Favorite Song Tourney Matchup #32 Re: Your Brains vs. Shop Vac

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This Matchup should have started Wednesday; oops, sorry. We've already got finalists for the first tier, we'll try to work down to a second tier challenger quickly with 2 day discussions and 5 day votes. This will determine if we have a three way final or not.
Of these two songs Shop Vac has more wins. Losing early to I'm Your Moon, it went on to beat That Spells DNA, Baby Got Back and Dance Soterios Johnson Dance.
The Challenger lost to I Feel Fantastic but then went on to beat Code Monkey and Big Bad World One.
Now they meet face to face.
Favorite Song Tourney Matchup #32 Re: Your Brains vs. Shop Vac
voting opens Tuesday

the victory goes to Re: Your Brains 21-15


  • no comments? Seriously?
  • It's too easy. Brains! Shop Vacs suck.
  • Yeah, what's to say? Gotta be Brains.
  • Now it's really tough to choose between the two, but Brains has my vote.
  • The snap decision is Brains, but.... something is drawing me towards ShopVac. Is it the the hand-claps? Is it the difficult left turn? The ambiguous final verse? The thought of JoCo on his rooftop, wondering how and when he bacame "that guy"?

    Maybe it's just the image of Zombies attacking an Applebee's.... must give this one more thought.
  • I'm voting Shop Vac, with no regrets.
  • i am also voting shop vac (surprise!) but i fully expect to be crushed beneath a tide of zombies. so, oh well.
  • My picture for Re Your Brains was better than my one for Shop Vac...

    Brains is going to win. I'm voting for Vac.
  • I'm shoving my shopvac through the zombie's skulls and sucking out their brains.
  • Maybe that's okay for now, but some day you'll be out of shopvac bags.
  • Now we shall see
    Poll closes Sunday
  • startlingly close so far. i wonder if people are favoring shop vac because they think it will need the help, or because they prefer it to its current opponent.
  • Oh my, it's not the rout some were expecting.... my vote for suburbia just broke the tie, it's 10-9 ShopVac.
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    My gut instinct is "Re: Your Brains"; though the hand claps in Shop Vac are quite the temptation....

    ETA: And my vote tied it up again. This will be fun!
  • neither is an especially original concept - suburban angst versus zombies in a mall? RYB wins in originality because it at least has one interesting twist, ie the history between bob & tom, but shop vac wins out when it comes to emotional depth and, i would assert, the complexity and quality of the music. they both have audience participation aspects when it comes to the live show, although i wouldn't want or attempt to claim that shop vac can rival RYB in that respect.

    on balance, i favor the masterful rendition of a common cultural notion over the solid and enjoyable rendition of a common cultural notion with an interesting twist. (shop vac 4 lyfe, yo.)
  • suburban angst versus zombies in a mall
    zombie angst in a suburban mall?

    Just voted RYB (11-10 now)
  • Sense is beginning to show
    15-10 re:your brains.
  • I like the lyrical twist of intra-office memos being added to the classic struggle of The Unstoppable Force (of zombies) meeting The Immovable Object (of the mall). I like Shop Vac just fine, but it's time to really cut the wheat from the chaff here.
  • Since I didn't know about suburban angst before, Shop Vac is so original that I couldn't understand it without a lot of help, and there are still ambiguous parts. Zombies easily win.

    Get 1227 Shop Vacs singing together and I might reconsider (if it doesn't suck hard enough to make a black hole.)
  • LHC, the ultimate Shop Vac.

    Zombies in a strip mall?
  • I posted this in the "Introduce Yourself" forum already, but in an effort to stay on topic over there, I've decided to copy it here. I have to say I don't really know what made me choose RYB over Shop Vac. I love both songs very much, and I can relate much more to Shop Vac than I can RYB, but it was kind of a "Don't Overanalyze It, Just Go With Your Gut" sort of decision for me. If I did analyze it a bit more, I probably would've picked Shop Vac. It's not so much the suburban angst part that I identify with although "we haven't got real friends" does feel pretty true sometimes as most of our "real friends" have all moved away after college graduation. No, it's more to do with the Shop Vac really is the most awesome vacuum cleaner ever. We have always had one since we got married, and I ALWAYS pull out the Shop Vac over a normal vacuum cleaner if I can help it.
  • We don't have a Shop Vac; I seldom make enough of a mess as to need one. We were all about the Roomba for a while.

    OTOH, I'm currently downstairs with the Shop Mac.
  • A fairly close race all things considered but still the victory goes to Re: Your Brains.
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