Favorite Song Tourney Matchup #24 Better vs. Space Doggity

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Matchup #24 the last of the from this round of Tier one competition.
Our first song has so far beat out Creepy Doll and Baby Got Back.
The other had a first round bye but came on strong to take out A Talk w George.
Favorite Song Tourney Matchup #24 Better vs. Space Doggity

Space Doggity betters Better 23-15


  • This is my hardest decision to date.
    I adore both of these songs for such different reasons...
  • Ditto...hardest decision to date, but I'm leaning towards Space Doggity, only because the third verse of Better is too slapsticky for my tastes (the bit with snapping mandibles and crushing hands).
  • I don't think that I like Better better.

    I like Space Doggity more, mostly because I recognized (somewhat) the story behind the song.
  • Honestly, Better is decent, but I don't think it's all that, like most people here seem to think.

    Space Doggity, though, is just plain amazing.
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    I like them both. The solo in SD might clinch it for me though. Better has a lot of guttural throat singing, at least IMO. "Shrieking ala-aaarm".

    edit: Also, Better always reminds me of a different, not good song. "But it's not me it's you, what you're turning into, you're watching your back, like you can't relax, you try to be cool, you look like a fool to me...
  • Aaaaauuuuuugggghhhhh!!!!! Ich kann nicht wahlen!
  • I agree, toughtest choice yet by far. This is the first one where I honestly don't konw which to choose. I have a lot of "favorite songs" when it comes to JoCo, but both of these are really special, and remind me how amazing he really is.

    I'll have to go listen to both a few times and see if one stands out....
  • @ CoolJammer...
    Why'd you have to go and make things so COMPLICATED !?!?
  • Dammit, Covenant, you ninja'd my joke. :(

    So instead, ninja monkeys.
  • "Better" has one of my absolute fave JoCo lines:

    "And their stupid insistence on scanning my iris
    When they know damn well who I am"

    I just love it for some reason I cannot explain.
  • I really should upload Ninja Monkeys to JoCopedia. I feel like I should be bothered by everyone referencing my website or something :p
  • Yay !! Virgin Ninja !!!!
  • Oh, and vote Space Doggity or a monkey will rip your face off.
  • That's one way to get rid of the mandibles.
  • I'm thinking "Space Doggity"... I love dogs, and the idea that Laika got away and she's free now is just so perfect to me. And I think it sounds prettier.
  • You started out small
    Some gills and some wings and a few extra thumbs
    Now you’re thirteen feet tall
    Even when you’re asleep your machinery hums

    And I’m tired of the evenings I spend
    Making small talk with your new robot friends
    And their stupid insistence on scanning my iris
    When they know damn well who I am
    As much as I like Space Doggity, that whole verse is just so perfect and JoCoey, it has me leaning towards Better.... Judging from the comments so far though, I think Space Doggity is a slight favorite to win this matchup.
  • i think i will be voting for 'better' because that sort of faux-regretful deadpan is highly amusing to me. 'space doggity' is very sweet, if unfortunately named, but i would much rather laugh or even just grin mirthfully than wipe a single tear away as i contemplate laika's symbolic victory.
  • Not a tough one for me. I like "Better", but not "better" than "Space Doggity". S. Dog gets my vote.
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    Space Doggity takes this one for me. Although I hadn't heard it until a few months ago it's grown on me, it has a sad story behind it, it's so triumphant that I'm not too sad that it beat A Talk With George in the tournament.
  • Space Doggity is a recent addition that has really been growing on me as well, but it's not quite high enough to beat Better (yet).
  • Space doggity is perhaps my favorite Joco song or at least in my top 3. I like Better, but I just don't think it's better (we have got to find different ways to phrase statments like that). Maybe I was just swept in Joco madness, but I almost felt like crying in Space Doggity when the 'i thnk we're losing you, your life signs are fading' part came up the first time I heard it. SD for sure.
  • Thats it in a nutshell... Only for me the line is "your lifesigns are fading, we can't really say that we're surprised"
  • But I don't think that I like you, Better.
  • I see what you did there.
  • I like Space Doggity enough to vote for it over A Talk With George, so of course I'll vote for it here.
  • space doggity is at least top 10 for me and I think its way..................(insert sononym to better) than better
  • Well....
    I went for pathos over humour....
  • Very hard. I love Better, it is among my (admittedly many) favorites. But after the sublime experience of Space Doggity live at The Birchmere, I had to vote for that.
  • I went for Better, but it's currently behind 13-3.

    I'll be a little surprised if that percentage holds up, but I think we can see how this one is going to go....
  • I like Better a lot, but seeing Space Doggity live, I couldn't go against it.
  • "Better" is the first JoCo song I listened to that had me literally laugh aloud at a lyric alone, not because it was paired with a Spiff video the first time I heard it. Adding Spiff just about always makes me laugh, but I sometimes wonder if I would have enjoyed songs such as Re:Your Brains as much alone the first time I heard it without a WOW background. Now I love it, of course. For the song "Better" though, the line "You look like a victim of a surgical crime, a little Darth Vader, a little Optimus Prime" would have made me lose my keyboard had I been drinking something at the time- instant total laughs.

    Hearing Doggity at the Birchmere was wonderful though, I will grant you that, and the pathos in it is very touching. So was my husband's mournful "It was so saaaad" comment on the way home that night.

    I guess I better listen to them both a couple times, then flip a coin and see if I am happy with the result. I find that if I flip a coin or go eeny meeny miney moe and am unhappy with the winner I really wanted the other one- and vote accordingly.

    Bet the coin lands on its side for this one though.
  • Request for robgonzo: From now on when you open the voting, could you post when the voting will close? I'll include that info when I update the summary thread.
  • I will try to post the day it will close. I can't guarantee to a specific time though.
  • Yep that's what I meant, the day. Speaking of which, how about this one?
  • I believe this one closes Sunday too
  • closing the vote
    Space Doggity betters Better 23-15
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