Favorite Song Tourney Matchup #29 The Future Soon vs. I Crush Everything

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We are down to the final four of the first tier songs!
Selection is getting really difficult now I know. Folks might be inclined to not participate either because they can't decide or they like both songs and don't care which one wins.
Lets try, then, to imagine a scenario in which choosing might be important. I'm sure on a personal level we can thing of a dozen stranded with only one song situations, but as emassaries of JoCo I want to imagine something different.
One of my favorite stories of discovery for any band is that of The's. The story goes that Quentin Tarantino was in Japan and headed to the airport when he heard their music playing in a clothing store. He asked about it but didn't have time to go hunt it down at a music store so he bought it from the store clerk, then hurried of to catch his plane. Later he used his the band in the movie Kill Bill. But lets not make this discussion about that band, director or his movies.
In that vein though, imagine you have a run in with a busy director/artist of some sort, you think you have a pretty good chance of convincing him or her to use JoCo in their next project. The problem is they only have time to listen to one song and you for some reason only have these two songs available. Which do you choose and why?
So, on to the matchup.
Favorite Song Tourney Matchup #29 The Future Soon vs. I Crush Everything
Voting opens Wednesday.

Calling this one for The Future Soon 29-9


  • ICE......
    (As with Still Alive) I respond to it better on a purely emotional level.
  • Well, for these songs, it would really depend on what the next project was. I think ICE is more suitable for a wide range of topics and audiences, but The Future Soon might not be chosen if the project didn't have an at least somewhat geeky target audience, or if it was something that really wasn't meant to be funny. (I know both songs have their serious, applicable-to-anyone sides, and I know that audiences usually laugh at 'I hate my beak', but The Future Soon has many more laugh points and many more geek points and so would be less suitable for a lot of more serious or wide audience stuff.) And yet, there are certain movies that The Future Soon would be perfect for. So perhaps if I recognised the director (I wouldn't) and knew what kinds of movies different directors make (I don't) and it happened to be somebody who made movies about awkward, somewhat geeky teenagers, or romantic comedies, or robo-apocalypse movies, I'd choose The Future Soon. But in most cases, especially with someone writing a new adaption of The Little Mermaid, I think I'd be safer with ICE. Okay, it still sounds quirky at first, and it's less obvious what's going on on the first listen, but in the context of a movie or something like that, it'd be clear what it's really about.

    TFS is really straightforward, telling a story from the beginning, giving all necessary information, while ICE is kind of more abstract, you wouldn't necessarily guess that it's a giant squid, and maybe you don't need to, but you'd probably be confused if you didn't know. So actually, this makes TFS a better song to play to a friend as an introduction to JoCo, but the fact that it's such a concrete story (even if only in a daydream) means that it's only going to be useful to a fairly narrow range of art projects. So for the big-shot I'd play ICE.

    This doesn't help me decide which to vote for, though.
  • In your airport scenario, I think I might play TFS just because it's snappier. It's also more indicative of JoCo's style, IMO. Also, in the last case where a celeb heard JoCo (Adam Savage) he was praising TFS on twitter for a long time afterwards. Gotta be doing something right.
  • oh man, that's tough. tough call for sure. i crush everything, though, is just wow. i have to side with it again. unless it meets up against skullcrusher mountain i pretty much have to pick it all the way through.
  • The Future Soon might be the best song on the planet, so it will get my vote. Until/if it's matched up with Skullcrusher Mountain. Then I won't know what to choose.
  • The way I see it, "The Future Soon" and "Skullcrusher Mountain" will eventually have to face each other in some sort of Ultimate Death Match. In my mind, they are THE official JoCo songs.

    TFS has my full support (until it's up against "Skullcrusher Mountain," when I will abandon it as though I were a no-good dolphin).
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    Well, lets see how it pans out.
    Vote early!
    Vote closes in 1 week.
    do not let my poor spelling sway your vote.
  • I just doubled the vote count for ICE, so there!

    I'm happy with either song winning, though. They're both fantastic.
  • MaWMaW
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    I go for I Crush Everything. The Future Soon isn't far behind it at all, but I Crush Everything makes a deeper emotional connection somehow. I don't think I'm that lost and lonely geek anymore.
  • BLoody hell!
  • I'm surprised that there is such a gap in votes. I thought this one was going to need a tie breaker.
  • I'm not surprised. As many have previously said, TFS is the quintessential JoCo song.
  • This one may need the mercy rule on the first day... ;P
  • My hands instinctively play Future Soon when I grab a guitar.
  • I haven't voted yet. People are talking about the mercy rule and I can't even guess which side is winning.
  • Currently TFS: 26 to 8.

    I voted ICE just to be different, and because I really like that song. But I really like both, of course.
  • 27-9 now

    ICE deserves more
  • Before I clicked on this today, I'd forgotten which side was winning, and assumed it would be ICE. Isn't that JoCo's favourite?

    I still haven't voted. Does it matter that much when you're 18 votes down?
  • As much as I like I Crush Everything, I gots to go with Future Soon.
  • Calling this one for The Future Soon 29-9
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    Crushed ICE

    I forgive and I let go.
  • The squid can be a scientist in his space lab in space. Then he can build some friends and have a painful divorce/breakup.

    Better than nothing, I guess. It all works out for the squid!
  • I'll see her standing by the monorail,
    She'll look the same except her giant yellow eye.
    She lost the real one in the giant squid wars...
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