Song Fu #5

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This just in... upcoming announcement this week.

This fall, I'm taking an educational leave of absence from work so I can finish up my Master's degree at school. While homework's keeping me plenty busy, I think I can find time to write a new series of songs. I think I've finally recharged from the last one... I was literally just wondering when this would start up again, so I searched Twitter, and found the twit 10 hours after it was tweetered.

Everyone else ready? Joe? Edric? Jutze? Mick? MaW? (and all the others that I forgot?)

(ETA: Fixed the category)


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    "Red Ten standing by . . ."

  • Me??? I shadowed one song last time!

    That said, I've got a Tenori-on now... if it's Song Fu in any recognisable form I may shadow again. We'll see. No promises.
  • This fall, I'm taking an educational leave of absence from work so I can finish up my Master's degree at school.
    You can do that? This could be the cure for my inferiority complex.

    Anyway, bring on the Fu!
  • No promises, but I can try to try to shadow.
  • My wife is leaning on me to start writing again, as I have been moping around the house in my underpants, with disheveled hair pinging for the Glory days of my first run (and only complete) run at SongFu.
    She also wants me to STOP WITH THE RUN-ON SENTENCES!
  • got so close to winning! And as far as I'm concerned, you did win (CONSPIRACY! RIFFTONES FANS STUFFED THE BALLOT BOXES!). Your song was more serious while theirs was "funny". I don't remember the actual round description, but was the point to make a funny song?

    Anyway, maybe you should put on some pants first. Then write some songs. Product of the bad economy? Or just sarcasm?
  • Don't listen to CoolJammer00. It's a well-known fact that everything is funnier without any pants on. Just write some songs.
  • I'll be joined by someone who can actually sing; it's not going to be the Devilz Poodlz, but yes, a duo and certainly a challenge.
  • I cant see anything about Song Fu 5 on the QS site?

    It all depends on the timing. I will be going into hospital very shortly to have these stents removed (finally!), but also doubt if I will be able to sing for a few days afterwards.

    All down to the timing I suppose!
  • Oh yay, we get a JoeCov unencumbered urethra countdown? Paul and Storm should write a song about this. They have experience in a related area.
  • It's coming... (He SWEARS it's coming...)
  • "Gets His Tubes Out" is the name of my Joe Covenant tribute band? ;'))))

    Thanks for the update, Edric!

    MUCHOS Thanks to Paul for the care package...!!
    and also Huge Surprised thanks to Edric for Kate Bush! Who'da thought I'd get HER in the mail...)

  • Man, now you're making me want tubes.
  • (Who's Kate Bush?)

  • Mmm Kate Bush...
  • I hope I'll be able to compete. I'm going to be pretty busy with college.
    (Well... Today really...)
  • For those of you who don't know, Ken's mother just passed away last week. But he knows that a whole new crop of potential Song Fu-ers are out there. He hasn't forgotten about us...

    By the way -- if you'd like to make a donation to help Ken cover his mother's medical bills, these tweets will tell you how...
  • Just prior (hopefully) to Song Fu 5...
    Hey ! I'm a 'Featured Artist' !

    "Too Much Awesome podcast eps. 10!
    With special guest @JoeCovenant! Check it! "

    Eeep !!! ;' )
  • To piggy-back on what Joe posted -- we've actually got quite a few SongFu veterans over at TMA!

    Podcast 3 with Russ Rogers (of "Godz Poodlz plus egregious numbers of umlauts...")
    Podcast 4 with Molly Lewis
    Podcast 9 with me (Edric Haleen)
    And Podcast 10 with Joe "Covenant" Lamb

    (For those of you who don't know -- TMA stands for "Too Much Awesome," and was started by two MORE SongFu vets -- Mike Lombardo and Jeff MacDougall! Check it out!)

  • Signup has started.
  • Oh my gosh, you guys! I have absolutely no musical talent whatsoever, but I've been just loving these competitions and (lurking around watching) the camaraderie of the competitors. I try to listen to all the songs as soon as they are posted and get in all my votes every round. I love getting to listen to new songs, and finding new artists. Thanks for the update - can't wait for the first round of #5!
  • I wish I coul play an instrument...or knew how to record stuff decently, ow how to write down the music I create. *sigh*
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    Ditto. Although now that I have a MIDI keyboard I can 'write down' music by playing it into GarageBand. :)

    ETA: I just realised that could sound contradictory. Now, I may well be able to record a simple tune using two fingers from each hand, but that does not mean I can play the keyboard.
  • Irritating clash with NaNoWriMo, but I do have some time off work, so there's a possibility that I can shadow at least a couple of the tasks. I should try, because it will help me learn how to write songs and prepare me for a potential eventual actual entry.
  • Signed up! :-D
  • In. Others?
  • Ooh, I'm excited to follow along again!
  • Looks like we're in. :-)
  • Yep. I'm in.
  • 25 slots, 35 challengers?
  • I've chosen mine....
    297 !
  • There should be a challenge to write a song containing all the challengers' names.

    You know, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-style.

    Travis Norris, Jason Morris, Edric and The Ploogle,
    Hudson, Jensen, Johnson Symbiosis and G
  • I'm considering shadowing. 184!

    (You know my wife's name is Sofia, right?)
  • Wow... I'm not even sure where to start. So many names, and I don't know anything about molemen except what I just now read on wikipedia. I haven't picked a name yet (a couple looking like possibilities), but someone really ought to do #512... I'm just saying.
  • Kenneth Pteroplume- kiss up! lol. I rather like Polly the body snatcher, maybe i will shadow this...
  • Clearly there's a lot more material for whoever chooses Nick Nolte~
  • Well, voting's going to be hard. There will be far too many songs to listen to!

    I'll consider an attempt at shadowing this. Number 30, Fraggle Blaine, a pamphleteer, sounds interesting.
  • I'm competing, and I'll definitely have better sound quality this time around. :)
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    Haha! Now I know what a moleman is! (Bonus points for including a giant squid).

    Edit: What's more, is that Hodgemen seems to have forgotten the King of the Molemen.
  • King of the Molemen? That suggests something by Grieg...
  • I too was surprised at the number of challangers.
    I thought Ken seemed fairly determined to limit it to 25 this time round...

    Oh well!

    Its good for the site!

    ;' )

    (Finding this one hard though.)
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    I think my entry is basically done!

    Borba, I saw on the TMA boards that you were offering a fresh set of ears for people's entries. If that still stands, check your PMs.
  • Will do after supper...
  • Well, mine is mostly done, but again, I cant properly play the nusic I am hearing.
    So... Another *mostly bodhran* one from me....
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