Favorite Song Tourney Final Matchup: The Future Soon vs. Skullcrusher Mountain

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Ok folks, It's taken almost 5 full months to get to this point but we're finally here. This is the Favorite Song Tourney Final.

Our Champion of the Top Tier is The Future Soon which started it's run for the top spot by defeating Skullcrusher Mountain and then going on to beat, DSJD, I Crush Everything and Space Doggity. Was that a light lineup? You tell me.

Skullcrusher Mountain on the other hand started in the first round by beating Code Monkey the moving to the second tier due to the afore mentioned loss to The Future Soon. Once in the second tier though Skullcrusher Mountain dominated the game; beating no less than 6 opponents: First of May, Better, I'm Your Moon, I Feel Fantastic, Re: Your Brains, and Space Doggity. Yet despite all that, because it already lost once to The Future Soon we have to view it as the underdog.

So, can Skullcrusher Mountain win one more time, reversing the the decision of the last matchup; or will The Future Soon take it all in a clean sweep to claim the title of Favorite Song Tournament Champion?

Favorite Song Tourney Final Matchup: The Future Soon vs. Skullcrusher Mountain

The Winner and still champion of the Favorite song tourney!
The Future Soon!
Beating out Skullcrusher Mountain 25-14


  • I would vote for Future Soon, but in memory of Laika, I will not be voting in this round
  • This one will probably have to come down to personal taste. I'm not sure that either one is empirically better than the other. That having been said, The Future Soon gets my vote. I like it slightly better than Skullcrusher.
  • Yeah. What Spiff said.
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    I haven't changed my reasoning from the first time around. (ETA - i.e. I'm voting TFS)
  • it'd be kinda interesting to get the age breakdown for voting on this number. are people who may have ever been to a 'couples skate' more receptive to the futuristic wiles of tfs? are the attention-span-devoid, postromanticist youth of today more apt to favor the crushing of skulls? these are the things i wonder about at 3:42 on a friday.
  • As much as "The Future Soon" holds a special place in my heart, I think I will side with "Skullcrusher Mountain." I just like the story better, it's more entertaining to me.
  • I find it interesting to see I nearly exclusively voted against these two competitors, fat lot of good that did. My vote remains the same way it was before TFS FTW. Though I doubt either of these songs would win my personal favourite song tournament.
  • SCM for me, though I anticipate it will lose again.
  • I have never been able to decide which of these songs I like better than the other. At the moment I'm thinking SCM because it spawned the Monkey Pony Monster. That line and a few others are hard to beat.
  • I'll be casting my vote for Skullcrusher.
  • apparently i am the first to vote?
  • Vote away!
    Voting will close in one week.

    When I talked to Jon at the Austin show, I told him about this tourney. It's cool to me that I will be able to report the final results to him at the show here in Dallas next week.
  • I'm a fan of all things Futuristic and of robots destroying the world, so I'm going with TFS. As much as I love Crushing Skulls and a patchwork monsters, I can relate more to the jilted Inventor than the overbearing Doctor. :P
  • Exact tie after my vote! I'm afaid for me, although they're both top-tier JoCo songs, Skullcrusher Mountain pips out just a little bit. Why? Well, two reasons:

    1) The second verse of Skullcrusher
    2) Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep
  • But what if you're comparing it with the demo version of TFS, without the beeps?
  • CAN'T DECIDE Auuuuuuuuggggggg!
  • Given how well SM has been performing it's almost shocking to see these results so far.
  • @Angelastic: I'm afraid the beeps still tip the balance because they're such an incredible way to ruin a brilliant song.
  • God, I love both of these songs so much... But I think I have to go with The Future Soon. Sorry, evil genius, twice in a row I've neglected you. :(
  • Future soon here, and I see we are tipping the scales. Hey, I'm happy for either to win, and I'm sure the two songs will remain good friends afterwards.
  • I still don't know, these are both such quintessential JoCo songs. And both oldies from Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow, which is interesting. Maybe Thing A Week songs were ever-so-slightly inferior due to the time constraints.
  • Well, IIRC both Skullcrusher and TFS were written for the Little Gray Book Lectures. How frequent were those? I'd imagine he was working with a bit of a time constraint there too, although it probably wasn't as tight a deadline as thing a week. Also Hodgman helped with the ideas, maybe?
  • he seems to do really good work when given a general topic and/or deadline. And yet he chaffes at both. I can understand though. It makes it feel like real work and stuff; but, i really wish he'd acquiesce to that idea Kerrin and others were floating around last year, it sounded like a winner.
  • I hope it wasn't Thing A Day... that would be crazy.
  • It was something about making a song topic suggestion and pledging so much money if he wrote it. If people liked your suggestions they could pledge with you. He would get the pledge money if he accepted the challenge and wrote the song. I believe that was how it worked. Although, that has a little more "Dance Monkey" sound to it than i remember from the original thread.
  • Almost like a songwriting auction? Interesting.
  • ok. Here was the original discussion.
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    Well, IIRC both Skullcrusher and TFS were written for the Little Gray Book Lectures. How frequent were those?
    Generally monthly, though with quite a few exceptions.
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    The Winner and still champion of the Favorite song tourney!
    The Future Soon!
    Beating out Skullcrusher Mountain 25-14
    interestingly TFS picked up 4 votes since the last matchup while SM lost none.
  • It's interesting that during this final matchup, there were two awesome a cappella videos put up on youtube, one of each of these songs.

    The Spizzwinks(?) version of TFS, already mentioned elsewhere on this forum..

    and the Lager Rythm's version of Skullcrusher (definitely worth checking out if you haven't yet...).

    The world needs more a cappella group JoCo covers.
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    It's over a year old, but just the other day I stumbled across this a capella cover of When You Go. Which I guess isn't as original of a concept, but its still well done.

    Also, searching youtube for a capella Coulton turns up: Re Your Brains, and Still Alive.
  • Now I want to see an acappella version of I Crush Everything.
  • Oooh, I second that notion. And if we're making requests, "I'm Your Moon" could sound very pretty a cappella.
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