Favorite Song Tourney Matchup #31 Skullcrusher Mountain vs. I'm Your Moon

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Both of these songs have followed very similar tracks. Both won 2 rounds of first tier action before being sent to the second tier By coincidence the songs that sent each of these songs to the second tier The Future Soon and I Crush Everything are now battling it out in the top tier.
Both songs have gone on to win 2 second tier rounds. Beating out the likes of Creepy Doll, First of May, Still Alive and Better.
Now it comes to this, only one of these songs can go on.
Favorite Song Tourney Matchup #31 Skullcrusher Mountain vs. I'm Your Moon

Skullcrusher Mountain takes this one 20-15


  • Uh oh. =/
  • Like I'm Your Moon. *Love* Skullcrusher Mountain. Bring on the vote. (Wish they were all this easy!)
  • Why must I choose?!
  • No contest!
  • ...Oh dear.
  • my condolences for your loss, mitch. ;)
  • I've never been a big Skullcrusher fan myself. It's cool and all but I honestly don't see why others think it rocks. I preffer the sweet, sentimentality of I'm Your Moon.
  • "Skullcrusher," hands down.
  • i love both, but SCM is my favorite. I just love the melody. And golden submarines.
  • Well, on the one hand, there's "I'm Your Moon"--pretty much THE beautiful, sweet, geeky song. The promise of loyalty, the concept of love overcoming universal (ha) judgment...and on top of all that, it's about Pluto. (Apparently my astrological ruling planet? So sayeth Wikipedia.)

    But "Skullcrusher Mountain" is...is...it's "Skullcrusher Mountain," for the love of God! And just this morning it inspired me to begin writing short story after a long bout of writer's block. And its powers are just too awesome.

    I...am really going to have to torment myself over this one. :(
  • So you have no ruling planet now... go free! Moon who you wish!
  • Well, lets see how this goes.
    Voting now open. Will close on Sunday.
  • Oooooh close so far. I had to go with Skullcrusher
  • You can do it, Charon!
  • My vote for Moon just made it 10-9, Skullcrusher.

    Surprisingly close!
  • Oh my goodness. If I were stranded on a desert island with only two JoCo songs, these would be them. Maybe I need a coin to flip ...
  • I'm your moon is a good nay, great song, but if Skullcrusher Mountain loses it will be a TRAVESTY. Come on, this is Skullcrusher Mountain, and it is destined to face off against The Future Soon in the final.
  • I remember being surprised and somewhat disappointed to see that the only T-shirts available at the first London concert were Skullcrusher Mountain ones. I wondered what was so special about that song. Maybe I just hadn't paid it much attention. But now it seems obvious.
  • i'm amazed this one is so close, and #30 is so foregone.
  • Skullcrusher Mountain is the first Jonathan Coulton song that I learned how to play after hearing it and playing it in Rock Band. But, more importantly, the reason I'm voting for it is for every beautiful time I get to sing the line, "Isn't it enough to know that I ruined a pony making a gift for you?"
  • I like SM, and I like I'm Your Moon. I always had something against SM though because I think always thought the third verse was sort of unnecessary, in terms of song structure. It's sort of a long song already. Also out of my vocal range, I think. And I always sort of saw Skullcrusher as another one of his "olol monkeys and scientists! aren't I nerdy esoteric?" which, while I'll agree is part of his allure/schtick, wears thin with me, a la Companion Cube.

    I'm Your Moon has that haunting intro, which was so wonderfully demonstrated by Storm in that Hunting the Polyamorous Coulton video.

    Both have bits of overproduction in them, I think (the jungle drums in SM, the kickdrums into the main part of the verse on IYM). I just want to rip apart the establishment though, so I might go IYM.
  • Come on, Mooninites, we can pull off the upset here! It's within reach!
  • Close but no cigar.
    Skullcrusher Mountain takes this one 20-15
  • *sigh* Can't say I didn't see this coming (that's why it stings). Oh well...I'm pulling for "Skullcrusher Mountain" now, looks like.
  • It doesn't matter if they don't understand. :(
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