Other music... *gasp*



  • Selecting All Music on my audio player and random these are the first 20 songs that come up. I'm really surprised no Willie Nelson came up...

    1. Beatles Concerto Grosso No. 2 (in the style of Vivaldi): Paperback Writer
    2. With This Love ~ Peter Gabriel ~ Passion soundtrack
    3. Shenandoah ~ Various Artists ~ Rogue's Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs, & Chanteys
    4. Money ~ The Beatles ~ With The Beatles
    5. The Peter Gunn Theme ~ Ray Anthony ~ Ultra Lounge: Leopard Skin Sampler
    6. Taxman ~ The Beatles ~ Revolver
    7. Take It On The Run ~ REO Speedwagon ~ The Hits
    8. Dance Sister Dance (Baila Mi Hermana) ~ Santana ~ The Best of Santana
    9. Working in a Coal Mine ~ Devo ~ Heavy Metal Soundtrack
    10. Got to Get you Into my Life ~ Beatlegras ~ Beatlegras
    11. Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous ~ Good Charlotte ~ The Young and the Hopeless
    12. You Ruined Everything ~ Jonothan Coulton ~ Live in LA
    13. Bad ~ U2 ~ The Best of 1980-1990
    14. On The Loose ~ Borrah Minevitch ~ Inspiration - 22 Great Harmonica Performances
    15. All I Really Want ~ Alanis Morissette ~ Jagged Little Pill
    16. Live from the Stage ~ Team Sleep ~ Team Sleep
    17. brainsbrains ~ Jacob Borshard ~ The Last Brontosaurus
    18. Another Park, Another Sunday ~ The Doobie Brothers ~ Rhino Hi-Five: The Doobie Brothers
    19. Buffalo Soldier ~ Bob Marley ~ Confrontation
    20. Tides ~ Jerod Dudgeon ~ Jerod Dudgeon
  • For me, using my 'Music' playlist (since I have a lot of things which aren't really music) it gives this:
    1. Same Place ~ Mike Evin ~ Year One of the Rooster
    2. machines ~ The John Benjamin Band ~
    3. Slide ~ Goo Goo Dolls ~
    4. Ten-Finger Johnny [studio verson] ~ Paul and Storm ~ News to Us
    5. Can't Find My Penis ~ Robert Lund ~ The FuMP
    6. The Chicken in Black ~ Johnny Cash ~ Crazy Country
    7. Un clair de lune
  • That's a fun way to do it. First 20 things on my ipod:

    1. Christy Moore and Shane MacGowan - Spancil Hill
    2. Elivs Costello - Blame It on Cain
    3. Tom Waits - Grapefruit Moon
    4. Billy Joel - Vienna
    5. Isreal Kamakawiwo'ole - 'Ama'ama
    6. Green Day - She
    7. Elvis Costello - New Lace Sleeves
    8. mc chris - Geek
    9. Neil Young - After the Goldrush
    10. Bruce Springsteen - Blinded by the Light
    11. Luciano Pavoratti - il Pagliacci (lmao)
    12. Splitlip Rayfield - Tennessee
    13. Nine Inch Nails - All the Love in the World
    14. George Jones - These Days (I Barely Get By)
    15. Colin Hay - My Brilliant Feat
    16. Boston - Peace of Mind
    17. Counting Crows - Up All Night
    18. Ace of Base - The Sign
    19. Tom Waits - The Ballad of Jack and Neil
    20. Muse - Hysteria
  • My 2 big finds in the past couple of years (besides JoCo) are Sufjan Stevens and Nellie McKay (1st album is best) Both are very young, extremely talented song-writers and performers. I am also a huge Ben Folds fan. The other Bens (Lee and Kweller) are worth checking out as well.
  • I can't believe no Ben Folds made it onto my random list. I am a big fan of his as well
  • Hmm, I love all kinds of music, I have lots of songs I like from various artists whom I wouldn't list as my favorites just because of a couple of songs. Bbut if I had to list some artists that I particularly like, they would be: The White Stripes (my fave band next to JoCo), Linkin Park, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mariah Carey (pre-rapper collaboration phase), Matchbox 20, Blur, Fallout Boy, and Blink 182.
  • Tom Smith, especially his comic opera the Last Hero, which is Brilliant! And Badger Pajamas, and honey baked ham...
  • I need to do this 20 songs thing... Everyone else has such great songs on their lists...

    1. Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance (Demo) - JoCo
    2. Drink To Get Drunk - Sia
    3. Deep Red Bells - Neko Case
    4. Leslie Anne Levine - The Decemberists
    5. Backstabber - The Dresden Dolls
    6. Hail To Whatever You Found In The Sunlight That Surrounds You - Rilo Kiley
    7. The Pink Life - Mike Doughty
    8. Morning Cup - Joseph Arthur
    9. Au Suivant - Jacques Brel
    10. Go - Daniel Johnston
    11. Look At Your Game, Girl - Charles Manson (yes... THAT Charles Manson)
    12. The Old Revolution - Leonard Cohen
    13. The Christians and The Pagans - Dar Williams
    14. I Like A Boy In Uniform (School Uniform) - The Pipettes
    15. Wait A Million Years - The Grass Roots
    16. Gracie - Ben Folds
    17. Lily's Eyes - Mandy Patinkin and Robert Westenberg (from OBC The Secret Garden)
    18. Lang Jeen - Faye Wong (Tori Amos' "Silent All The Years" performed in Chinese)
    19. Le Grand Voyage du Pauvre N
  • This is a pretty cool way to share music unbiased. It may not be your favorite but it's in your collection.

    1. Build the Robots – Dr. Steel
    2. A la luz de la Luna –Caruso
    3. Cruel, Crazy, Beautiful World – Johny Clegg & Savuka
    4. Me & You & Her – Itis
    5. Sultans of Swing – Dire Straits
    6. A Perfect Day – Paul Robeson
    7. Frogs With Dirty little Lips – Frank Zappa
    8. Sebrina, Paste and Plato – Jellyfish
    9. Waking the Witch – Kate Bush
    10. Spooning Good Singing Gum – Cocteau Twins
    11. I Like Bananas (Because They Have No Bones) – Hoosier Hotshots
    12. Honey White – Morphine
    13. Oh No – Paul and Storm
    14. Reptiles and Samurai – Oingo Boingo
    15. Town called Malice – The Jam
    16. I Won’t Dance – Jane Monheit
    17. Monochrome – The Sundays
    18. Moving Up – Jason Falkner
    19. The Lesson of Love – Dream Academy
    20. Je Retiens Mon Souffle – Patricia Kaas
  • @Glenn: I liked that about it too. My list is a good mix of the sort of thing I listen to, but none of the tracks that came up are favorites.... Just things I dig enough to have in my collection. Also... I love that Kate Bush song.

    @vagabondmonk: I love Ben Folds as well. I managed to have him come up in my listing, fortunately. I got to see him live about a month ago... Such a fantastic show. Also, Elvis Costello is amazing.
  • Ok with shuffle the first 20 songs that come up:

    1. At Least I'm Known For Something - New Found Glory
    2. Come Hell or High Water - Poison
    3. Oh! You Pretty Things - David Bowie
    4. Never Enough - The Cure
    5. I'd Rather - Big D & The Kids Table
    6. Stand - R.E.M.
    7. Judas Rising - Judas Priest
    8. AedO - La Larme
    9. Bram Vermeulen - Afscheid
    10. Time Bomb - Rancid
    11. Shangri-La - The Kinks
    12. Prisoners of Today - Billy Talent
    13. Slow Twistin' - Chubby Checker
    14. Brown Sugar (Live) - D'Angelo
    15. Number 4 - Congress
    16. Kristina She Don't Know I Exist - Catch 22
    17. Ska Robot Army - The Aquabats
    18. Carribean Blue - Enya
    19. The Real Life (Raven Maize) - Simple Minds
    20. Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out) - Arcade Fire
  • I like a lot of stuff.
    I listen to music in cycles it seems.
    I go from my '80's new-wave' cycle to my 90's "grunge" cycle and then to my "60's and 70's classic rock" cycles.
    About the only thing I have never really liked a lot is rap and 80's hair metal.
    Although my first date with my wife was a WhiteSnake concert, so hats off to Mr Coverdale for that.

    I dig:
    The cars
    The Psychadelic furs
    The cure
    The Cult
    Chris Cornell's solo album 'Euphoria Morning'
    King's X
    Pink Floyd
    Ken Andrews other work
    Slim Cessna's AutoClub
    Big Wreck
    Colin Hay
  • Anyone else on Pandora?
    Here is the link to Robgonzo Radio
  • Early music nerds, music theory nerds, and francophones may find this video amusing. Had to share.
  • Thanks for sharing, Mark.

    "Next time I hear a pagan interval, I'll write a report to the Pope!"

    I'll have to try that one on my children when they sing wrong notes. ;-)
  • Outstanding video!! Bravo!!
  • @robgonzo: I like your station. You have good stuff on there.

    I just saw Josh Ritter recently and he is worth checking out.
    I also have been running a lot to Tally Hall.
  • That video was just too funny. ^^
  • @I Luv Cali, Thanks! I'm glad you took the time to check it out.
  • i'm big on the new pornographers lately, especially "use it". that song sets my brain on fire in the most marvelous way.
  • Wow. Just wow.
  • Wow- wait that was said.

    Wow anyway.
  • That's impressive. I hate her. ;-)
  • Wow again
  • So, I'm a fan of Garbage, Cake, Loreena McKennit, and Aimee Mann.
  • Have you guys heard of Babas
  • i like juanes. i think he might be colombian, though, and he's wildly popular in at least some parts of the spanish-speaking world, so if you find that distressing you might not be interested.

    that's a neat concept for learning a foreign language, though. what better way to begin to grasp its unique idiom and character than by looking at song lyrics or poetry?
  • Pandora has helped me re-discover "Jukebox the Ghost" (can't link the homepage at the moment because its on MySpace, blocked by work), whom JoCo tweeted about once (IIRC, they had opened for Tally Hall). Great multi level instrumentation and tight multi vocals that remind me why Jellyfish had so much (unrealized) potential. I was sitting with my son when I suddenly realized I was singing their song "Hold It In", even though I've barely heard it or know it.

    (BTW, my "Seed" bands for the station were JoCo, Schoolhouse Rock and Queen. I later added the aforementioned Jukebox. It really can't decide what I like .. I get spats of classic rock, unsigned alternative ... it even decided I liked nouveau country at one point [I really, really don't.])
  • edited June 2008
    that's a neat concept for learning a foreign language, though. what better way to begin to grasp its unique idiom and character than by looking at song lyrics or poetry?
    I think I listen to more French-language songs than most native speakers. :) I find that after I've listened to a song enough times, I remember not just the gist of what's said (as I would with prose) but the exact words, pronunciation, and (if not obscured by the tune) intonation. So if I ever find myself wondering what the gender of a certain noun is, or how to conjugate a verb in a particular way, I have a bank of sound clips in my head to refer to.

    So to get on topic, my favourite French-language singer is J
  • My favorite French singer is Patricia Kaas. I just love her voice. I even watched a movie I might not have otherwise because she was in it.
    About ten years ago I found a series of world music by EMI called hEMIspheres that I absolutely loved and bought everything in it. It was music of the world by continent then by individual countries then by music styles within the country, then by individual artists. I found so many artists I love that I might not have ever heard otherwise.
    Like George Dalaras and Yosefa who is very similar to another favorite Ofra Haza not available through the series or Hedningarna.
    I learned the different languages enough to understand the words and sometimes the liner notes.
  • Thanks for the link, I might have to listen to more of her songs. From J
  • @three08 - hehehe, Juanes. We used to listen to him in class in high school. It was fun. I mean, okay, I'm not honestly upset by popularity. I just ... I don't know. I'm just really self-conscious about what music I like, which is augmented by uncertainty.
  • Here Shruti, this shirt is for you.
  • I saw a young lady with that shirt on at the NYC show. I told her about http://graphjam.com/
  • It seems 'music I used to like' is still part of 'music I like', which was probably not the intention.
  • i know what you mean, shruti, about being self-conscious. i can't tell you how many times i've heard, "you like THEM?!" or words to that effect. my b/f is much kinder about it but even he's prone to saying things like, "cake is okay but they're kind of like a lamer version of the talking heads." i mean i'll be first in line to announce to the world that he knows a ton more about popular music already than i ever would if i studied it all my life henceforth but at this point i'm like, whatever. i don't care what you think because i can keep turning up motorcade of generosity until i can't hear you anyway. i like what i like and for me that's the end of it.
  • i like what i like and for me that's the end of it.
    Yes. It is very freeing when you can finally say with complete confidence: "The Carpenters had some great songs." In high school (early 70's) I wouldn't have been caught dead saying this but we were all secretly singing "Close to You."

    A great scene from Tommy Boy
  • I used to work at a convenience store and always had Boingo or Devo kind of music playing then one day I was in the mood to listen to the Carpenters. The whole day regular customers kept asking if I was okay.

    Why do birds suddenly appear...
  • I always liked the Carpenters.

    And Barry Manilow! THERE! I SAID IT! I LIKE Barry Manilow!

    You can drum me out of the forums now, I will go peacefully.

    (While humming "I write the songs" under my breath)
  • Not surprising to find a bunch of closet (or not so closeted) soft-rockers here. :-) I spent a lot of time as a kid listening to Barry Manilow and Barbara Streisand on 8-track. And like Our Hero, I'm a Billy Joel fan. My guilty pleasure is Sade.
  • I'll gleefully admit to anyone who asks that the band I've seen in concert the most in life is Poison. Sporting ripped jeans and a bandana :P

    What? The women at those concerts were HOT.
  • I'm a fan of Sade too Colleenky. I still have my t-shirt from the EJ/BJ concert. (thats Elton John and Billy Joel you pervs.)
  • I heard this on Pandora a short while back, but it just played again and I thought of our "math geek" friends on the board (Lookin at you, Dr. Cox ... :D)

    Math Prof Rock Star
  • I just got on Pandora four or five days ago myself, and I've heard "Math Prof Rock Star" a couple times already. I dig it.
  • Yeah, the downside of my "station" is that when I feed it with smaller artists (3 artists totalling 5 albums avail on Pandora) is that I'm getting a lot of repeats. For example, I hear Weird Al every day. But here's the thing .. I *only* hear Melanie .. EVERY .. DAY. There are what, another 10 tracks on that album alone? And there are others on there! And for some reason, Pandora doesn't seem to think I'll like any TMBG before 2003 or so.
  • i've never had really satisfactory results from pandora. maybe when i get home i'll find and post the link to the one my b/f uses. he knows about these things.
  • I really like pandora but it's hard for me sometimes because songs I really like come on and I have to thumbs down them because they are not right for my station.
  • Hmm, apparently whatever Pandora is, it's only available to people with US IPs. Oh well, we'll always have last.fm.
  • Rob, can you transfer them to another station?
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