Paul or Storm?

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Whos your fave? Be truthful :P

I say Storm.

.... dont be shy. They can't do anything to you xD

Sorry Paul, but Storms my fave. I would never hate you Paul, no. It's just theres something about him thats great. xD

(In a non gay way..... )


  • Paul seems to have an eternal "Little kid up to no good" look on his face, the kind where the kid knows he is up to something but that he is too cute to get the smack he I gotta go with Paul for this one. Plus, of course. I believe he was the one to use the term "You focus stealing bastard" to Jonathan at the Birchmere last year.
  • I love all my kids the same
  • It's funny because just to look at them, I would have pegged Storm as the extravert and Paul as the introvert. But in fact that is backwards. Both of them seem like they would be great fun to have a beer with, but it would probably be easier to strike up a conversation with Paul. Plus he has a kick-ass name.
  • I love them both, but Storm is better looking and has a kick-ass name, and Paul does have that "Little kid up to no good" look/sound, and is most likely to wear underwear on his face, which I value more than looks. I agree that it would probably be easier to strike up a conversation with Paul, and I probably have struck up more conversations with him. Oh God why did I say all that? They might read this! It's not true, I can't even tell the difference between Paul and Storm. What are you talking about? There is only one PaulandStorm!

    Storm is probably the better guitar player, though.

    Why must we choose? What I love about Paul and Storm is how incredibly in-sync and in harmony they are, on so many levels. I don't keep count of who makes the most/best jokes or 'is the name of my * band's. I can't imagine what one would be on his own, at least not as a musician or podcaster. But for having a beer with (not that I even like beer) it's somehow easier to imagine Paul.
  • I like both. Different approaches to the same fun happy playful place. Then Coulton has both personalities in him with his own spin. That is what makes the three of them interesting to me. They are similar but different in just the right ways. I think that they are all better together than alone. Coulton is better with the duo and Paul is better with Storm to balance him out as well as Storm is better with Paul to balance him out. The perfect entertainment recipe. HIding Jaffa Cakes for instance could have been anyone's idea.... but who did think of it? So simple and fun and who comes up with that stuff? Awesome people, that's who!!!!!

    I certainly would not have gone to see Coulton as many times as I have if Paul and Storm were not with him. Similarly I would not just go see Paul and Stomr without the Coulton mix since that is what I am used to.

    Very smart and fun threesome. No, I did not answer the question. Tough. : )
  • I would see Paul and Storm without JoCo, and I have seen JoCo without PaSto, but Paul or Storm separately would be less than half of Paul and Storm. I'd certainly still go, out of curiosity. I mean I'm sure Da Vinci's Notebook fans wouldn't have believed they'd be good if cut in half. I'm sure they'd still be great individually, just as great as JoCo, it's just that their harmonies are awesome and they don't yet have the equipment to do harmonies with themselves live.
  • or or... Staul :P
  • I was wondering today, while watching a Soft Rocked video- when did the guys first start adding all the other soft rock type songs to the middle of that song? Did they discuss it with JoCo first or just spring it on him? Does he know where they are planning to go with it before the song- or for that matter do THEY know where they are going to go with it, or is it a familiar sort of improv every time?
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    I got to witness that they don't always know where they are going... and the intertubes provide evidence that they've been doing this for quite a while.

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  • It's kind of cute how much those guys seem to need each other. If you've ever heard one of their solo podcasts, you know they both seem lost without the other one there.

    My favorite podcast moment ever was Uncle Storm's pickle story, so I think I have to go with Storm.

    On the other hand, Paul wrote the brilliant Frogger song....

    I'll call it a draw.
  • They lurk here, and will read this you know. They are everywhere... ;)
  • Cookie Minion has no fear. Just yummy high fat and sugar bribes, bwah-ha-hahaaaaa!!!!
  • They lurk here, and will read this you know.
    That's why I called it a draw! :)
  • I see this as comparable to the age-old question: which is your favorite Beatle?
  • I find them both a little shady...

    okay, not really :)

    I think Paul is my favorite only because I'm "like" Storm... more of the introvert.
  • I like Storm better because when I emailed them asking them to play my favorite P&S storm song (which they NEVER PLAY LIVE) at their last Boston show, it was Storm who wrote back. (He said no, but at least he wrote back.) I've seen them 6 times, five with and once without JoCo. It's more fun to see them with JoCo but it's also fun seeing them on their own. It's fascinating to me how almost exactly the same each show has been. It's like seeing Rocky Horror .
  • Storm has been notably friendlier to me lately. It's as though Paul no longer recognizes me.

    (I suspect that it's a matter of Storm recognizing me despite my current beard.)
  • Ah, Storm is more introverted? I never actually realised that (I assumed he wasn't because he's better looking and has a kick-ass name and rock stars aren't supposed to be introverted) but it might explain the unwillingness to wear underwear on his face. Well, I'm introverted in most contexts, so I should therefore prefer Storm. Or at least I shouldn't penalise Storm for being introverted.

    You know what? I'm just going to reserve my vote for now, and think of some challenge for them to perform to win my affection (I don't think that is the right word.) Like, the quickest one to eat a dozen Jaffa Cakes, put panties on his head, and think of an emo band name based on what the other challenger is saying during this competition would win. There would be an advantage to the one who can do all that without saying anything, as it would hinder the other challenger in the last task.

    Nah, let's just make this simple. Paul and Storm, email me, I'll tell you where you can deposit bribes.
  • It's a tough choice, maybe even an impossible one. Storm is a cooler name, but what's in a name eh? In terms of their performance and singing, they blend so well together. I love 'em both!
  • I have decided that my favourite is whichever one thought of the Nundertaker.
  • After the first concert, I must say that I preferred Paul, he's the one that seems to be extroverted and out there interacting, because he's the one singing solo most of the time, with storm playing guitar (and their music not containing many solos, which would switch the focus back). But listening to the podcast and being at the second show, I appreciate storm that much more now. As has been said before, he's like a sniper with his humour, he doesn't go over the top, but he goes for the right thing at the right time.

    Also, storm's the only one I have personalised pirate sound effects from at the moment :)
  • If you listen to the podcast, you know that Storm often drives most of the discussion, since he's the one making a list of topics with humorous names, which Paul then randomly picks from. He also seems to be the main thrower-of-snack-items at live shows. Not sure if that makes him more extroverted or not, but there it is.
  • I don't think I pay attention to who is saying what in the podcast.
  • Real men don't need nicknames.
  • That's easy for you to say!
  • Real men don't need nicknames.
    So, you're saying Santa ain't real?
  • Santa is his title, his name is Claus.
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