Other music... *gasp*



  • I listen to a lot of different things. Here's a list of what happens to be sitting in a stack of CDs near my desk:

    Blues Travaler
    Depeche Mode
    God Lives Underwater
    Big Head Todd and the Monsters
    Simon and Garfunkel

    also, if anyone wants to go to my MySpace 'band' page, you are more than welcome to friend me, and tell everyone you know about it :)

  • Well, i like all kinds of music. Not really specific. Right now Im jamming to this at work


    I really like the beat. plus Fountain of wayne is a good group. i mean come on, "stacy's mom" haha. Someone to love is a really good song, plus Demetri Martin is in the video he's a pretty good comic :P
  • Has everybody long since heard this song by the British Ukulele Orchestra? I was blown away. It just goes to demonstrate the awesomeness of the British Empire, imho.

  • Um. Amazing.
  • On the subject of interesting interpretations of movie themes, This guy is amazing. He makes up lyrics and sings movie theme songs.

    The superman and batman ones are great too.
  • jesss: Yeah, I have the live Orbital version. I LOVE it. I DLed the other song you mentioned a few days ago off of BitTorrent at home, but I've yet to listen to it.
  • Oh, you will love it. Very silly.

    I used to watch a lot of Dr. Who (and Red Dwarf, etc.) but I just recently got my TV hooked up again and haven't taken the plunge to catch up to the new seasons. My brother occasionally takes pity on me and records me selected episodes. Too much TV to deal with. I'm anxiously awaiting the new Battlestar Galactica season.
  • Red Dwarf is the best TV program ever made. I think it may appeal to JoCo fans. Mass-market-scientific humour.
  • I listen to a lot of Weird Al, They Might Be Giants, and lately I've been hooked on The Presidents of the Untied States of America. They're an awesome band, especially their Love Everybody album.
  • Kerrin, I bet most of them have seen it. At least I hope so. If not, click on Netflix or RUN to your video store right now and get it. I love it!
  • I've seen just one episode of Red Dwarf. I just couldn't get into it... Perhaps I should give it another chance? I'm not that into scientific stuff (crazy to say as a JoCo fan, I'm guessing).
  • I have seen a little Red Dwarf (ordinarily I'd alter that clause to make it sound less ludicrous, but it made me laugh so it stays), and it has very little scientific content. I am no fan of science fiction (I dislike most of it I've tried to read or watch), but I did like RD.
  • Thanks for not editing that clause. It made me laugh as well.

    I'll give the show another go. It could end up being like Strangers With Candy for me. I first saw SWC when it was airing on Comedy Central. Years later, I'm a huge fan and watch the DVDs regularly.
  • I can't say I've ever heard of Red Dwarf...

    I don't know, I'm not really a science fiction person, if that's what it is.

    I used to think that Strangers with Candy was the greatest show ever, but then I saw Arrested Development and I'm pretty sure it would win if the two were to battle, because it is just amazing.
  • I love Arrested Development as well, although I'd rather have a Strangers With Candy marathon, when given the choice. I'd push both aside to watch The Office though (UK or US).
  • Red Dwarf is not really science fictiony. It's like a humorous Western or a humorous Robin Hood or a humorous WWII thing. It may start from that point, but essentially the framework is there to support the humor. A number of the actors are great British improv comedians, and it's just fun to watch them do their thing and interact. And if you know cats, the Cat character will just crack you the hell up.
  • Absolutely, Jinx. Red Dwarf is very much stereotype comedy, but somehow it lasts... what, eight? Nine seasons? Without grinding the characters down to the bones. Whatever you're into, the chances are that Red Dwarf can deliver it - at least some of the time. Especially if you have a cat.
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    well about other music
    metal everykind
    like :
    bon jovi (ye gotten a lots of comments on this one but he is a good singer and songs are good)
    my own songs (but they are crap)
    well can list some more good metal bands but would just bore you

    here is an little link to dragonforce
  • The Beatles, which should be a little obvious. :P

    Also: Lemon Demon is my life.

    I actually was introduced to Coulton by some people on the Lemon Demon forums.
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    "Red Dwarf is the best TV program ever made. I think it may appeal to JoCo fans. Mass-market-scientific humour."


    For any JoCo fans (and expecting to find some here is a long shot, I know) I'd have to recommend They Might Be Giants. But I'm also into other, non-geek music like Matchbox 20, Vertical Horizon and Ocean Colour Scene, to name a few bands off the top of my head.
  • Another quick note: Has anyone heard of Pandora.com? It's a free service which plays music according to your tastes, and modifies its selection based on whether you like what it gives you. 'Tis very good for finding new music. I listen to my Jonathan Coulton station whenever I'm online.
  • Rob, you rock! I've been dying to find some new music to listen to, this is fantastic!
  • Pandora doesn't get what is in my opinion the most important part of JoCos songs though, the clever and often funny lyrics.
  • That's true, although it often plays They Might Be Giants, which is good enough for me :)

    Oh, and Pansy Division, who sometimes make me laugh.
  • And since Pandora's started playing more Barenaked Ladies, I've gotten into those guys too.

    Thing about Pandora is though, if you're strict with which songs you like, it'll end up playing the same set of songs over and over again. I have no idea how many it plays for me repeatedly, but it's probably around 100. And they're all brilliant. These are the last five songs it's played me - I've heard them all before, but they're all good.

    I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) - The Proclaimers
    Experimental Film - They Might Be Giants
    Second Best - Barenaked Ladies
    Contrecoup - They Might Be Giants
    The Future Soon - Guess who?

    Sorry, just felt like sharing that.
  • That Proclaimers song owns. If you like that, take a listen to the lesser known "I'm On My Way" from the Shrek soundtrack. Also an excellent song.
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    I agree, Sunshine on Leith is a great album all the way through.

    I was on SkreemR looking at monkey songs and came across this great cover

  • Red Dwarf is definitely a staple, I agree. It's one of the few series that was able to go a little weird(er than usual) there at the end without losing its appeal.

    I loved Cat walking through the hull of the Red Dwarf with a spray bottle, saying, "This is mine, and that is mine..."
  • The bit that's always stuck in my head was Lister eating the maggoty strawberry in series 5. I'm not sure why, though.

    I prefer the books to the series mostly, though.
  • "This is MY shiny thing. You can't have it, don't try to take my shiny thing, it's mine. Don't think about taking my shiny thing, now...."
  • Yay! This has turned in to a Red Dwarf quoting thread!

    Cat - "We're deader than bell bottom flares with pockets in the knees!"
  • The Red Dwarf quote that comes up most often at home is:

    "Broke up in the end. Really hurt me. Still got the scars today. They never heal, carpet burns, do they?"

    It was with that thought in mind that we started insisting that the baby wear pants instead of just a onesie once he started crawling.
  • Oh, well, then, I like these too:

    Lister: "I'm not a god. I've just been misquoted."

    Rimmer: "So... let me get this straight. You want to fly on a magic carpet to see the king of the potato people and you're telling me you're completely sane?"
  • "If wishes and buts were clusters of nuts, we'd all have a bowl of granola."

    Wait.... that's not Red Dwarf. :-P
  • Yeah, cos most people in the UK wouldn't know what granola is. Is it muesli?
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Granola

    Not actually identical but unquestionably similar.
  • It's like McMuesli. Sugar coated and deep fried, sort of.
  • Jellineccccckkkkkkkkkkk!

    (I have no idea what letter to hold down to make that look less ridiculous.)
  • What were Noblet and Jellineck doing in the park at 3 AM?
  • Some of my friends in college loved Red Dwarf. I only remember watching 1 or 2 episodes.

    The only quote I can remember is:
    "Is that normal?" (showing a picture of his long robot cock to one of the other characters)
    "No, showing pictures of it to your friends is not normal!"
  • Just kinda copied this from my MySpace page:

    A Perfect Circle
    Blue October
    Breaking Benjamin
    Coheed and Cambria
    Jonathan Coulton
    Alanis Morissette
    Nine Inch Nails
    Pink Floyd
    The Prize Fighter Inferno
    Rage Against the Machine
    Stone Sour
    System of a Down
    Saul Williams
  • Oh Shruti! Just been reading this thread on the assumption that *someone* must list Sondheim. Although the genres and forms are different, I think JoCo and Sondheim actuate the same pleasure centres in my brain ;-) Bloody marvellous and I owe you a drink of your choice.

    Me? I listen to anything, including many things that aren't cool at all. My main rule is not to judge a style until you can play it well. I do detest cheap attempts to be "different" though, unless you're the rare genius who can pull it off as a truly creative act. There's a lovely quote Alan Jay Lerner ascribed to his father: "You don't have to be different to be good. Being good is different enough."
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    I'll take you up on that offer as soon as it's legal. Oh wait, unless you're in England or something similar, in which case it is...

    But yeah, I totally agree; Sondheim's fantastic, and I think he and JoCo definitely share the fantastically-witty-lyricist gene.
  • Oh thank goodness for this page, having skimmed briefly through page 1 of this thread I was beginning to worry that my musical tastes weren't similar at all to anyones but nineinchneedles has allayed my fears! XD

    Put it this way, when I introduce my friends to JoCo (who generally all have similar tastes in music to me) the general comment I get back is "I like the lyrics but the musics a bit folky/country/soft for me" which is really only indicative of their usual music choices. Re: Your Brains generally goes down well regardless though!
    Heathens, the lot of them however. I love the music just as much as the lyrics XD

    My iPod is fairly varied, because I have this mindset that I *might* one day be in just the right mood that I specifically want to hear Dancing Queen, or Nikita etc but in truth I skip half my playlists.

    On current "rotation" are:

    In Flames
    Dethklok (from Metalocalypse)
    Tenacious D
    A Perfect Circle
    System of a Down
    American Headcharge
    Smashing Pumpkins (an exhaustive collection mostly prized for sentimental value now)
  • I also have Smashing Pumpkins in my collection strictly for sentimental reasons.
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    ph33r my rather bizarre taste in music

    The charts on there aren't entirely accurate when it comes to giving you proper idea of what I like but its a pretty decent indication.

    Let me think...
    • Well first as I've been listening to them the longest there's Polysics this video being the first time I ever heard their utterly brilliant take on J-Pop.
    • Then there's good old Rammstein who I don't listen as much as I used to but they still hold a place in my heart.
    • OOMPH! are possibly my favourite artists who I found whilst getting random Rammstein tracks from Kazaa back in the day. This track to be exact.
    • Бони Нем (Boney Nem) are just rubbish. But so rubbish they're brilliant to listen to. Take their cover of Livn' la Vida Loca or the utterly brilliant Чито Грито Маргалито (10 points for the person who recognises the riff).
    • Speaking of covers there's the brilliant Richard Cheese. Listen and forever understand the correct way to cover a song.
    • Currently I've been going for In Extremo, probably because they've got a song called Liam. Don't think there's that many people out there who find a song that shares their name and is utterly awesome. I mean look at this video. Four bagpipes? Check. Playing drums with fire? Check. Utter, utter awesomeness? Good god yes.
    • And to finish off there's the utterly, utterly awesome Apocalyptica who were just brilliant when I saw them live in December, shame I never got to see them at Eurovision really.
    EDIT :: Well that's rubbish, Vanilla doesn't support Unicode. Probably something to do with the AJAX.

    EDIT 2 BUD THE EDIT :: Aha, sorted.
  • I've had similarly poor luck with Vanilla and Unicode. I tried to copy both Russian and Greek into a comment, and it came out as garbage.
  • Sorted it, encode it with this and it displays fine. Well, it gets inserted into the database fine as that's where the problem lie. I might have a look at why phpBB doesn't have the same issue despite having similar MySQL table structures.
  • Update: I saw the Reefer Madness movie-musical on Friday and the music was absolutely fantastic.
  • Apparently Leonard Cohen (the fellow who wrote "Famous Blue Raincoat", for those unfamiliar with him) has announced his first tour in fifteen years.
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