Reddit thread: Why Viacom owes Jonathan Coulton $13,800

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Why Viacom owes Jonathan Coulton $13,800

^ For those non-Redditors out there, this link has been upvoted to the front page on Reddit.


  • Yeah, I saw that video yesterday, after JoCo tweeted about it. (non-Redditor here)
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    Actually, apparently they don't.
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    @carlwatkins That one seems to have been posted to Spike by Spiff, who made the video. in reply to carlwatkins 17 hrs ago
    I don't remember posting the video, but I probably did.

    UPDATE: I actually do think I remember posting "Code Monkey" to iFILM, Spike's old name. Same as JoCo, I was just happy that anyone wanted to watch it.
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