Whiffenpoofs and Spizzwinks(?)

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I'm starting a new thread, so we can continue to talk Spizzwinks, and stop hijacking the Highline thread. Hopefully slam will post some of the songs he has here eventually, and of course anyone else hoarding ancient JoCo a capella rarities is urged to share :)

For anyone interested, here is info on One Coin, One Play from the Spizzwinks own wiki. Just was reminded that Lunch Lady is on it, though not the version sung by Jonathan. Still, please post it if you can, slam! Also, didn't you say that he is on 5 tracks on this album? What are the others? (I only see him listed on one).

For reference, here is The Hour of Power.

And as a bonus, don't miss their newest album, Cause for Alarm. Be sure to check out Track 7! (you can even download the mp3).


  • I presumed that he was on 5 tracks on the album since those were listed as being recorded late in the 1991-1992 school year prior to his being tapped as a Whiff. I'm at work now so I can't see the liner notes to tell you which ones. He would only explicity be given credit if he was the featured soloist.

    I'm surprised that on the track of Cause for Alarm that you highlight they don't append '93 after his name. That would be typical for any former Spizzwink when being given credit.
  • I just found out that Yale's Out of the Blue will be performing at CERN on Friday. Why couldn't it have been Whiffenpoofs or Spizzwinks(?) alumni? I'll wear a JoCo T-shirt in silent protest/hope that somebody will recognise it. ;)
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    The business manager (a student member of the group who doubles in this role) of the Spizzwinks(?) finally got back to me. He had no problem granting permission to post the music here as long as it was credited to the group, preferably with a link back to their site. I didn't think that present a problem.

    On the other hand, how do I go about posting "In a Sentimental Mood" (the only song with JoCo as the soloist) on this site? Anybody have any suggestions?

    And my offer to JoCo still stands (does he read the forums?). He can have the CD, artwork and all just by meeting my sons for a cup of coffee (well, they'll probably have hot chocolate) at a place of his choosing in Brooklyn or Manhattan. (I'd suggest responding privately to avoid hoards of fans showing up, however. :) )
  • Great! You could post it to box.net or somewhere like that and post the link here. JoCo doesn't read the forums any more (or if he does, he does it stealthily) so you might have to contact him by email, twitter, blog comments, or some other means.
  • Other good (and free) sites are mediafire.com and 4shared.com. Just pick one and upload, then post a link here.

    (don't forget to post Lunch Lady too.... even though Jonathan doesn't sing it, he did write it, so it's definitely of interest here!)
  • Yay! Way-to-go slam! So looking forward to this.
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    Hopefully, this will work.

    "In a Sentimental Mood" by Duke Ellington performed by the Yale Spizzwinks(?) of 1991-92 with JoCo as solist and Lunch Lady by JoCo performed by the Yale Spizzwinks(?) of 1992-93 with Sean Gugler as soloist should be downloadable from this link: www.mediafire.com/slam17

    If this doesn't work, please let me know and I'll figure something else out.
  • Worked fine for me. Thanks, slam!
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    Perfect, thanks Slam!

    Now I want to hear the version of Lunch Lady sung by JoCo.... it does have some of his trademark humor, doesn't it?
  • Check out the new Whiffenpoofs album. Specifically Track 12, a certain zombie-themed song we're all familar with.
  • There are a lot of really good songs on that album.
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    So I hear he performed Lunch Lady live, in Boston! (some videos) Time to revive this thread. I notice the Mediafire link doesn't work any more, so should I upload those mp3s somewhere? @slam had permission so I guess there's no reason I shouldn't. I'll do that now. Well, once I've remembered my username and password for box.net.

    Edit: Okay, here you go!

    You know what's missing from this thread (and the wiki)? JoCo singing Midnight Train to Georgia with the Whiffenpoofs. Was that on @awryone's download page? Because even his download page doesn't seem to be around any longer. This place is falling apart! Should I upload that somewhere, or pester @awryone?

    Another edit: Wait a minute… Sean Gugler? The one that was a passenger on JoCo Cruise Crazy?
  • As much as I try, I simply can't seem to get Amazon to add the damn mp3s to my basket so I can buy them (I'm not after the whole album, just some of the songs.)

    Makes me a sad monkey :(
  • @Angelastic Yes, THAT Sean Gugler. He linked a photo on his Facebook page that included a baby-faced Coulton.
  • I thought the baby-faced Coulton photo I'd seen on Facebook was posted by @awryone. Could it be that this anomalous beard-free state was captured twice?
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    I sat in with a Yale a cappella group once, but it wasn't the Whiffenpoofs or the Spizzwinks(?). It was The Duke's Men, whose signature song just happens to be "Instanbul (not Constantinople)."

    Here's how it happened: as a high school student, I toured various east coast colleges and spent a day and a half at Yale. I ran into one of the leaders of the group, who invited me to come sing that night when he found out I could sight-sing. (Apparently, there was a nasty bug making the rounds, and several of the members of the group were out with sore throats.) Among the songs was an arrangement of Allan Sherman's "Good Advice," during which I barely managed not to break out laughing.

    As my senior year progressed I decided that I wanted to study engineering (not one of Yale's strongest majors). I also competed for, and won, a full tuition scholarship at Case Tech, where Michaelson and Morley performed their famous experiment. So, due to both aspirations and economics, I didn't go to Yale. But I can say, truthfully, that I did perform a cappella there.
  • Just stopping by here after a long hiatus to mention that I was at my Yale reunion this past weekend. Since JoCo graduated from Yale exactly 10 years after I did, he was also there. One of the highlights of Yale reunions is when old Whiffenpoof and Whim 'n Rhythm (the female counterpart) groups each perform a few songs. JoCo was there with the Whiffs of '93 and they sang two songs and then joined all the Whiff alums singing as a finale, what else, The Whiffenpoof Song.

    Some friends of mine had their teenage sons with them. Right after the concert, I asked them if they'd ever played Portal and knew Still Alive. Of course they had. I then asked if they saw Jonathan Coulton (who they know of) on stage. They started to get excited. I said he was the guy with the beard (very few had beards) who told a joke when introducing one of the songs. They got very, very excited that they had seen him.

  • Sound like fun, thanks for the report.  Do you remember which two songs he did (before the Whiffenpoof Song)?  Maybe they'll show up on Youtube at some point.
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