Favorite Song Tourney Matchup #35 Re: Your Brains vs Skullcrusher Mountain

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This is the second tier final.
Talk up your favorites lets hear which song you think deserves the chance to battle the first tier champion for the ultimate title of Favorite Song.
Favorite Song Tourney Matchup #35 Re: Your Brains vs Skullcrusher Mountain
voting begins on Wednesday and ends on Sunday.

Calling this one for Skullcrusher Mountain, 23-2


  • Here we go. The creme de la creme. Skullcrusher wins for me because of the sincerity JoCo puts in it. Brains is just plain silly and fun. Both spectacular songs, though.
  • What format did you decide on; are we going with Bry's bracket (with the three-way final)? Or are you just planning on the winner of this matchup going against the winner of TFS v. Space Doggity? That won't seem quite right....
  • Skullcrusher will avenge the Kraken.
  • The inevitable Tough Choice, but I'll be going with Skullcrusher. At its core, Brains is about a single joke situation. Skullcrusher has more than that.
  • Jmonkee makes a good point. The winner of this matchup faces the loser of first tier final and that matchup will be the second tier final not this one. oops.
  • voting now open, will close on Sunday.
  • So far, the zombies prove to be no match for the ponkey, at 5-0.
  • Wow... 9-0 !
  • 15-1!

  • I'm a skullcrushing kind of guy.

    As much as I love zombies, I love crushing their skulls more!
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    As long as you don't crush their eyes. That would be unreasonable.

    Is this really your plan?
    Spend your whole life alone inside your golden submarine,
    While up above the waves your doomsday squad ignites the atmosphere?
    Maybe that's OK for now, but someday you'll be out food and air.

    You know, it isn't easy being undead on Skullcrusher Mountain.
    So maybe you could cut me just a little piece of brain.
    Would it kill you?

    I'm glad to see you take constructive criticism well,
    And this mountain is covered with zombies.
    Hear them chewing on the door, my hungry colleagues...
  • With a slight feeling of loss, I must vote for Skullcrusher Mountain. Rest in Pieces, zombies, reasonable though you were.
  • Wow I knew Skullcrusher would win this, but.... 20-1?
  • Wow. Re: Your Brains should do a lot better.
  • Voidptr- I love it when people combine JoCo songs like that, thanks, it was great!
  • Well that was quick.
    with an average electorate of 40, Skullcrusher has an insurmountable lead so mercy rule invoked.
    Calling this one for Skullcrusher Mountain, 23-2
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