Internet Famous

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I suppose this could go in the "JoCo in the Media" thread, but our favorite Internet Superstar writing in the Huffington Post seems like the kind of thing that deserves its own thread....

I think Jonathan needs to start bringing his guitar to parties, so he can demonstrate for the uninitiated!


  • That was interesting. I wonder if he's going to do more of those? Hasn't he done short articles like this in the past?
  • He has for various sites, but I thought this was good because Huffington Post is huge, and more "mainsteam" than usual (meaning not aimed at "geeks.") So he'll probably be exposed to lots of people who've never heard of him before.
  • I love what he says about the bubble he forms with fans. It's exactly that - I think we rather bemuse the staff at any venue where there's a JoCo show with our enthusiasm for this scruffy-haired man from the internet.
  • I think we bemuse the scruffy-haired man himself sometimes, as well.... :)
  • I like to think that if we saw him in the street, he'd be more than a shaggy stranger. He'd be "OMG JONATHAN!" or something to that effect.
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