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Did a google search on this. I'm going to the JoCo concert tonight in Pittsburgh, and I was curious if there was some official stance on getting your picture taken with JoCo. Is it something he just doesn't do since everyone at the entire concert would want their picture taken, or is this something that he happily obliges to do for his fans?

I'm just trying to figure out if it's even worth dragging a digital (or even disposable) camera with me to the concert tonight.



  • Sure, he signs things, gets his picture taken with people (and meat grinders), talks to people, etc after the show... and you're free to take pictures, videos or audio recordings during the show. Definitely bring the camera.
  • Take your camera to the show! JoCo usually does a Meet & Greet after the show. You might have to wait in line though as these days he tends to get mobbed by picture and autograph seekers--and of course, he prefers to autograph official JoCo merchendise (I imagine). ;-)
  • He usually hangs around after the show. I think he usually sets up at a table, and fans line up to say hi and take pictures with him. Last time he was in pittsburgh the venue kicked everyone outside, so it was more just general mingling.

    See you at the show!
  • Cool! Looks like I'm definitely bringing that camera. :)
  • and take a Gnome as well
  • Last time in glasgow I TOTALLY forgot I had my camera in my pocket.. and I NEVER think to video the meet and greets !!!
  • The format varies by venue, but he'll stay around as long as they'll let him, and fans are still there. He'll also sign anything, not just official merch you've bought. Definitely take the camera and stick around!
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    Ditto... he seems to be pretty happy to have his picture taken with fans. (Just look at the ridiculous number of pics he is tagged in on Facebook...)

    Me, I'm working on only getting pics taken with JoCo where he has his eyes accidentally closed. (Apparently...)
  • Only time I saw him that he didn't Meet & Greet after the show was when he opened for TMBG. He's very patient and gracious about taking photos with fans.
  • I'd add the caveat though, that sometimes he's got famous guests at his shows now, and there have been times when he's either stayed backstage with them, or by the time he makes it out front, the venue has shooed everyone away.
  • Yes, dastardly venues wanting the audience to leave so they can clean up and go home. Mumble mumble mumble.
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