Favorite Song Tourney Matchup #28 Better vs Skullcrusher Mountain

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Skullcrusher Mountain is 2 and 1 so far. beating Code Monkey but then losing to The Future Soon and then beating First of May in the second tier.
Better has the same record lasting 2 rounds in first tier beating Creep Doll and Baby Got back but then losing to Space Doggity
Now it's time to see who survies and who goes home.
Favorite Song Tourney Matchup #28 Better vs Skullcrusher Mountain
Voting will open Friday the 13th and close Wednesday 18. Someone wake me if I forget this time!
Throwing in the towel for Better.
Skullcrusher Mountain wins 27-6


  • Skullcrusher Mountain. It just pushes too many of my buttons. I mean, a brilliant villain falling in love with a lovely but good-hearted woman is just too brilliant. Can't you just imagine what his mother would say? "Really, Xenu, she's just not your type. There are plenty of evil villainesses out there to chose from, and you bring home some girl who cries when you take out one little village. You're breaking your mother's heart!"

    On a side note, I find that it's getting a little easier to chose which song I'd rather see move on as the tourney progresses.
  • SCM for sure. I really like Better, but SCM may be my favorite JoCo song.
  • finally, a comparison that i don't feel is apples to oranges. (well i guess shop vac v sojo was also a comparison between similar songs, to some extent...)

    in any case... the iconoclast in me wants to go with better just to be contrarian, but i do have to admit that i like skullcrusher mountain better more....
  • no one woke me! I guess because there was just not a lot of discussion on this one.
    Voting open and will close Thursday 19th.
  • Thought long and hard about this one....
    And then ended up voting for the same one as everyone else has so far !

    ;' )
  • I have a friend who reminds me of both of these songs, he's so into me but he's way too smart for me and I haven't asked his henchmen whether they agree with me yet, but anyway, he's likely to be first in the queue when those infrared eyes become available. I have to decide which side of him I like better, or perhaps I don't think that I like him better at all.
  • Ponkey FTW!
  • Surely NO one could be *too* smart for Angela !?!?!?
  • Oh please. Even I'm too smart for me.
  • The front side.

  • Oh, I'm so into "Skullcrusher Mountain."
  • That changes the song a lot.

    I'm so into me but I'm way to smart for me....
  • The slow whistling you hear is the rapid descent of Better after it's improbable meteoric rise at the start of this contest. If you watch closely, you may even see the tiny poof of cloud dust when it hits the bottom of the canyon.
  • I don't think we like it Better (snap your mandibles twice to show you understand). Mercy rule may come into effect.
  • And Skullcrusher marches on to the inevitable rematch with The Future Soon, hoping enough people have changed their minds to make a difference.....
  • I'm still considering voting for Better. My half-pony half-monkey monster has rolled onto its side and turned its [signed] underbelly toward me in disgust.
  • I love Better, but Skullcrusher Mountain stands slightly above it due to the half-pony half-monkey monster, and the golden submarine.
  • Ok, looks like this doesn't need to go on till Thursday. Throwing in the towel for Better.
    Skullcrusher Mountain wins 27-6
  • Wow. I didn't even vote.
  • It's America. Your vote doesn't count.
  • I was browsing the science blogs earlier when out of the corner of my eye I caught the words "Skullcrusher Mountain". When I followed the link, I found a young child's JoCo inspired artwork. I know that when kids decide that they like a song, they can't play it enough--at least from an adult's perspective ;-). This kid obviously has listened to the song more than once.
  • That's great! Thanks for sharing.

    Wait... that behavior is supposed to be limited to kids?
  • I guess I never grew out of the whole "play one song until everyone around you is on the brink of killing you" phase...
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