Favorite Song Tourney Matchup #26 Re: Your Brains vs. Big Bad World One

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Our first song in this matchup lost it's first top tier matchup to I Feel Fantastic but went on to eliminate Code Monkey in the second tier.
The challenger defeated That Spells DNA but then lost to I Crush Everything.
What happens now?
Favorite Song Tourney Matchup #26 Re: Your Brains vs. Big Bad World One

Looks like RE Your Brains wins 20-16


  • No contest for me on this one. Re: Your Brains was the first of Spiffs videos I watched. Other than that, although I like BBWO, I just like RE: Your Brains as a song (I actually laughed at the eyeballs part, and it helped me get a few other jokes in machinima and other places that referenced zombies and eyeballs, especially Jutze's reference to it in his happy song fu song :o.)
  • BBWO is a great song.

    but Re: Your Brain(s) is a classic.
  • Brains!!!
  • Brains. It's not unreasonable.
  • Yeah, brains.
  • Tough one for me. I think BBWO is probably a better song, but Brains is so classic. Not sure which way I'll go.
  • iconic but (or maybe i should go with 'and therefore') explicitly nonhuman - 'i'm not a monster, tom - well, technically i am....' - versus as vividly and realistically human as you're liable to find set to a catchy tune. take your pick.

    me, i'm voting for bbw1.
  • Brains. I predict we're gonna see the mercy rule on this one.
  • JoCo made too good of an interactive add in to this song during his live gigs that this song is ruthlessly bashing its competition.

    I like BBWI better though.
  • I think you're doing RYB down by assuming its only because of its *live* attraction that it is hailed so highly.
    I've only seen JoCo once (And was on stage with him.. have I ever mentioned that in here at all??) and the *participation* in RYB was not the high point of the show (Me being on stage aside)... I think more people like the song for what it is than for the participation it can represent.
  • that's how i feel, covenant. it was fun live, but skullcrusher mountain's live chorus was better for sure. i like when the audience is part of a melody more than just goofing around, but re your brains is just a fun song with clever lyrics.
  • Still, when it's live with 1227 official zombies, or even just a small crowd of zombies reaching out and threatening to crush JoCo's laptop, I'd say it gets considerably more awesome than the recording.
  • Wow did I screw up!
    Sorry I forgot to post the poll for this when I should have uh...5 days ago.
    This poll will end sunday as well.
  • I voted for "Re: Your Brains," but with a slight twinge of sorrow...almost as if I am somehow making Mr. BBWO's life even worse. =(

    I won't be disappointed if either wins, really.
  • I've been away too long and missed lots of the voting D:

    BBWO all the way. Your brains is quite an anthem but BBWO has so much! I really love it even though it didn't catch hold of me for the first few listens.
  • This one's close, Brains lead by 3 but only 33 votes far, which means there's still lots of votes out there....

    Voting ends tonight so hurry up and vote!
  • Just voted for Brains on impulse.
  • Looks like brains wins 20-16
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