Favorite Song Tourney Matchup #34 Re: Your Brains vs I Crush Everything

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Were in the last few matchups folks.
Re: Your Brains just won Matchup #32 by defeating Shop Vac. Big Bad World One and Code Monkey also lie it it's wake.
The challenger is I Crush Everything which just lost in tier one semifinal to The Future Soon and before that beat out, I'm Your Moon and also beat up on Big Bad World One.
Favorite Song Tourney Matchup #34 Re: Your Brains vs I Crush Everything
Although matchup #33 doesn't close till wednesday, unless a miracle happens I think it's safe to assume the winner of this matchup will go on to face Skullcrusher Mountain in the second tier final.
voting opens wednesday closes sunday.

Re: Your Brains wins this one. 20-17


  • I can't decide which punctuation error to pick on so I'm just going to have to settle for deciding on a song. My first instinct says I Crush Everything, because I like the tune, and tunes are what my first instinct usually notices.
  • "Brains" for me. "ICE" is fine but too emo (but that's why you guys are all going to vote for it, amirite? ;)
  • Brains, without question. ICE's nice but I never really caught onto it.
  • ICE is ok but I always thought that JoCo develops a kind of whiney quality to his voice in the song that is annoying.

    And Brains is so much fun of course!
  • I know its gonna lose...but I think I will stick by ICE... Cos I gotta Kraken !
  • I say ICE, for it's complexity, great lyrics, and the fact that it didn't bother me for the first few listens, but has much more longevity than Re: Your brains once you get into it.
  • It's gotta be Brains!
  • To add to Cov... let's get Kraken!
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    Kraken the ICE! oooh brainfreeze!
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    If I hear another play on words I will go around Kraken skulls.
  • Ow: My Brains
  • No need to crush everything. So Far its been So Good. No need to get Ugly. You'll just keep on Driveing until Someone Is Crazy.
  • Here is the poll.
    it closes on Sunday.
  • Not sure I get that... I mean, the zombie idea is pretty cool, but I don't see what it has to do with Remington. Don't they make shavers? I can't read what it says underneath GLASS'.

    Also, the link text made me think of this:

    Be prepared! That's the zombie's marching song,
    Be prepared! As through death you march along.
    Be prepared to integrate and synergize,
    take the mindshare, take the brainshare, leave the eyes.
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    this is the remington they're talking about. those are presumably boxes of shells for the firearm directly above it.
  • ICE surprisingly in the lead, 10-9.... at least I'm surprised.
  • This is an extremely hard one... Possibly even harder than the earlier SM vs TFS. For someone who hasn't heard Coulton before, I'd probably share RYB first. It was the second Coulton song that I heard (after Still Alive) and the one that really convinced me to investigate this guy some more. But ICE is a personal favorite for some reason... Aaaagh!

    Looking for minor nitpicks... In RYB, I try to avoid singing the phrase "we're all busy as ____" in the third verse; also the rocking guitar solo was pushing the limit of what I was comfortable when I first started listening (coming from a mostly classical background)... Though that didn't seem to hamper my enjoyment, and I'm certainly more accustomed to it now. I can't think of anything to nitpick ICE about.

    So I think I'll vote for ICE with some reluctance.
  • I just thought which song would I rather play right this second to listen to. As it turns out with these two songs that is a constant. ICE wins for me.
  • the score remains neck-and-neck, 14-15 I Crush Everything. I voted the latter because it is musically more interesting and complex, in my opinion.
  • Damnation, I come in to vote and ICE has slipped behind !

    Closer than expected though !
  • I must say this is not something I was expecting.
    Re: Your Brains wins this one. 20-17
  • Poor self loathing giant squid was robbed... or Bobbed.
    The dolphins are all zombies
    they seem nice enough at first
    they pretend to be your friend until they reach the second verse
    and then they leave you without a brain and swim away.
  • ...they weren't unreasonable
    They didn't eat my giant yellow eye,
    and I forgive them.
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