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  • Thanks Hoppedup, I can't wait to hear this.

    Also, did you ever get the recording from the last Raleigh show up? (I'm referring to your post earlier in this thread, from Nov. 30, 2010).
  • jmonkee, I had something come up and did not make it to the last Raleigh show.

    It sounds like he hasn't settled on a title for the "untitled song about marriage" yet, so I may leave it that way on the text file. i think this one sounds really good. Look for the torrent tonight. I'll post a link when it's up.

    I was surprised how well the songs worked with a band. It was a great show.
  • Asheville 2011-03-25

    Dig in. It will be kinda slow until there are a few seeds.
  • Asheville was indeed a STELLAR show with his electric "band situation". Listening to hoppedup mix and master on his laptop in my Jeep on the drive home from Asheville was great fun too. Downloading the torrent as we speak.
  • Hey hoppedup! Thanks for the great recording! Also, I sent you a PM. :D
  • PM responded via email. The PM system here is a bit strange. Apologies to the person who messaged me last May and didn't get an answer. I had no idea there was a messaging system here.

    Anyway, I will probably try to post the SBD source as well. It is better balanced than most board feeds as the sound guy at Grey Eagle sends a separate mix to the patchbay for tapers than what is in the PA. He must have had the bass and electric guitar amps mic'd.

    This band show was a lot of fun. When Joco said he had been there before opening for TMBG, someone in the crowd said, "You were better". Marty came out from the drum kit and gave a faux menacing look to the guy. Good stuff. You guys can thank FlashRPh for turning me on to Joco.
  • Haha yes. Just emailed you back. Took me a while my first time to find my inbox, definitely an adventure. Thanks again hoppedup!
  • Aw man, awesome bootleg, hoppedup :D

    Also, I'm really liking the "Untitled New Song About Marriage" - a real old-school kind of rock-vibe to it, I think. The studio-version might not have it, of course, but I like what it sounds like here :)
  • Glad to be in the "true" fan category XD! Sea Monkeys forever!
  • Yay! Asheville show! I was there, and this will be a nice memento. I'll go home, grab this torrent and seed it like a fiend. Thanks!
  • Just sharing this link:

    It's among the loot I've scored by donating to charity through Magfest for the Japan Tsunami/Earthquake disaster relief. Not really a bootleg, but a chiptune remix.
  • Thanks for the torrent! The audio sounds great :) That was an awesome concert! Can't wait to do it again.
  • Does anyone remember back in November when JoCo asked Twitter where he could find quality bootlegs of his own concerts? And multiple people directed him to this thread?

    It only occurred to me recently that he was probably preparing files for the JoCo Cruise Crazy flash drive that Sea Monkeys received in their swag bags in January. These flash drives contained a few files each from most of the entertainers on the cruise--an assortment of audio and video goodies.

    The files JoCo supplied are all audio bootlegs, almost all of them from fireworksordie's wonderful recordings. The drive includes:
    • Always the Moon (London, Union Chapel, 2009-11-13)
    • Big Bad World One (Chicago, Lakeshore Theater, 2008-05-03)
    • Mr. Fancy Pants (Minneapolis, Guthrie Theatre, 2009-10-26)
    • Skullcrusher Mountain (PAX, 2010-09-04)
    • Still Alive (Chicago, Park West, 2009-10-10)
    • "Bus Plunge" (Minneapolis, Guthrie Theatre, 2009-10-26)
  • Cool. you already answered.
  • Did anyone record last night's concert in Minneapolis MN?
  • I guess this belongs in this thread too...
    Jonathan Coulton with Paul and Storm
    The Gladstone - Ottawa, ON, Canada

    Paul and Storm: MP3 (zip) - FLAC (rar): Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
    Jonathan Coulton: MP3 (zip) - FLAC (rar): Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

    Lineage: AUD > Zoom H2 (internal rear mics @ 24bit/48kHz) > Adobe Audition (EQ, channel balancing, selective noise reduction) > FLAC Level 8 / MP3 VBR V0
    Recording and Encoding by jmr ([email protected])
  • So happy that these are available. Thanks everybody!
  • I'm using the Park West show from April '11 to indoctrinate new fans. I've been listening to it all weekend. Awesome job!
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    Most of Jonathan's set from PAX Prime 2011 (I missed Code Monkey 'cause I was swapping memory cards at the time) is in this folder. I've cut the concert into individual tracks but am too lazy to format in anything other than wav files so these are big. Also, when I zip all tracks to a single file it is still too big for my free account so you will have to download many smaller files. Sorry. 

    (The same folder also has the two Paul & Storm songs I got from their set: Ten Finger Johnny & I Will Sing a Lullaby. Not strictly a Joco bootleg, although Jonathan did participate in the lullaby...)
  • With the demise of MegaUpload, I'm wondering about the status of bootlegs.  How many of the canonical links in the list above are broken? How many of these do people still have copies of on local hard drives?
  • I have all of these, and I'm sure there are others who do too.  Did you check all the links, mtgordon?  I saw your comment on JoCo's front page post about the Cincinnati show, is that the only bad link? 

    I'll upload that show to my Mediafire page this weekend, unless someone else beats me to it.  I hope they don't shut down Mediafire!
  • That's the only MegaUpload link, AFAIK.  I'm not sure whether any of the others are bad.
  • Well if SOPA or PIPA pass, either this time around or after a round-trip to the rebranding-factory, Mediafire will be going down in a hurry, I can promise you that. Along with every single other image- or filehosting service in the world.

    Except for us Europeans, of course. We'll be just fine :D
  • Did anyone get the FOM remix while it was still grabbable from SoundCloud? And feel like sharing it?? Curses for not checking in while it was still the 1st of May...
  • @elliomeg: He's added a download link to the blog post.
  • @skyen I do hope you were being sarcastic there? What affects the internet in America will affect the rest of the planet as one hell of a lot of hosting is ultimately done over there. Also the UK has already seen ISP's ordered to block PirateBay. No one is safe from the thugs at the RIAA.
  • Thank goodness I live in Canada, where we have our own internet!
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    Here's the Atlanta show from September 2nd, 2011.  It was the CD release for the Artificial Heart album.  I posted it before, but just wanted to add it here to the bootleg thread to keep everything in it's right place.
  • @st_trousers I was being sarcastic. Obviously, any site taken down by these laws will be ruined for us as well, and it will certainly change the way that new websites are made - i.e. creative people will be terrified to carry out their ideas.
    It will probably take it a lot longer to affect Europe in the same way it does America, because Europe is a much more politically complex web of interests (believe it or not). If you think your states can get huffy about "states' rights", well you ain't seen nothing 'till you've sat with the European Parliament.
    That being said, the kinds of laws that WOULD so totally screw us over are already being worked on, like ACTA, and probably they have more of them waiting in the wings. The complexities of the continent, means they'll get passed slower and take effect slower, but they're on their way. They'll come and go, and ultimately fail to do any of the things they were meant to do, and the Internet will live on.
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    Hey, remember a loooong time ago (a few posts up this page), when I promised to upload the Cincinnati show from 2008?  Well, I forgot all about it.  But, tonight I remembered, and uploaded it.  Here it is

    I'll update the first post in this thread, too.  Please tell me if you find any other broken links, or if you notice shows that should be in that first post, but aren't, and I'll get it updated.

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    I've updated the first post on this thread, adding a couple of shows, and correcting some old links. 

    If anyone has shows to add, or links to correct, let me know!

    @Bry:  Are you still around, running this place?  If so, you might want to sticky this thread.  Lots of good stuff here. 

    If you need to make room, you could probably un-sticky the old "Favorite Songs Tournament" thread.  Though I'd sort of miss that, it was a lot of fun back in the old days... 
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    Rise from your's the Atlanta show from December 5th, 2012.

    It's been frozen in carbonite on my hard drive and had hibernation sickness, so it took a while to get this show uploaded.  Yeah, I'll go with that excuse.
  • Thanks, @avnerdsdontgetchicks! Downloading now.
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    Here's the Aimee Mann show that JoCo did on December 9th, 2014 in Boston.

    This is not my recording, just passing it along in case anyone is interested.

    link to download

    complete show, flac format, 630M
  • Thanks for the pointer, @avnerdsdontgetchicks! I've been looking for good-quality audio for Nes Gadol Haya Sham.
  • Thank you for the link! Alas, the video is zipped, which does not save significant space (it's already compressed) but forces you to download the whole thing before viewing; you can't stream it. Will have to set up a background download.
  • As you've probably already's an audio recording, not video.  So flac files inside a zip (not zipped for compression but convenience (I used zip -0 anyway)).  I know some browsers will stream mp3 files, but I don't know about flac.
  • Haven't logged in over four years. The 5-14-2010 Raleigh show was five years ago today. Listening today and man does it sound good. I wish this Joco dude would tour more.
  • damn straight!  well, more land tours.  he's only touring frequently on the high seas these days...
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    all the shows i've recorded are now at a new URL. i was able to edit my own posts but i can't edit Jmonkee's. So all my shows listed in the top post of this thread are now here:

    2009-05-30 Atlanta *
    2010-12-03 Atlanta (avnerdsdontgetchicks)
    2011-09-02 Atlanta (CD release for the Artificial Heart album)
    2012-12-05 Atlanta (avnerdsdontgetchicks)
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    Thanks avnerdsdontgetchicks, I updated the list in the first post of this thread.

    That's quite a gap in shows, between 2012 and 2017. I know JoCo hasn't done many shows in that time, but does anyone know of any recordings this list is missing? If so let me know and I'll get it updated.

    Also I went through the list and found several broken links. Not surprising after all these years... If anyone has a good link for any of these missing shows, please let me know. Otherwise I'll dig them up and upload them, and post them myself at some point. Here are the missing shows:

    2009-02-18 San Francisco
    2008-05-18 LA (House of Blues) (Coin)
    2008-10-22 Boston 10-22-08 (with Hodgman)
    2009-09-18 Denver (dexterdouglas)
    2009-10-26 Minneapolis (fireworksordie) *
    2010-02-25 Vancouver (chicazul)
    2011-03-12 Pax East
    2011-04-22 Chicago (tfrooney & fireworksordie)
    2012-06-06 Toronto (Haterhigh)

  • I have a couple more shows to upload (from other tapers). I had to downsize last year because of some hosted server shuffling so didn't have room. Now I'm moving to a server with much more disk space and bandwidth. I'll post back here when they are up.
  • Thanks for the update fireworksordie! I've updated the first post.
  • Does anyone have decent audio from the recent tour? JoCo was in New England 6 times with Amiee Mannso far this summer. 

    Also - i have a lot of video from 2010-2013 era, but would people want links or to strip the audio? It's not a board feed, just camera mic.


    Tommy G
  • Links sound good to me, thanks!
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