JoCo puts my hands in a world of hurt

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More specifically Todd the T-1000 does. When I play a large number of barre-chords one after the other (like the song wants me to), my thumb and the area around it starts killing me with pain and cramps.
Would there happen to be a sage guitar-playing JoCo-fan out there with a tip or two on how to avoid this self-inflicted torture? (Besides not playing the song, I mean)

EDIT: I should note, I've been playing for two years, so it's not just beginners' pain.


  • Either stengthen your hand muscles, use lighter gauge strings, or cheat and use open variations of certain chords. Note: I haven't seen the "Todd the T-1000" tabs so I don't know if the last one is feasible.
  • use the thumb-over-the-top technique
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    I feel your pain. (Literally). It's not a matter of hand strength per se, some songs that require a steady string of barre chords just really cause the lactic acid build-up. And I've been playing for... wait... when was 1979... er... holy crap I'm old...
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