JoCo Looks Back in 5.1 Surround Sound!

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I've been wanting to begin working in serious sound editing for quite long, specially in surround sound.
I've listened to many albums in 5.1 sound format. They all are extremely well made, and give a more kinda "magic" feeling to the music. The best ones I've heard are The Beatles' LOVE and The Who's Tommy, which inspired me to try editing in surround sound. Unfortunately, I couldn't think of anything to work with. It's pretty hard editing an existing work without the master tracks.

But I recently obtained the source tracks of JoCo Looks Back (thank you Creative Commons!) so I had a wonderful idea. I'm mixing the whole album in 5.1 sound!

Every song from the compilation is awesome in what refers to instrumentation and mixing. I've already analized each one on how they would be mixed to give a fantastic surround experience. I've already experimented with some, and so far the result is not so bad.

I'll upload the songs in AC3 (Dolby Digital) format as I edit them:

First of May
Tom Cruise Crazy
When You Go
Baby Got Back

You need a codec like AC3Filter or ffdshow or any player that supports Dolby Digital
(and of course a 5.1 sound system ;)

Please tell me what you think!


  • I think that is freaking cool!
  • Great idea! I've been tempted to mix in 5.1 or 4.1 for a while now. Would you mind telling me which program you are using?

    Can't wait to listen to the mix when I get home.
  • I'm currently using Sony Vegas. It's extremely limited, only allows 8 audio tracks. Well, I don't blame it, it's mainly a video editing program actually.
    I'll test with Steinberg Nuendo later. Heard good reviews about it.
  • 5.1, that is old hat, we want 7.1...:)
    Seriously though, I'm looking forward to hearing this when I get home later.
  • Yeah, sure, I can do that, just send me a 7.1 home theatre and sound card XD
  • I was messing around in Vegas last night, and I can see the problem. Vegas can't really handle mixing multiple files in one audio track very well. It's almost as if you need to mix the tracks separately in a different program, then stick them in Vegas for the final mix. Really tough to get the levels right that way. It also makes it a b*tch if you want to pan something around the soundstage.

    I liked your take. I think more of the sound needs to hit the rear channels, but I liked the subtlety you were aiming for.
  • Thanks. As I said, that was just a mere "demo", I'll make something better after I get rid of Vegas.
    Another problem I have is that it has an option for panning, and it actually is kinda good, but it also affects the center channel, and I need to leave it clean for the lead voice (as usual)

    I'm working on "The Future Soon", will upload it when I'm done.
  • Upgraded to Vegas Pro. Unlimited audio tracks! :D
    Now this is gonna be a lot easier...
  • Uploaded new version of First of May. Now with 69% more of beautifulness.
    Link is already in the main post. I'll post all future links there.

    Vegas Pro is just awesome. It has the most advanced panning system I've ever used. Now the mix is a lot better. Tell me if you agree ;)
  • Argh, I don't have access to a 5.1 speaker system! I want to hear these.
  • Wow... I remember this project... two years, woah...
    Too bad my home theater broke since then and we haven't got around to get a new one yet... And those files were on MU so I'll have to start over...
  • This is just so awesome!
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