Favorite Song Tourney Matchup #36 The Future Soon vs. Space Doggity

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It is interesting that the two songs left standing from the first tier happen to be one of JoCo's oldest songs and one of his newest.
The Future Soon started life as part of Hodgman's Little Gray Book series. It is the song that he was invited to play at the Pop!Tech lecture series; an event which was the catalyst for many of JoCo's early career decisions.
Space Doggity was the final challenge of the first Song Fu competition. It was created as an homage to Bowie's Space Oddity and first played live 5 short months ago at The Paradise Rock Club in Boston, MA.
Favorite Song Tourney Matchup #36 The Future Soon vs. Space Doggity
Voting will open on Friday and close one week later.

The Future Soon takes it 25-18.


  • This one is going to take some thinking. The Future Soon is quintissential JoCo, a funny but also surprisingly heartfelt track with a great melody and clever lyrics.

    But Space Doggity is a tremendously moving song that had me reading up all about Russian space dogs and the regret of those who thought that these dogs could teach us about space (they kind of really didn't). It's a beautiful song that was just haunting live.
  • TFS FTW!
  • Agreed (with Spiff)
  • I'm pretty sure TFS is going to win this one...though I just might have to go with (pun intended) the underdog. Soft spot for sweet songs and all that.

    And, y'know. Dog person. Robot armies just don't seem to like me much.
  • I know she's probably going to lose, but I can't abandon Laika in her time of need.
  • vote is open. closes in 1 week.
  • Whooo, 100% of the voters are behind Laika! (100% of the voters being me.)
  • Okay it's a tie. end the vote and call it. Both win.
  • I really wanted to vote Space Doggity, but there's just no voting against TFS IMHO.
  • Space Doggity was the best birthday present I received in 20 years. I can't abandon it now.
  • Odd.. most comments supporting Doggity, but its losing 6-14.
    (Guess TFS crowd are ashamed... I can understand that!)
    ;' )
  • Not ashamed. Confident. Why point out the obvious? ;)
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    Right. The truth needs no justification. :-)
  • Don't feel bad, Doggity Dudes. Doggity is a really great song. It's just not greater than TFS. I'm sorry you had to hear that, but it's true. ;)
  • so TFS is taking out Doggity this easily? Laika always buys it at the end...
  • This is precisely the matchup I was dreading weeks ago. After several soul-searching minutes (well, seconds really), I decided to go with TFS. I love both songs, but TFS is a more personal song. I've been all alone during couples skate. I've wanted my weaknesses to be "engineered away". And, on the other hand, I've never been a dog launched into space.

    So, as haunting and beautiful as Doggity is, it's no match in my mind for TFS. Oh yeah, and bionic eyes rule.
  • but, have you ever been thrust, all unwilling, into a situation over which you have no control? have you ever been put in a situation where the people who put you there expect you to crash and burn spectacularly but don't care in the slightest about what effect this will have on you? have you ever been used by someone for their own ends, but wanted to throw off their yoke and wrest ownership of the situation from them? in specifics the song is about a dog, yes, but on an abstract level it still accomplishes a very personal end.
  • Surprisingly close on this one but once again The Future Soon takes it 25-18.
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