Thing a Week Redux

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Anyone else seen the news on the main site? Thing a Week is replaying in real time! Thing a week redux. I missed it the first time around, so it is really exciting to semi-experience what everyone else did 5 years ago.


  • There's new content too! At least so far. He's making present day comments on the songs and what he was thinking then.

    On another note, the regular blog site wants me to "log in" to post a comment! Weird glitch?
  • Ooh! I subscribed about halfway through and never read the blog posts the first time around (I subscribed via iTunes) so this might be interesting if I get around to reading them this time.
  • Weird glitch?
    It may be a "glitch," or it may be an "annoying new feature." It's probably the reason he posted a new (and very interesting) post over 12 hours ago, and still has no comments.
  • Hmmm... it may be a "feature".

    If I click on the permalink option at the bottom of the post I can see notes left by others who belong to tumblr (but I have an all but unused tumblr profile, so maybe this is only for members?)
  • Heh. I see that the new site doesn't have the handy download links like the old ones did.
  • Well, the old ones are still there if you want to 'steal'. :D
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    On another note, the regular blog site wants me to "log in" to post a comment! Weird glitch?
    Commenting glitch has been fixed.

    Tumblr, on the other hand, does not seem to have a comment system, so the Redux site will work a little differently.

    EDIT: Typo
  • @Jmonkee - Ha! I admit problem-solving is one of my favourite skill sets.

    I think the TaWRedux is awesome because I missed the original by a long shot, and wading through blog archives never seemed like a productive use of my time. The present-day commentary is a nice touch.

    Ambivalent about the fact that I have a Tumblr account, though. Like I needed to use another social-networking service.
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    Having missed it the first time, it should be cool to see it unfold in real time.
  • I missed the first few months the first time around, but it will be great to re-live those glorious years, and the present day comments are awesome, I'm really looking forward to the year of JoCo that is coming!
  • Also, besides the TaW stuff JoCo is also answering questions via the link at the bottom of his posts. Not sure how long that will continue but definitely worth a Tumblr account.
    here is a sample.

    from: laotiancanopener
    How do you come up with so many creative ideas? and how do you write about things in an almost comical way?

    JoCo's response
    I wish I could tell you where the ideas come from - my best guess is something like “inside my head” which I know is unsatisfying. From the future? From books? Let’s say “from books” and leave it at that. Wait a minute: ALMOST comical?
  • Bumping this just to say, have you guys been following this? Because if you haven't, you really should.

    Jonathan's been putting up honest, interesting, introspective posts every week. Just from the past day or two he's written about the process of putting out the new album (and if his approach to free music will change), how to write a song, the end of his software job, music theory, etc. Essential reading!

    Here's the main page, or a nice overview of the whole thing if you want to catch up.
  • I just noticed that doesn't work any more, but it's still available at I guess I'll have to change my wiki reduxlink template.
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