"More Information Than You Require" pg. 372

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I invite everyone who owns a copy of "More Information Than You Require" by John Hodgman to turn to page 372.

This page contains a picture labeled "Figure 67: A Ponytail, Circa 1987".

Combine with the following pieces of knowledge:
1) John Hodgman is said to have sported a ponytail in college
2) Jonathan Coulton and John Hodgman attended Yale together

Does anyone else see, like me, that the man with the arrow is John Hodgman, and standing to his right (our left) is none other than COLLEGE AGED JONATHAN COULTON???

(agree? disagree? thoughts?)


  • I do not have access to the book, but some college photos of the two of them have surfaced before. 1987 is too early, I think, but factual accuracy isn't really the point of Hodgman's writing. (:
  • I disagree that it is Jonathan and agree that 1987 is probably a bit too early. This is a thread that will show you some pictures of Hodgman and JoCo in college.
  • Alas, none of them is Jon. In the appendix to the paperback, Hodgman identifies the other guys as: Josh Sadow, Steve Rivo, TIm McGonagle, and Jason Blanche as the floating head.
  • There are even pictures of JoCo sans-beard on facebook.
  • Hodgman graduated from high school in 1989. Those are presumably friends from his high school days in Brookline.
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