Favorite Song Tourney Matchup #27 I'm Your Moon vs. Still Alive

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Sorry Guys, I crashed early last night after a long day out in the boonies w/ no reliable internet.
On with the show.

I'm Your Moon has had an up and down history in this tournament. Defeating Shop Vac early on but then falling to I Crush Everything but then defeating Creepy Doll in the second tier.
Still Alive defeated Octopus but then lost a contentious battle to I Feel Fantastic.
So, is it time for the Moon to eclipse the others or will Still Alive stay alive?
Favorite Song Tourney Matchup #27: I'm Your Moon vs. Still Alive

eta I'm Your Moon wins 22-13


  • Still Alive defeated Octopus but then lost a contentious battle to Still Alive.
    I'm losing contentious battles to myself all the time, Still Alive. I feel your pain.~

    (Vote I'm Your Moon or suffer my wrath!)
  • Oh man, what a brutal matchup. It's like picking between your kids! I mean, I imagine it is, I only have one and don't plan on any more. Maybe it's like picking between your cats, except we like one of our cats and the other is more of a charity case. Anyway...

    I'm Your Moon is a sweet, touching song. Still Alive is a hilarious and very well-written one. I have to think about this.
  • It's like picking between your favourite cat and your kid!
  • The state of Illinois has voted for Pluto. So unless GLaDos can hack in and change the votes, I'm your Moon wins by a few million.
  • Probably "I'm Your Moon"... Something about this song strikes me just right, and I don't know if any song in this Tourney can compare.
  • Hmm, doesn't JoCo even mix the two up in one performance video? He starts playing the opening riff to I'm Your Moon when he should be playing the riff from Still Alive.
  • I seem to be bucking the trend. I just can't seem to get that into I'm Your Moon. Despite really trying, since I keep thinking I should like it, I really don't care for it. Looks like I'll be off in my lonely corner playing Still Alive while the rest of you circle round each other ;-)
  • I'll be there with you !!
  • Yay! Company in my corner!

    And (to mix threads and mess Bry up) shouldn't you be recording or tweaking something ?
  • while the rest of you circle round each other
    Hmmm... The n-body problem is difficult for n>2, so I'll go with Still Alive as well.
  • I've liked I'm Your Moon more recently, and I love the song. Still Alive to me seems like a better song to put on top though. Not to mention lesbian robots. (...Uses all willpower to keep from posting inappropriate images, if only to get a chuckle from lex...)

    I've heard Still Alive more often. Hmm... Pluto vs. Portal...

    Portal created a meme, Pluto didn't. Portal wins.
  • Portal created a meme, Pluto didn't. Portal wins.
    It's geek madness all over again. Pluto was a *&%%^$- planet! Is that not astronomically more important than creating a meme?

    But really, I haven't decided which one I'll vote for.
  • A song that includes not only Pluto but also Charon wins, even if it neglects Pluto's other two moons.

    Ultimately, I have to go with what i feel lis the better song, and to my surprise, it's "I'm Your Moon."
  • "I'm Your Moon" is fine, though kind of emo. "Still Alive" = win.
  • Portal created a meme, Pluto didn't. Portal wins.
    Is this the reason you've invented?
    So Pluto doesn't matter now?
    I tell you, I don't care.
    My vote is the one thing you can't change!
    I'm Your Moon
  • Did someone say LESBIAN ROBOTS!?

  • Room for another in the Still Alive corner?
  • Let them say what they like, I'm Your Moon,
    I will always be right here voting for you....
  • I'd say "When I was your age, Pluto was a planet" was a pretty big meme.
  • Don't worry, Pluto, I'm not a planet, either.
  • It's a hard decision for me, but I think I'm going to have to go to the Moon.
  • Is it just me or did Rob say that Still Alive lost to Still Alive? o.o

    Also I think I'll have to go with the Moon. Haven't played portal so I can't relate as much as some can to Still Alive, I understand the song it's just I don't have any real connection to it other than the basic knowledge needed to know what it's talking about.
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    Is it just me or did Rob say that Still Alive lost to Still Alive? o.o
    Maybe because Still Alive actually won that round, but not until after it lost. So it lost to itself?

    New Poll: Which do you like better, Still Alive or Still Alive?
    ( ) Still Alive
    ( ) Still Alive

    (ETA: You can vote for your your favorite of these two in this very thread, once Rob opens up the poll. Just ignore the clerical error that will mistakenly add I'm Your Moon to the poll. :-)
  • I'm becoming more and more of an "I'm your moon" guy. It's hard to defend it against Still Alive, but like Pluto itself, it seems to be a bit of an underdog, and I'd happily support it against the hard-hitting hits. Not to mention that I am extraordinarily pleased with how my piano version is evolving - it's my favourite song for playing at the moment.
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    Voting underway. Ends on Sunday

    BTW, Thanks for the correction Philosopher.
    Can you guys tell things have suddenly gone crazy over here?
  • WTF?! I pointed out the Still Alive vs Still Alive in the FIRST REPLY >:{ Apparently I'm just too clever with my own commentary?~
  • I noticed, but didn't have a witty response at the time. ;-)
  • Same here.
  • I voted, but am finding that I don't really care which one wins because I like both of them so much. This one will not be a "What??? How could THAT win?!?!?!" reaction but a "Oh, that's nice" one instead.
  • Sorry Mitch, you are right. I was just to stupid to know what you meant. Even with the quote!
  • Wow, anyone else surprised by this blowout?
  • Pleasantly so.

    (Also, every time I've checked the poll numbers, "I'm Your Moon" has had twice as many votes: 4-2, 16-8, now 20-10. Just a random tidbit.)
  • I voted Still Alive with a slight facial twitch. I'm not sad that Moon is winning. Love that song too.
  • Moon wins it 22-13!
  • The moon is a lie
  • The forum is spared my wrath (for now).
  • I have to admit to being surprised at how emo a group this has turned out to be. You guys love all the soft, sad ones. Cheer up, people! ;)
  • Happy people love sad songs because you can appreciate how good your own life is next to a self loathing squid or a love sick mad scientist.
  • ...or a recently demoted, cold but not lonely, planet. Wait, is that song even sad? Pluto and Charon have each other. That's a happy thing, right? Whereas a crazy computer and potential lack of cake, that's sad.
  • Well, it isn't sad for GLaDOS. Still being alive and all.
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