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    On the weekend of June 15th, JoCo will be playing Ann Arbor and Chicago (on Friday and Saturday nights, respectively). He'll play Minneapolis the following Monday, the 18th. He will then, alas, fly or drive over the Rockies to San Francisco without honoring us with his presence. (Maybe next time? Please?)

    We on the Front Range will, however, get to see Paul and Storm and Wil Wheaton at the first annual Denver Comic Con during the weekend of the 15th. Wil is one of the featured guests at the convention and will be hosting the usual celebrity photo and autograph sessions canceled his appearance due to a "secret project" and won't be there. (WHEEEEEEEEEEATON!) P&S have listed the convention on their Web site, but haven't said exactly what they'll be doing there. (Performing? MCing? Selling merch? At this writing, the site just says "Appearances TBA.") However, they will definitely be playing the Rock Comic Con concert on the night of Saturday the 16th. Do not know if Wil will find his way onstage at that event, but it'll be fun if it happens.

    Tix for Denver Comic Con, which will be at the Denver Convention Center the whole weekend, can be had here. Rock Comic Con, a benefit concert for children's literacy, is a separately ticketed event. It'll be held at the Hard Rock Cafe on Denver's 16th Street pedestrian mall, a couple of blocks from the Convention Center. (Hard Rock hosted a similar event in New York City, concurrent with New York City Comic Con.) Tix for the Saturday night Rock Comic Con show are available here.
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    Bumping this because the event is now less than two weeks away, and also due to edits in the previous message.
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    Any Fitz & The Tantrums fans? They just released their 2nd free live EP (from the House of Blues in Boston) featuring two covers: Steady As She Goes and Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This). The first EP is still available here.
  • Hey, a friend of mine was just playing a podcast that previews this year's Bonnaroo acts in the car the other day, and Fitz and the Tantrums came up. Thanks for the heads-up!

  • This may be relevant to JoCo fan's interests (and in the interest of full disclosure, I have nothing whatsoever to do with this other than being a backer):

  • As I read this now, it says "$22,201 pledged of $11,111 goal; 22 days to go". It doesn't correspond with a pledge level I want, but really tempted to give $21.
  • Heh, Bry. That would be cool. Screen-cap it if you do and send it to Marian.

    Note also, if you're thinking you're backing a European vacation ("Look, kids, Big Ben!") that she has her budget available as a Google spreadsheet (link on the KS page). There's not really any slack there.
  • @autojim I missed my shot, but considering it's at $27K now, I might get another opportunity at $33,333.

  • On the subject of other music, this right here is the purest sorcery.

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    Tomorrow night I'm going to hang out with people that run or patronise my favourite music venue on land, and stay up all night so we can go to said venue to see The Burning Hell (one of the artists I discovered through zunior) do a half-hour concert at 7a.m. They are playing concerts in 10 countries within 24 hours in an attempt to break a record, so if you happen to be in any of those countries, I would recommend going to the concerts if it's convenient. The first concert is at 19:00 on July 6 in Aachen, Germany, then they'll play in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria and Italy before finishing with a concert at 18:30 on July 7 in Slovenia. Here's a facebook event with all the information. The information is on their site as well, but I couldn't find a way to link to the individual post, so people using that link in the far future might have trouble finding it.

    Go see them if you're in the area, but don't prevent them from coming or going, because they'll be in a hurry. I assume all shows (except perhaps the festival in Belgium) will be free and not particularly crowded... selling tickets would take too much time. You might end up on the DVD they're making of the record attempt.

    I filmed a concert they did a month and a half ago (in the same venue where they'll be on Saturday morning) so you can see if you like them first:

    JoCo-specific sales pitch: they have some sad songs, funny-sad songs, and a couple of songs about zombies and one about pirates, and have been told (not even by me) that they should write some about robots. I don't think anyone's mentioned monkeys.
  • @autojim Now I've missed $33,333 too. Yikes, she must've made $1000 in the last twelve hours or something. (And now I will stop regularly updating this thread with Marian Call Kickstarter pledge info.)
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    Earlier in this thread, @Gamith mentioned Les Horribles Cernettes, CERN's doo-wop trio (or, in desperate times, duo) that has been singing about physics and stuff for about 20 years (with changing personel.) They're one of the reasons I came here, and I got to see their comeback show at the Hardronic Festival in 2007 (it's the reason I got a YouTube account), and then at one of the LHC startup events in 2008. Anyway, I just found out they'll be playing their last show ever at the Hardronic Festival in ten days. I am so very excited and sad! I'll take videos, and they'll be nowhere near as good as the official ones, but who cares; it's a habit now. I may as well earn that YouTube username.

    Also, The Burning Hell succeeded at their record attempt, with 17 minutes to spare. Yay! We welcomed them at 6:30a.m. with sparklers, a burning melon, coffee and a full house. (Film at 11. No really, I'm editing a video of it all. Oh look, here it is:

    ) In the next country, they played only to one guy, and they had to wake him up first. :) [ETA: OMG, could you imagine being woken up by a band you like that wants to play a concert just for you? How often does that happen?] It occurs to me that their song 'It Happens in Florida' is sort of a less-Paul-and-Stormy, more melancholy version of 'Your Love Is'. (I'd say it was 'If JoCo had written 'Your Love Is"' except that he did co-write 'Your Love Is'. So, let's say it's if he'd written it without the goal of working 'Your love is Christopher Walken' into a song.
  • So, CERN has a "Hardronic Festival" (as opposed to a Hadronic Festival)? Does it feature a Hardron Café, I wonder?
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    Last year there was a Hardronic Café (though I don't recall whether it was really called that or if I just called it that. I think it might just have been me), which sold coffee and a slice of cake for the price of one Lepton. (Not a real one, but a token bought for either 2 euros or 3 francs.) I'm going to guess the currency will be Higgs this year, even though I think they already used that some years ago. I know last year it was mesons, but I don't seem to have my leftover tokens from previous years in my wallet.
  • For anyone who likes Americana, I highly recommend John Fullbright. Check out "Satan and St. Paul" (YouTube), which is one of his best.
  • This video by He's My Brother She's My Sister for the song Lazy Daze features hippie zombies.

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    Okay, dunno who actually made this donation, but thank you, Kickstarter, for making dreams into realities.


    Edit: My original screencap had some annoying white edges from improper cropping, and I just spent some time trying to figure out a good way to crop it by a couple pixels through Picasa online (could've opened up Paint again, but then I'd have to reupload/relink). Just now, having done all that work, I realized that even though it bothers me (because to me, my posts have a blue background that makes the white edge pretty visible), it wouldn't actually be noticeable for anyone else. Better living through technology!
  • How about orchestral music? I often listen to Gustav Holst's Planets Suite while I'm writing but I'd like to add to the mix. What's good in the way of orchestral music that inspires? I'd listen to John Williams, but the tunes are often too recognizable and take me out of my zone, rather than keeping me in it.
  • - The Usual Suspects -

    Haydn -- The "London" symphonies (93 - 104). He makes composing sound so easy. Clever musical ideas with a relatively light texture.

    Mozart -- Symphonies 38 - 41 (at least). Just the right number of notes.

    Beethoven -- The even-numbered symphonies. The odd numbers get all the attention. Also, Piano Concerto #4: Cool pre-blues call and response.

    Brahms -- All the symphonies. They are like pouring liquid mahogany into your ears.

    Dvořák -- Symphonies 7 - 9. He walked like an American for a short while.

    Prokofiev -- Symphonies 1 (the radio-friendly "Classical"), and 7. Also, the Lieutenant Kijé suite.

    Bartók -- Concerto for Orchestra. Listen for the bassoons!

    Mahler -- Symphony 2, if you have the time.

    Grieg -- Peer Gynt Suites 1 and 2. The second movement of Suite 1 ("Åse's Death") is spectacularly sad.

    Richard Strauss -- Suite from Der Rosenkavalier. Decadent waltzing!

    Maurice Ravel -- La Valse. More decadent waltzing! And when those Europeans tired of waltzing, they went to war!

    - Slightly more offbeat, but not too heavy -

    Jaromír Weinberger -- "Polka and Fugue" (from "Schwanda"). Everybody needs a symphonic polka

    Étienne Nicolas Méhul (a pal of Napoleon's) -- Symphony 4 (although they're all good). He's sorta like Schubert, except French.

    Franz Berwald -- Konzertstuck for Bassoon and Orchestra. Somebody was obviously courageous enough to mix German and English in a single title. Great opening bassoon lick!

    Johann Hummel (Beethoven's erstwhile buddy) -- Octet-partita in E-flat for Wind Ensemble. Hummel aspired to creating a full orchestral piece but his Kickstarter didn't do well so he had to scale back.

    Jean Sibelius -- Pelleas and Melisande. If you need short and slow, this is it.

    Leroy Anderson -- March of the Two Left Feet. Just seeing if you're still paying attention.

    Percy Grainger -- Green Bushes. Percy was an odd duck who wrote some great stuff.
  • Is this the appropriate place for a happy dance about Marian coming to Switzerland?

    *happy dance*

  • Most of you probably know this already but Paul and Storm are coming to Boston(ish) in August.  I will be there, in the premium + dinner seating.  Is it kosher to start a thread for coordinating attendance to a non-Joco show like that here on the JoCo forums, or should I take it to facebook?
  • You could take it to the Paul and Storums, if you would like your dinner partners to be crickets and tumbleweed, and I understand that crickets for dinner are kosher, although I'm sure I recall reading that there is some debate about that.

    Personally, I would have nothing against such coordination happening here.
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    @mrgoldenbrown Count me among the ones who didn't know about that show (don't follow Facebook or Twitter or the P&S website, so thanks for mentioning it on the forums); that said, I no longer live in Boston-ish, so I haven't been keeping an eye out.

    Admin hat on: In the abstract, I don't care too much if one such thread is created, but I don't want to establish a rule or a precedent here. Go ahead, but I reserve the right to crack down if we start getting so many threads about non-JoCo shows that it makes it hard to read about the cruise :P

    ETA @Angelastic: Whoa, blast from the Vanilla 1.0 past! Remember when these forums used to look like that?

  • @Angelastic ; it all depends on whether the chocolate coating for the crickits is parve or not
  • @Bry: like it was yesterday. But IIRC these forums always allowed HTML (and even sneaky CSS… remember that? I think that was just before I joined) posts, and the Paul and Storums still don't, which is one reason I don't tend to post videos of their shows there, as they'd be non-clickable URLs.
  • @srdownie Thank you very much. My knowledge of any music before about 1920 is woefully inadequate. Looks like I've got some mp3s to buy!
  • As some (or all or none?) of you know I'm an oboe player and have experienced much joy (and frustration) in the classical genre.  I figured I'd follow on @srdwonie's coattails and add a few of my favorite off-the-beaten-path pieces to just sit back and enjoy or put on in the background.

    Sibelius:  Symphony No. 2, Symphony No. 5, Finlandia

    Dvorak:  Serenade for Winds, cello and double bass

    Grieg: Piano Concerto

    Dohnnanyi: Suite in f# minor

    Mozart: Quintet for Piano and Winds in e-flat - Mozart wrote a letter to his father stating that this one one of his best works!

    Beethoven: Quintet for PIano and Winds in e-flat

    Ludvig Thuille: Sextet for PIano and Winds

    Joshua Rifkin: The Baroque Beatles Book - Wonderful take of some Beatles tunes set in the style of Handel- perfect for the music geek in all of us!</>

    Kalinnikov: Symphony No. 1 in g minor - played this at Brevard Music Center back in HS and fell in love with it

    Wilhelm Peterson-Berger: Four Pieces From "Frosoblomster"- walked into a Borders Books a few years back and hear this gorgeous music- from a recording called Swedish Orchestral Favorites

    Let me know if you check any of my suggestions out....
  • @srdownie and @oboewan, Thanks for these great suggestions. I'm working through both lists. I've discovered that Sibelius is very good for my writing. "Finlandia" is perfect when I'm working on scenes where the hero makes his final effort. "Pelleas and Melisande" really works for the romantic scenes.

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    I've read some comments online comparing JoCo's newer stuff to Ben Folds Five, but judging by the new BF5 album cover, I wonder if Ben Folds has been listening to a lot of JoCo.

  • I just picked up the new full-length album Blak & Blu by Gary Clark Jr. 

    Here's a preview:

    And here's a really great bootleg recorded last summer.

  • DC Monkeys-  Eddie From Ohio is coming to town!!   There will be FIVE shows:
    Jan 25-26 @ Ram's Head Tavern in Annapolis
    Feb 15-17 @ Birchmere in Alexandria

    For reasons I will not mention in this thread, I will be attending the Jan 25th show in Annapolis and I highly encourage everyone who is able to get to one of the shows-  one of my favorite bands!
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    In case you didn't know, the new They Might Be Giants App is available now for free on iTunes (co-designed by Scarface).
  • D-loaded and loving it!
  • Oh, man! I so want to see some EFO! They never make it to the West coast, though.
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    Clips from all 25 tracks from TMBG's Nanobots have appeared on Amazon.de. Is it March 5th yet?

    Update: The same clips are now on YouTube in one convenient video:

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    Nanobots is streaming on Soundcloud and it sounds awesome.

    Also, I made a video for You're On Fire.

  • Awesome to see Eddie From Ohio fans on here!  Of course I guess that would make sense due to the Paul & Storm connection.  A wonderful place to go for similar music is the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in Upstate NY during the first weekend in August.  It truly is The Happiest Place On Earth, only because JCCC is the happiest place on water.
  • @JJRRutgers  I'm really hoping to make it up to Falcon Ridge some day :-)
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    1. Steve Earle....he's just incredible. - This is the song I attempted in the jam circle...
    2. Lyle Lovett....see #1
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    Some news about bands I've surely already mentioned on this thread:

    The Fruhead songs (songs written by Moxy Fruvous* for specific fans) are now all online. I've noticed that if you download the entire VBR zip, the track names/numbers are not filled out (not that the songs have definite names exactly, apart from the names of the Fruheads, but it's nice not to have 41 songs named 'tmp') so I just spent some time filling that information in on my copy, and if people want I could put it up somewhere.

    Mara Levi's band The Pushovers is doing a kickstarter to raise funds to record their first album together, and I'd really like it to succeed, but they only have six days left and they're about 52% funded. I know I mentioned this in the other thread but there's a good chance people didn't bother reading that because it's cruise-related and I rambled a lot.

    * Umlaut omitted for futureproofing; last time the forum was upgraded, A lot of posts were truncated after the "Moxy Fr"
  • For music that I listen to other than JoCo, some musicians I like include The Beatles, Devo, R.E.M., Weezer, TMBG, I Fight Dragons, and Weird Al, among others.
  • This just in from my Groovelily email updates.   It was a great pilot and I hope Browsers continues.  I think many of you would like it and I also recommend checking out Groovelily for those unfamiliar with the group (They are friends with Paul and Storm btw)

    BROWSERS, the Amazon musical-sitcom web series on which Brendan is music supervisor as well as co-composer, is HERE! (At least the pilot is...and we have all fingers and toes crossed for the rest of the season to be greenlighted.)
    It's 22 minutes long, hilarious, smart, slightly profane (don't let the little kids watch), and REALLY REALLY WORTHY. As a lyricist, I am highly judgy about *other* lyricists, and David Javerbaum (creator of BROWSERS), is nothing less than fabulous.
    The pilot is available HERE, on Amazon Instant Video - Pilot Season. Please check it out, and all-importantly, GIVE FEEDBACK! This aspect is crucial to the future of the show, and we thank you in advance for your help.
    BROWSERS takes place in a fictitious company called "The Daily Gush." It features four unpaid interns (they are, of course, the browsers)...and the boss of the company is played by the wonderful Bebe Neuwirth. Think Mary Tyler Moore meets the Huffington Post, where everyone sings their innermost thoughts.
    crossing all digits,
    who is very proud of her amazing husband.
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    Bumping this topic to let everyone know that Kira Velella, who did a ninja concert on JCCC2, has come out with a new EP, engineered by Scott Barkan. Gorgeous. Buy it.

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    *BUMP* If you like @paulandstorm's work, check out the latest album from Rob Paravonian (who, like JoCo, hails from Brooklyn). It's called "Keep Your Jazz Hand Strong" -- you can find it at http://robprocks.bandcamp.com/ -- and has an amazing 17 tracks. My favorite so far is "One Word Answers," which reflects on the eternal truth that you can be sure the fit has hit the shan when your SO answers everything you say with a single word. And I know that some members of the JoCo fan community (not to mention JoCo himself) have direct experience with New York's quirky "G Train." There are even three (count 'em) songs about bacon! Great stuff.
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    Because of TMBG's positive response to the fanvid I made for You're On Fire (see above), I was given the privilege of creating the official music video for Black Ops (from Nanobots). For best viewing, please watch in full screen in a very dark room.

    I hope you all enjoy it. Thanks for watching!
  • This just in from Tylan (from Girlyman) and her new solo album.   Check her out on Tuesday via Stageit

    Hi friend,

    Just wanted to let you know that in celebration of One True Thing's OFFICIAL release next Tuesday, June 18, I'm playing a special Stageit show online! I'm really excited and hope you'll join me.

    For those of you who don't know, Stageit is a live online performance that artists broadcast directly to fans, often from our living rooms. Laptop to laptop. You get the intimate experience of hearing your favorite songs acoustically, the way they were written. There's a chat box where you can make requests and talk to other viewers. It's pretty much the coolest thing I've seen in a long while, and the last one was a TON of fun!

    WHEN: Tues, June 18, 8:30pm EST
    WHERE: www.stageit.com/tylanmusic
    PRICE: Pay what you want!

    Something else I want to share: Not only is Stageit an interactive, fun way to offer my songs in a stripped-down, intimate fashion and to get to know you all better, but it is helping me to stay afloat as an independent artist, and most important, to keep writing new songs. Ever since I started this solo project, it has been very challenging to find the time to write. Between touring and running almost every aspect of my business myself (including trips to the post office, answering emails, stuffing envelopes - everything!), I have had precious little time to devote to the actual art of making music. Stageit shows give me a way to press pause on my hectic touring schedule and to fund my career without having to resort to a time-consuming day job. I have nothing against day jobs, but I do know from experience that they further erode my ability to keep writing and performing. 

    My vision is for these Stageit shows to become a monthly modern "salon" that is exciting and dynamic and also helps to sustain me continuing to make new music for you! 

    So if you haven't bought your ticket yet, try it out! You can pay whatever you want. Every ticket sold and every tip you throw into the virtual tip jar helps me directly and powerfully to keep on doing this. And I promise, it's really FUN.

    I'm also offering some pretty cool rewards for the top tippers, including a signed copy of the *original* lyrics to Young James Dean from my notebook circa 2003! You can also get a live acoustic concert in your house or via Skype. There's lots of other cool stuff too. I hope you have fun with it. 

    I hope to see you on Tues June 18, 8:30pm EST! 

    With gratitude,

    That link again is:
  • Since this isn't strictly JoCo, just JoCo adjacent and riffing on a @paulandstorm thing, I thought I'd put it here:

    Randy Newman's Theme from Monsters University:

    Little green guy
    With one big eye,
    You're goin' to school to get a piece of the pie!

    Met a big blue man
    Name of Sullivan,
    Who sounds just that TV dad named Dan.

    Look out Mikey, it's that mean ol' Dean
    She doesn't think you can make the kids scream.
    Nobody believed that
    You could win.

    Go, Mike W, Go!
    You're my friend.

    Go, Mike W. Monsters University, Go!
    You got a reason to live.
  • Randy even wrote "A Piece of the Pie"!
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