Infinity degrees of JoCo

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I thought it might be a fun game to see how we can link JoCo to other musicians we like (or don't) other than the obvious ones such as Paul and Storm or basically any other comedy musicians. Sort of a 'six degrees' thing. The idea came because I noticed this one, connecting him to my second favourite singer/band (by stats):

JoCo has performed Creepy Doll and was in Monkey Shines with Neil Gaiman. Neil Gaiman is engaged to Amanda Palmer (who was in the also slightly creepy Dresden Dolls) who was in this book with Sarah Bettens (the aforementioned second favourite singer) who is in K's Choice (the aforementioned band.) If we continue this further, Sarah has performed with drummer Brady Blade, who also played drums for Dave Matthews, who, if I really want to continue this to the bitter endless, I often get confused with Dave Matheson, who was in Moxy Fr


  • OK, I'll bite. Assuming I've counted this correctly, here's JoCo to Carroll O'Conner in six steps:

    Jonathan played in Supergroup (and some other situations, as well) with Darin Strauss, who once appeared on the public radio program "This American Life", which is hosted by Ira Glass, who served as an executive producer for the film Unaccompanied Minors, which included in its cast Wilmer Valdarrama, who was also in That '70s Show with Topher Grace, who was also in the cast of the film Spider-Man 3, along with James Cromwell, who had a recurring role on the sitcom All In the Family, which, of course, starred Caroll O' Conner.

    Don't ask me how I came up with that's a wild stretch, even for my warped mind. ;)
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    I don't know if this has ever been mentioned explicitly before, but... Jonathan Coulton appeared in Masters of Song Fu 2 with Edric Haleen, who appeared in his friend's wedding with: Kevin Bacon.

    Therefore, Jonathan Coulton's Bacon Number is 2. Actually, I guess that means most Song Fu-ers have a Bacon Number of 2... And apparently, you can get to just about anyone through that guy?
  • Well, if we're going to go with the famous ones, JoCo wrote a song about Mandelbrot (or if that's not enough, he wrote songs with Paul and Storm, who met Mandelbrot once and got him to say hi to JoCo) whose Erd?s number is 3, giving JoCo an Erd?s number of 4 and an Erd?s-Bacon number of 6, although these aren't real of course since we're not limiting it to mathematical papers or films, but even if we go via Daniel Kleitman, who has the lowest Erd?s-Bacon number and can basically make anyone's Erd?s number equal to two more than their Bacon number (if we don't care about whether the links are strictly limited to papers for Erd?s and films for Bacon) JoCo's fake Erd?s number is still 4.
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