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This is just a quick reminder that the first of May is only about two weeks away, and if you're planning on participating in the First of May Olympics this year but need time to (a) find an adventurously willing partner, or (b) convince your current partner that participating in the festivities is a good idea, you may want to start doing that now. Good luck! :)

The rules and point structure is the same this year as last, but if anyone feels that new events should be added or any modifications to current events are needed, please let me know.

Disclaimer: the First Of May Olympics (or, FoMo) is for mature audiences only. If you don't think this kind of thing is fun or if you're too young to be involved, please feel free to ignore it completely.


  • It should also be mentioned that No Pants Day falls on the first of May this year, and if you've got no pants on anyway, you may as well take advantage of the situation. If I remember correctly, you already get some FoMo points for wearing no pants, and it's probably the easiest day of the year to get those points since of course nobody else will be wearing any either.
  • I will be camping in a field in Derby on the 1st of May...

    If its gonna happen - THAT'S the time !
    ;' )
  • Can the rules be reposted so I can start planning and practicing to maximize my score? (Not like I'll have anyone to even try with this year :( ...hello, right hand )
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    Point of clarification: Does wearing a skirt or dress count as "no pants?"
  • Is there anything under the skirt or dress?
  • The rules are on the Wiki. Follow the link at the top of this post (or here). And don't worry, we've got you self-lovers covered in the rules, although it's tough to rack up the really big points without a partner.

    Re: skirts and dresses -- that's pretty close to being "Covered Up", which is a -5 point penalty. But since some amount of au naturale-ness will still be required for performing The Deed, I'd say that penalty doesn't really apply. But you definitely can't qualify for the "Partially Nekkid" +5 point bonus unless you're also showing some serious skin somewhere else (if you know what I mean), in which case I think you're still good. So I'd say that while the wearing of skirts/dresses in an attempt to not really be nekkid during the competition is maybe unsportsmanlike behavior, it's essentially a wash and is worth a net +0 points to your score.
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    I'm updating the FoMo wiki page with a F.A.Q. so that the answers to these questions don't get lost. Because, you know, this is really serious stuff and we want to be professional about it.

    Also, I'm not really sure if our yearly competition is something we should just keep to ourselves, or if it's something that should be linked to across the Netterwebs on blogs and whatnot. It seems like just the kind of thing that could go viral, but I'm not sure if that would be a good thing or not.
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    My question was related specifically to "No Pants Day." Though counting underpants as a kind of pants, well, that answers my question. :-)
  • According to the FAQ, a skirt does not count as 'no pants' for the purposes of No Pants Day.
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    It SHOULD count in the UK !

    ;' )

    (If you're not wearing pants....)
  • What, a skirt, or no underwear? Would a kilt with nothing underneath count double?
  • This could definitely go viral. Only two weeks till the event though, would that be enough time to spread the word?

    Maybe a YTMND page with the rules and JoCo's song playing?
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    I think that's enough time, especially if we can piggy-back (or tan shar-pei-back) on the fame of No Pants Day.

    Hey, maybe Spiff could make a new version of his video to show the points being scored by the various characters, simulating whichever way WoW usually tells you you scored points or otherwise did well at something, or if that's not suitable, then generic game '20 points' thingies appearing briefly next to the (in)appropriate activities. Because Spiff's videos are pretty infectious already.

    ETA: by 'new version', I don't mean making the whole thing again, just adding overlays on the existing one with the points... maybe even just YouTube annotations if it would take too much time to do it in a more game-y fashion. (hehe... the first of May is doing it in a more [wild-]game-y fashion)
  • Spiff, do you mind if I create a Facebook group for this when I get home tonight? Probably a great way to spread the word. I will absolutely give you all the credit, and link to the JoCopedia entry and your video.
  • Sure, go ahead and make Facebook pages or whatever. The FoMo isn't my thing, it belongs to the world. :)

    Re-making the FoM video with point totals springing up onscreen is a pretty good idea. It causes me no end of pain that I didn't keep the original files for my earlier videos, so I'd have to add the points to a low-quality version of the video, but I guess that'd be OK. But where would I post the video? YouTube has already expressed its displeasure at my FoM video. I'll see if I can find some place good.

    If the world starts linking to this event, that raises the possibility of thousands of people all editing/vandalizing the FoMo page on the Wiki. Do we think that's an actual concern, and is there anything we can do to stop it if we wanted?
  • Does the JoCo wiki allow things such as locking pages, blocking accounts/IPs etc. like wikipedia does? If so, then we can use them to keep the page in good condition if there's too much vandalism to handle.
  • I cracked open my old FoM video and started added text to it to explain the FoMo, and that's going well so I'm going to continue. I'm going to need to put a URL in there where people can find out more info. I'm thinking that I should probably just make a FoMo page on my Spiffworld website so that it's easy to get to, although I don't relish the idea of this taking off and the world crashing my site every May 1st. If anyone can think of a better way to host this, let me know.
  • Hmm, do we want Spiff's site crashing, or JoCo's? Oh also, if we want it to go viral, getting JoCo to mention it on his blog/twitter would be a good start.

    You know what would be cool? An online score calculator. With the option of displaying your score in some kind of FoMo results table, either with or without details and pseudonym. Of course some people would lie, but we can't help that.

    I could probably make such a thing, the question is, do I have time? No, but I never do anyway, so what difference would it make?
  • The more I think about it, the less I think I want to have potential employers or my mom or something come to my site and see that I'm the grandmaster of an international annual sex tournament. Hopefully we can find a way to keep the Wiki vandalism-free or host it some other place. :)
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    The event has been posted on Facebook! If you're a member please join!

    If there's anything you'd like me to change please let me know, I figured it'd be best to post the rules on Facebook itself.
  • Upon further reflection, I think I'll hold off on making a FoMo video. Even though the FoMo was my idea initially, it's controversial enough that I don't want to end up being known throughout the netterwebs as the "Jonathan Coulton sex guy", or anything like that. I certainly don't feel strongly enough about the "holiday" to advocate strongly for it. If anyone else out there does feel that strongly and wants to take up the mantle of the Face of the First of May, be my guest. :)
  • Creating a video actually depicting characters doing the deed in various ways is fine, but adding score bubbles might ruin your reputation. I see. ;)
  • It is officially the first of May in some parts of the world, so the competition is officially open. Rock on, be safe.
  • It's been the first of May here for 50 minutes already, and nearly 11 hours in New Zealand. No points for me, but I can tell you I will not be twittering about putting my pants on today.
  • Someone got an early start.
  • Olympics over, they win.
  • No they don't, they did it a day early, the foolish people.

    Not that it's to be recommended doing it in a fashion that gets you arrested... but if you're going to be arrested, you might as well be arrested for doing something fun.

    I still find it immensely amusing that this day is also my birthday.
  • So are you wearing your birthday suit?
  • Since I care so much about this event, I just violated the rules of No Pants Day to increase my absolute score. I'd have scored -25, but I just re-read the rules and they say 'All events must take place outdoors. NO POINTS are awarded for any of these events if they take place within the confines of two or more walls' so my activities (or lack thereof) don't count. Maybe I'll try it outdoors later.
  • Well, it's raining and cold out here in the west, so today's festivities will be limited to the indoor variety. No points for us.
  • Someone got an early start.
    Only the British newspaper would point out "They even ignored the Please Keep Off The Grass signs."
  • I only just now realize that The Mandelbrot Set should have been working on this song for release today.
    Next year, lets make it so.
  • Someone got an early start.
    You know, even though it's a day early, I think they should get some points, or an honorary mention or something. I mean if that happened today they'd win hands down.
  • I'm not so sure they'd win, unless you get more points for the number of people who see you... it doesn't sound like the story had a happy ending.
  • Mmm, and giving points for being arrested would be highly irresponsible.

    Plus, did they reach the happy ending before they were arrested?
  • Since they were there "10 or 15 minutes" before the guards stopped them, I'd imagine the probability is (somewhat) high.

    And anyway, they should get bonus points for location.
  • Since they were there "10 or 15 minutes" before the guards stopped them, I'd imagine the probability is (somewhat) high.
    No comment.
  • Hahaha, 10 or 15 minutes.
  • Well, if they were still going, then at least one of them hadn't reached a happy ending. 'Cause a happy ending kind of implies, you know, ending. And I'm betting the other one didn't either.
  • They might have been going into round 2, as it were.
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    Well, it's been kind of rainy and windy in the Bay Area all day, so I guess this year I'm going to have to bow out of the... AS IF! You think a little rain and wind is going to keep Team Spiff from rockin' the FoMo? Not a chance.

    91 points, an increase of 16 points from last year's score. Beat that, suckas.
  • I dunno how much sex you've had , Dr. Perry Cox, but after a 'round' the guy usually needs a bit of a break to get the blood flowing again. Unless they've been popping some pills. How old was this couple, anyways.

    And congrats to Spiff, looks like he is the only serious participant this year...again.
  • I have to assume he's one of two serious participants. It's hard to rack up a score like that solo.
  • I dunno how much sex you've had , Dr. Perry Cox, but after a 'round' the guy usually needs a bit of a break to get the blood flowing again. Unless they've been popping some pills. How old was this couple, anyways.
    True, but you also don't know how long round 1 was.
  • First of May was my Tenth anniversary. The 9th floor balcony of the hotel was covered in bird crap so no points here this year.
  • as drunk as the article made them sound, i don't imagine 15 minutes would've been enough time. i mean, if they'd been racing for the finish line, and were both seasoned veteran athletes, then maybe.

    unfortunately i was sick all friday, so it was a bit of a non-starter.
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    So, lots of excuses (which seem to be a First of May tradition as well), but not a lot of point scoring. Besides Team Spiff, there was one other entry posted to the FoMo Wiki page by the Montreal Dogging Crew, who racked up a game-winning 96 points! (no need to break out your score to show how it adds up, M.D.C. We don't really want to know ;).

    So the official winner of the 2009 FoMo is the Montreal Dogging Crew. Good game, everybody.

    (next year, let's see if we can have less excuses and more game playin')
  • Okay, I promise, next time I'll make sure I'm outside while I'm fully dressed in a secluded location for less than ten minutes doing nothing, so I can really get those -25 points.
  • A friend of mine who attends Penn State called me Saturday to let me know that he had come across a trio of young ladies the day before who were participating in the festivities. At least, one was an active self-pparticipant, the other two were filming/egging her on, and the phrase "Go ahead, it IS the first of May after all" was used to encourage her to the happy ending...I do not know if it was achieved, he left before he blushed to death.
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