bounty on that system, and so, there goes I, into the maw of Microsoftian mediocrity.

    Microsoftian Mediocrity is, by the way, the name of my electro-pop band.
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    I'm glad that my tab helped you out, skyen. I hope to have the nice full PDF version done in the near-future, but I'm just learning the TuxGuitar software that I'm trying to use for it...I still sometimes am deathly afraid that I'll have to keep an installation of Window$ in a virtual box or something, just so that I can keep using Finale for notation purposes.

    @Angela: if you can afford a Mac, surely you can handle plane tickets and a meal...and, yes, one of the many fantastic things about Linux is that most software is cheap as free...say, wasn't the OS X that you run on your prohibitively expensive Mac derived from an OS called FreeBSD? ;) (This is all just friendly ribbing, I am not the sort to start any sort of heated argument over "My OS is better than your OS" or anything!)

    By the way, "An Unknown Error Has Caused an Error" is the title of the first album by my math-metal band, Blue Screen of Death.
  • That's funny, because Blue Screen of Death is the name of my very low-budget horror movie involving a girl named Samara and some unfortunate weather presenters.
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