How did you get into Yale?

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So, I am wondering how in the hell JoCo got into Yale. Not to massage my ego or anything, but I feel like I am pretty much just like him; I'm a computer geek, but I am also creative (writing rather than music, but close enough). I am just curious; did he go to a prestigious school? Get damn good grades and do absurd amounts of extracurricular activities? Is everybody downplaying his computer skills? I am just so damn confused. Does anybody know him this well to answer such questions? Thanks for any info.


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    Can't speak specifically about his grades or all his extracurriculars, but JC went to Bacon Academy, a public high school in Colchester, CT, where he was in the music program. Both his father and grandfather went to Yale. According to his good friend awryone, his college essay may have had something to do with his admission as well. That, and the fact that he's just plain smart. Does that help? :-)
  • Haha, I figured he was smart, and that he probably had relatives who went. I see him as that smart underachiever. I might have to apply to Yale now, just for the fun of it.
  • Basically he's got an entire forum devoted to the fruits of his brilliance and creativity, and you "figured he was smart"? :)

    More details about JoCo's early life can be found in the appropriately titled "Early Life" segment of "A Talk with JoCo", the interview Jinx and I did with him last year.
  • Hahaha, no, that was sarcasm. Can't you tell? Where are my HTML5 <sarcasm> tags?
  • Bacon Academy? If I didn't hate the stupid bacon/internet meme, I'd say it sounds delicious.
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