Favorite Song Tourney Matchup #30 I Feel Fantastic vs. Space Doggity

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One song stands above all the others in this tourney for one simple fact, undeafeated through 3 top tier matchups. I Feel Fantastic has take out First of May, RE: Your Brains and Still Alive
Space Doggity however not only Defeated A Talk With George but also Better, which had defeated two other songs before it.
This determines who goes to the semi-final and depending on how some of the 2nd tier matchups go the final might be a three way matchup.
Favorite Song Tourney Matchup #30 I Feel Fantastic vs. Space Doggity

Space Doggity takes this one 25-13


  • i've been with 'i feel fantastic' for every vote so far, but i'm not sure. i feel like the time and number of songs written between these two gives space doggity a leg up (pun intended) in terms of quality. however, the name is, to quote mr coulton, unfortunate. i feel fantastic is a great song, but it's just a little bit didactic. space doggity, on the other hand, is much more passionate and heartfelt.

    i just don't know.
  • Oh no...not another "how the heck am I gonna decide between these two" decision...sigh.
  • Time to kick IFF to the curb. Go Sputnik 2, I do believe in you!
  • Space Doggity all the way
  • I like I Feel Fantastic, but Laika's saga is just too bittersweet to not favor. Sorry drugs.
  • I think it's time for me to just come out and say it: I'm a damn sap. The sweet, sad, heartstring-tugging songs? Those are my favorites. I'm pulling for Laika.
  • I love them both, but to be consistent with my previous votes, I have to vote Space Doggity. Dogs, not drugs!
  • This is the first time I have to actually stop and think about whether or not to vote for Laika, but ultimately she's still got my heart and my vote.
  • Oh wow... I guess I'll be the only one voting for IFF. (Just woke up this morning... the melatonin wore off)
  • The sleeping pill woke you? That's bias. If you'd been woken at 8:13 EDT by "Que Bandera Bonita" by Jose Gonzalez you'd probably have a different opinion.
  • Voting now open. Closes on sunday in 1 week.
  • Space Doggity is among Coulton's most moving compositions, but has an unfortunate title.

    I Feel Fantastic is definitely a favorite, but it has always bothered me how poorly produced the track is (compared to other tracks, anyway, which all sound much tighter), and how awkward the transition in and out of the bridge sounds.

    So, I'm on board with Laika.
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    Oh poop poop poop. I can't decide. Curse you!

    ETA: Okay, okay. Maybe it's because it's newer. I dunno. But Space Doggity it is. Can't believe I'm picking the sad beautiful song over the brilliantly funny one. Damn.
  • an unfortunate title.
    It makes sense iff you understand it as a homage to Space Oddity.
  • well i know and i mean most of the time i will applaud puns that other people decry as inhumane, but that one is a little much even for me.
  • It's pretty much a neologism, a portmanteau of "dog" and "oddity." Google "doggity", and it's 8 of the first 10 results; the others seem to be plays on "Hot Diggety Dog."
  • Finally, an IFF-slayer. Coulton himself said at the St. Paul show that he has regrets about the song title.
  • Wow this is an ass kicking.

    Space Doggity will be hard to beat.... even by TFS or Skullcrusher.
  • Just voted IFF, which is currently down 9-21. It needs to power on hard. Right now!
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    I don't see the problem with the name at all!

    But a song, by any other name, would sound as sad.....

    ...and sweet.
  • Had to actually go and listen to Space Doggity for the first time to votes here, and I was overwhealmed by the quality. However I love the rythm, and catchiness of IFF, and it's one of those that I know all the words to, so it gets my vote.
  • I agree with the comment that the mp3 is just very shoddily produced. IFF is a good song, and it used to be higher up on my favorites list because of how frantic it was and all the chord changes.

    I don't know though...Space Doggity has that solo. Stolen from another song, sure, but it's the first time I had heard it.
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    Space Doggity takes this one 25-13
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