Catching The Waves on JoCo - not that he needs more publicity...

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Forgive the intrusion, but I've just written about Young Master Coulton at Catching The Waves, the net's most amateurish and sporadically updated free music blog. Sorry about the plug - but if not here, where?



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    Don't sell yourself short, Mr. Waves.... that's easily one of the best "Intro to JoCo" pieces that I've read, and I admit that I've read quite a few.

    Pull up a chair (or mantelpiece) and stay awhile!

    ETA: Waiting impatiently for Jonathan's forthcoming bagpipe operetta....
  • Wow, there is already a comment on your blog about someone who has never heard his music before. Good job.
  • Thank you for the comments. I aim to please - when I'm not smoking shag tobacco and getting the butler to iron The Times. And JoCo should write a bagpipe operetta...
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