JoCo Day 2009

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(Wow, it's been a while since I've started a thread.)

December 1, 2009, will be JoCo's 39th birthday, which we in the Forums traditionally celebrate by declaring it JoCo Day and then having some vague clatter towards trying to orchestrate some kind of publicity push around that day. (To be fair, we've been pretty good about getting projects finished and turned in by then.)

Anyone have any ideas? Anyone working on anything?


  • My plan had been to get my adventure game ready for then, but I am afraid it won't happen in time. I have no other plans this year, but I'm all in on any mass orchestrated thing.
  • I've got a video that's entering its final stages of readiness, but I can't promise it'll be done by Dec. 1.
  • I was hoping to have a Creepy Doll music box done in time, but it's not going to happen this year. I'm still waiting on a transcription, and without that I can't start work on the comb or the drum.
  • You make you own music box drums??? *grovels in awe*

    Really, I am VERY impressed!
  • BryBry
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    Oh my God, you too (were thinking about that project)? I put a lot of work a few years ago into plotting out how I'd make a Creepy Doll music box before realizing I didn't have the technical expertise to build a music box. I've got a transcription-like thing lying about somewhere if you want it, Jade.
  • Bry, I'd love to have it. I asked Colleen to transcribe the music box source track, but she's been pretty busy lately.
  • Damn, that's a seriously worthy project. I'd be extremely happy to comply if I can be of help - just specify what's needed. I guess it's constrained by nothing more than the available pitch range? Shouldn't be difficult to do.
  • I have an idea for a video that everybody could collaborate on, which I will start a new thread about just as soon as I've queued up a few dozen YouTube uploads, but I doubt it'd get very far by JoCo day.

    I'm also very impressed with JadeSnake's project. Also, several people at the London concert were very impressed with the half-pony half-monkey monster she made to please me.
  • You plan to put this in a doll? Or a box with a tarnished silver key?

    Along similar lines, a weighted companion music box would be fun.
  • Jade, check the e-mail address listed in your profile. Colleen and Borba, I'll send y'all copies as well for your verification and amusement. :)
  • I'm going to give him 39 dollars on 12/1. If that part of the site is working. Last time I tried to get to the monkeys/robots/bananas thing, it didn't exist.
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    Color me prodded. I've expanded on Bry's transcription, and it's winging its way out by email. :-)
  • I'm going to give him 39 dollars on 12/1.
    I like that idea. I might consider it my self.
  • I think that is a good idea too.
  • Yeah, the bananas/monkeys/robots thing is gone. I guess it's PayPal, then. Great idea, librarian! :-)
  • It's just as well, because no whole number of bananas, monkeys and robots adds up to $39.
  • Now prove that the banana-monkey-robot-knapsack problem is NP-complete. :S
  • Simple (yet easy to overcomplicate) idea: Why don't we sing Happy Birthday to him? Or a CC-licensed birthday-related song if we don't want to get in trouble with Time-Warner's copyright, or Good Morning To All with a slight alteration to the lyrics. I'm thinking a sort of Mandelbrot Set-like collaboration, with a few people doing instrumentals, only even those of us who can't sing could contribute, because I'm sure we can all sing that song. Even my computers already know how to sing it. It wouldn't have to be anything too fancy, just each of us would sing (not necessarily all in English) and someone would mix it all together in the simplest way possible so it sounds like there's a group of people singing.

    The video idea I mentioned in my previous post still hasn't been fully typed up, since I've been busy and also having more trouble queuing things up to put them on YouTube than I should. But I'm even more sure that couldn't be done by JoCo day.
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    I'm Having a Party?
  • Indeed... the time has come to celebrate your birthday (Mark can supply 'Oh noes, I wet my pants'-style sound-effects.)
  • I would do something but I cant...

    Im on a caribbean cruise {/brag]

    I think I'l just wear my JoCo T-shirt and quote songs all day. (so basically a normal day for me)
  • Yeah, I was thinking that I'd be contributing something to that line, though I also assumed that I'd have to compete with Angelastic over the pants reference.
  • If enough people/anybody seriously wants to go with WHAP, it sounds like a very plausible idea. Foot stomps and handclaps for rhythm, plus either solo guitar or piano would work very nicely for a sing-along.
  • Lets do this!
  • The time has come to celebrate your birthday.
    We just redid the bass line, stomps and all
    We're all invited, [mtgordon solo]even Mark T. Gordon[/mtgordon solo] of song as normal (wait, we want JoCo to share our sleeping bag?)
  • It was a serious suggestion on my part. Count me in, but I call dibs on the Mark-wets-his-pants line!

    Do we want this to be audio-only, or might we be interested in a collaborative video?
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    Do we have time to do a collaborative video?

    Well, heck, if those who have webcams sing into them, and somebody can be bothered picking five seconds from each of the video streams and sticking them together, keeping them synched with the combined audio [ETA: and the occasional picture-in-picture to show there are many of us?], I guess that wouldn't be difficult at all.

    EATA: If whoever has JoCo CDs could wave them about a bit when they sing 'we'll put on records', and somebody stays conspicuously still during 'and noone will dance' it would be a bit cooler. :)
  • Webcams, cell phone video, etc. We might be able to provide filler video for anyone who wants to sing but doesn't have a camera.

    Is anyone able to produce an actual Fudgie the Whale? I *might* be able to produce one. Along similar lines, can anyone provide Champales?
  • a pic of one from the web might provide the cover you're talking about.
  • We don't need to provide filler for those who don't have cameras or don't want to show their faces. I was thinking we'd mix everyon's vocals (this is surely simpler and less daunting for bad singers than picking someone to do each part), and then pick pieces of video from those who took video. Maybe a couple of people would film the whole song while they're in sleeping bags, and we'd use their voice the whole way through but just show them during the sleeping bag bit.
  • Footage of someone flipping through JoCo CDs would be ideal, really. I have SM, TAW, JCLB, and BCE. I could print up a fake inserts for WTMT and OBOOCA.
  • I'm excited! I have a webcam that I barely know how to use but I want to join in. At the moment I own "Best. Concert. Ever." and that's it for physical CDs. Also, I don't think that I can carry a tune in a bucket, and I'm not even sure I can find the beat with both hands, but I'm still very excited to participate. So, if you will bear with me and my lack of skills, please say I can pitch in!
  • So, if you will bear with me and my lack of skills, please say I can pitch in!
    We're All invited, even Mark T. Gordon! :)

    actually, I was thinking about my last post and maybe some of the verses could be solo singers with webcams, but the choruses and the words 'we're all invited' should definitely be everyone, even those who can't carry tunes.
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    Yes, it would make sense for everyone to contribute a "You're all invited" track.

    ETA: Should we relyric? We're having a party? Time to celebrate your birthday?
  • Yes, we're having a party (and see my earlier post with suggested lyrics for the beginning)
  • Ah, I missed that in the shuffle. Sorry.

    Yeah, um, the sleeping bag line, uh... Who wants that one? Maybe awryone could get away with that...
  • Hahaha, or maybe awryone could get JoCo's wife on board.
  • We need a JoCo Birthday song, we need a song thats safe to si-ing-ing
    We need a way to let him know that day
    Of the happiness he always brings!
    We need a JoCo birthday song,
    We'll work both night and day-
    We'll make our own JoCo birthday song
    To celebrate his special day!

    (and lets thank his mom, too...)
  • (and lets thank his mom, too...)
    For having intercourse with his dad, without a condom, sponge, or IUD?
  • For once I'm not going to sit by passively. In the hope that this might kickstart things, I recorded a simple "banged out" piano accompaniment with a click track in two keys. The idea is that a) maybe people can agree which key is easier (or suggest another) and b) participants can get their voices ready. If we do use one of these as the backbone, it can then be ripped out and replaced with anything else, including a clean/different/simpler piano part. Instrumentalists just need to tune to the piano...

    In C major
    In A major

    The form is exactly what it is on the record, with 4 clicks before the 4-bar intro. Singers, remember the harmonica solo (it sounds like just more piano banging!)
  • He already got his gift from me......... Irn Bru and Jaffa cakes..... or was it an xmas present? :P
  • Well, if you're going to put it that way, he got chocolate from me. But I consider that more of a welcome-to-a-place-only-two-countries-over-from-where-I-live,-come-closer-my-pretty present.
  • I am TOTALLY in. Let's set a deadline for the video?
  • This sounds like fun! Personally, I think I'd have an easier time staying on-pitch if there were a vocal track to follow-along to. Maybe one of the more musically inclined could make a voice-guide track? Also, personally, I'm a bass-baritone, so lower tends to be better for me :)

    For the parts where it's everyone singing, we could tile all the videos, if we do use webcams.
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    My, you've all been busy little bees. Angela, what a fantastic idea!

    I am *so* in - audio and video. I vote for the key of C and will happily record a guide track ASAP. (Thanks for the awesome accompaniment, Borba!) As I was singing through for practice, it occurred to me that something should be done with the line, "My brother says he won't come down and punch me." "Our bother" and "punch us" doesn't really work. It seems to me that "someone" should say they won't come down and do something to JC (punch him or otherwise), but I can't think of anything clever. Paul and Storm doesn't fit, but Neil Gaiman does. (Neil Gaiman says he won't come down and hex you?) Any ideas?

    So, are we *all* singing "even Mark T. Gordon," and then he'll sing the pants-wetting line solo? Also, I happen to think that "You can share our sleeping bag" is pretty funny as-is. And may I make the onion dip and Fritos, please? :-) As for flipping through his CDs, I have everything (including Areas of my Expertise - I could go get a copy of More Information, too) except OBOOCA, which no one has, of course. ;-)

    Has anyone volunteered to mix and edit? That person should probably decide on a deadline for submissions. (I can't do it - way too busy. The Yale application is due on JoCo Day, and I'm moving that week, just to name a couple of things.) Last question, does it matter if I use my webcam or my mini video recorder?

    Real last question, should we ask Paul and Storm to contribute?
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    There is a cover for OBOOCA. It's been posted here in the forums before.
    If we are doing video of us singing might we all want to take our own few seconds of screen time to hold up a sign or card or something. Or do several things and the editor can choose the best moments to highlite.
    Also if someone doesn't want to sing they can just wave and display their sign.
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    @Colleenky, or anybody thus inclined. I am hearing a chorus with big fat harmony parts - as many layers as we can muster. If anybody can do multiple takes on different harmony notes (remember, mostly simple triads except on "headaches in the basement") this should sound awesome. This woul also allow dropping out the accompaniment entirely for a bit.

    ETA: To elaborate on the harmony part reference - if we go with A major for example, the three main melody notes in the chorus are A,B and C# (the first exception is "head" of "headache"). If you simply layer thirds on top of those, i.e. one voice starts on C# and another on E, it's quite easy to sing in tune, and gives a nice soul/gospel effect. Just gotta adapt a bit when "headache" comes around.
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    I volunteer to do the video, if someone else mixes the sound. I can't easily do tiling of more than two images (I use iMovie '09, which only has one picture-in-picture), but I can do it, just by exporting/importing one picture-in-picture thing and then putting another picture in that picture. If anyone has an easier way of tiling then let me know what it is, or volunteer to help. :)

    We should ask Paul and Storm, although they might be pissed off that we didn't do anything like this for their birthdays. It's their fault for having birthdays on two different days. Them or awryone should be asked to do the sleeping bag part. ('A time for lovers' might be an opportunity to hold up panties, do you think? Hmm, now who has a big collection of panties...)

    For the 'it's gonna be funny when Mark wets his pants' do we want Mark in the middle looking ashamed and four of us in the corners pointing and laughing? This bit is up to Mark, of course.

    Oh, and I agree about needing a vocal track to sing along to; I only know the song as it is in whichever key it is in and I can't infer very well how to sing it in C major or A major. Not that it matters because I expect to be pretty quiet in the mix. ;) ETA: Especially if you're doing harmony parts, because I would only sing if there was a whole cacophony of other people singing the same and it wasn't supposed to sound pretty.
  • The original song is in C.
  • Mark, since this is your part (and you expected to compete with me)... how would you feel about using the famous 'pants' clip from Mr. Fancy Pants (source tracks) as the 'pants' in 'Mark wets his pants'? It's not the same note, but it might be funny.
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